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Character's vehicle of choice has guns that shoot engineering stations
Amalia Stone
Invertika ACU
Void Hunter ACE: Hivemind
Species Human
Full name Amalia "Kerra" Stone
Aliases Kerra


Allignment Void Hunters
Rank Sisters of Fate ACE Commander
Gender Female
Age Late 20's
Status Alive
Body type Slender
Height Average
Weight Average
Relationships Basilica (Sister)

Unknown Male (Partner)

Military Status Active and awaiting contract
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Record 2 Invertika Kills

Biography Edit

Amalia "Kerra" Stone is an elite pilot in the Sisters of Fate ACE Commander Squad.

Early life Edit

Amalia was a UEF citizen and has remained a non-augmented human for her entire life so far. However, despite being raised by a foster family in the UEF, Amalia was very interested in The Way and studied it feverishly when she was young. As a result, when her family discovered her studying, Amalia was evicted from her home and family.

Joining the Void HuntersEdit

Amalia turned to the Void Hunters immediately, filled with grief. She took as many missions as she could against UEF colonies for years until her piloting skill was recognised and she was put in the ACE training program, where she met her sister Basilica for the first time.

Neither of them knew it at the time, and it was only after their supervising officer noticed a physical similarity between the two that a DNA test was done and they were confirmed to be sisters.


After excelling in training, Amalia was given Hivemind, the Creator, based on her skill in playing economic and turtling strategies. It was a stark contrast to Basilica, who almost always went charging into battle to take on the enemy personally.

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Amalia is often out on Anti-Invertika missions. She holds the record for most Invertika kills to date: seven; two of which were in a single mission.


Faction relationsEdit

Void Hunters: Amalia is a top ACE Commander, in charge of Hivemind, the Creator. She is in the squad the Sisters of Fate, and remains loyal to the Void Hunters and her family.

Zasol'tar Karresh: Amalia has been befriended by the Zasol'tar Karresh, noting that her motherly nature was something they could use if she ever felt like joining the hives.

Sephaloazoids: Kleph in particular is quite fond of Amalia. He has stated, quite often, "My tasty...", which has led to many speculations. 

Collossi Invertika: Amalia is currently the record holder for Invertika kills. She likes their tech a lot.

Personnel relationsEdit

Kleph Magnus: Kleph and Amalia are on very good terms and have a quite solidly cemented friendship. There is even speculation (notably Argus Yomoflach and Basilica Seraphine) that it is a Friends-With-Benefits situation.

Basilica Seraphine: Amalia is Basilica's big sister. The two have a loving family relationship that is only scarred by Basilica's reckless attitude and Amalia's attempts to beat some sense (or at least forethought) into her.

Argus Yomoflach: She doesn't like him very much. Most of her contact with him involves a disapproving frown like he's a child that just went and did exactly what his mother told him not to.

Tal'Hithur: Amalia has done her best to welcome the UCA pilot into the Void Hunters, or at least befriend her so that she'll stop trying to kill everyone she sees.

Thel-Vodur: Don't ask. Thel-Vodur and Amalia's first meeting ended in Amalia throwing a microwave at 'Vodur's face after 'Vodur insulted Hivemind, which set the pattern for just about every later meeting. To this day nobody knows where the microwave came from.


Amalia has been noted as "An aggressive, hard working, caring, hopped-up-on-estrogen bitch who everyone can't help but love because if they don't, she'll rip their heads off and shove 'em up where the suns don't shine." by her sister, Basilica. "Oh and she's like, excessively protective. To the point where she'll kill me if I'm late home. Because I was busy trying to survive a mission. A suicide mission."


Armoured Combat Exoskeleton: Hivemind. The ACE, Hivemind, represents new life. Hundreds upon hundreds of Cybran-type Engineering Drones rest on this ACE, and the Core is comparable to a miniature Paragon in terms of output. Hivemind's Quantum Artillery fires four mines and a Nanolathe pattern; the mines build the structure/unit and then remain to repair any friendly units or reclaiming/capturing any hostile ones. Hivemind has a distinctly dark-crimson base with multiple shades of black and dark to light gold as trim.

  • Hivemind has a distinct upgrade module that allows it to build units directly without a factory, and has access to multiple factions' techs. She most often uses a mixture of Cybran, Void Hunter, and Invertika tech.



"Oh my fucking god I NEED some of their tech! If I could produce Endgames en masse, I could... I could damn well take whatever the hell I wanted to!"
―Amalia Stone fantasizing about getting her hands on some Invertika tech.
"Who let the overgrown cockroach on the ship?"
―Amalia whispering her concerns to Basilica.


"Let's see, she's my big sister, she's a real pain in the ass sometimes, she has an issue with people who don't like hot chocolate, she has an issue with 90% of my plans, she hates being given orders; even though her job is a mercenary, and to top it all off scolds me when I take too long getting home again. I think she just needs to get laid."
Basilica Seraphine on her sister Amalia.
"Laid you say? Well I could always-"
Evangeline Phillips in response to Basilica's comment, before being punched in the face.
"At least she has a strategy in mind when she fights."
Talos Ezekiel on Amalia.
"*affectionate actions and noises*"
"(She's nice. To me, at least. She lets me build things with her.)"
Tal'Hithur, talking about Amalia.
"You call that an Engineer? *giggle* bitch please..."
Thel-Vodur on Amalia's ACE
"What the actual fuck..."
Argus Yomoflach upon finding out that Amalia wasn't the red-headed catgirl he first thought of.


  • Slug wanted to make Kerra a catgirl.
  • Amalia was first brought to life in an RP.
  • Amalia has a theme tune, although it was a rushed decision.