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Species Sovereign
Full name N/A
Aliases Blade
Allignment Sovereign Empire
Rank Grand Commander
Gender Hermaphrodite (female personality)
Age N/A
Status Deceased
Body type Slender, Curvy
Height 1.8 meters (unconfirmed)
Weight N/A
Relationships N/A
Military Status KIA
Born <1000 a.d.
Died N/A
Record Hero of Stalmark-V

AAU-27, nicknamed "Blade" was a Mark 2 AAU pilot of the Sovereign Empire.

Known EventsEdit

The main event Blade is noted for is the Siege of Stalmark-V. A large battle against Angardial forces that attempted to overtake Alpha Plateau (the only land mass 7,000 miles in every direction) was fought on December 1st, 3280. Two Mk 1 AAUs were sent by the empire (called the "Sovereign Federation" at this time), one of which was Grand Commander Blade. Her and the other commander immediately set up large fortifications around the plateau. At one point, two Ethylsdwon War Saucers decended from the exosphere, firing their beam weapons at the fortifications. Drones poured out and began to destroy deployed aircraft, while Angardial air-superiority fighters ripped apart Sovereign interceptors and superiority fighters.

However, the Angardials only focused on outer defenses. In the center of the plateau, both commanders were able to construct mobile AA units and USFs, to which they created massive battalions of them. These new battalions were able to temporarily knock a hole in the Angardial air network just long enough to construct naval shipyards along the coast of the plateau.

The shipyards upgraded and constructed several 0203 Class cruisers (an older variant to the Guardian Class). The cruisers were able to hugely damage the hostile air force, nearly ending the possibility of small air attacks.

The assaults from the Ethylsdwon saucers was not able to become halted, though. Nuclear weapon emplacements were forced into action, which worked perfectly... Until the debris started raining down.

Most of the Debris hit the ocean, with a few drones hitting the edge of the plateau or one of the cruisers.


AAU-27 had an armament of rotating plasma cannons and missile magazines on the unit's shoulders. This AAU, unlike others, utilize lower legs that extend at a hypersonic rate, allowing greater jumps than other AAUs.

The nickname "Blade" came from a modification of her Mk 1 AAU

Later after 3865 a.d., it was upgraded with foot spikes, allowing effective grip of terrain.