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The Anterean Theocracy is the commonly used term for the human group known as the "Legion of Yahwey," who were attempting to start the first interstellar colony, before the formation of the Earth Empire. They follow a hybridized and modified form of the three Abrahamic religions.

Antarean Theocracy
Species Human
Territory The antares system, as well as a few other planets
Government Theocracy
Current leader THe High Priest
Population Removed this because it's stupidly small
Founded 2500
Dissolved N/A
Allies none so far
Enemies none so far
Available all

Air: 3

Sea: 3

Land: 3

Exp: 4

Military Population several million
Strategy Repeated brutal onslaughts
- Defensive: long range defensive
- Offensive: fast units with lower range



The Theocracy comes from Antares, as their name implies. They arrived there during a test of a classified prototype of the first quantum network, years before its official invention. The test was to take a Djinn type walker (one of the first manned mechs, considered an extremely early progenitor of the ACU) to a specified location on the moon. Needless to say, it did not go as planned. They had no contact with any outside groups for well over a thousand years. The first contact they had with an outside group was a small D'Skarwen scouting fleet; they quickly crushed this due to their huge military, which had never seen action before that point.


The government is commanded by the Council of High Priests. A High Priest has the job of interpreting the Holy Books, which are believed to give information on how to defeat enemies. The High Priests are elected into their position by the Council. The High Priests report to the Prophet, an individual with massive psychic potency, who is given visions from "God."



The Theocracy is very good at reverse engineering captured technology, and has developed more than  a few techs of its own, such as the fearsome tesla array. Of note are their unusual construction methods in ACU warfare: they use nanolathing to make individual parts, but the unit is then assembled by out of date methods.


Most Theocracy units are based off of the units of other factions, and thus show a wide range of weaponry and design. However, most have been altered to suit the doctrine that has been described by one comment by a commander in a battle against them as "they think that if you're on the offensive, long range is for weaklings." As a result of this, most of their lower-tier offensive units are melee range, though some have short-distance or passive ranged weaponry. This does not hold true to their Experimentals or defensive structures, which boast many long-ranged weapons. The units are typically named after either a figure from their religion, a famous building or event from when they were on earth, or a unique feature that a unit possesses.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Discus[1]: Interdiction system used to guard against aerial bombardment. The Discus projects flat, spinning plate-like projectiles at high velocities to intercept bombs.

Tech 3Edit

Duplicator Complex: An experimental Quantum device whose inner workings are not fully understood by most; the creator of the device has described the principle as "bullshit space magic" when asked about it by less educated individuals. When activated the Duplicator's target unit is designated by an Antarean Commander, and it proceeds to near-instantly create an exact copy of that unit.

  • Obviously, due to the law of conservation of mass and the second law of thermodynamics, the Duplicator requires an input of matter and energy to function; the energy requirement is colossal as with any large-scale Quantum machinery. To ease the enormous number of calculations involved a set of arbitrary values for mass input is hardwired into the computer, which is determined by the target unit's tech level (any excess matter is jettisoned from the Duplicator as a blast of gas and steam for aesthetic purposes).

Hand of Armaggedon: Strategic Missile Launcher. Although built by Engineers rather than factories due to its size the Hand of Armaggedon is in fact a mobile system (using screw propulsion) rather than an immobile launch silo, though it must deploy into a stationary platform before firing. When the missiles strike a target they do not simply explode, instead releasing a combination of unstable chemicals and exotic matter which react without the warhead's stabilizers and containment fields to form a hurricane of nuclear fire that sweeps across the surrounding area.

  • The missiles, due to their small physical size, have a low requirement in mass to produce; however their production requires vast amounts of energy to charge the containment field capacitors and for energy-matter conversion of the exotic matter component of the warheads (the particles in question cannot be produced from raw mass, why is currently unknown).

Name pending: Recycler. Uses small drones to cut small chunks from nearby vehicle wrecks and return them to the main structure, which breaks down the supplied materials into usable mass. If the power source of the unit being recycled has survived its destruction (though this is a rare occurrence) it will be bled dry before being processed to provide a small amount of energy.

Shield of David: Tactical missile defence. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

D.U.B.S.T.E.P.: sonic artillery. this structure uses a barrel designed to amplify and direct a cone of oscillating tones (often described by those on the receiving end to sound like "WUB-WUB-WUB") to destroy enemy units and structures. the sonic cone has its course altered by a small drive that defies explanation from those who didn't design it.


Tech 1Edit

Monotread: Light Track. This unusual mono-treaded vehicle possesses a slotted hull to allow the internal railgun to fire. it possesses an enigmatic graviatric drive, meaning it does not require wheels to turn the tread. the railgun has an abnormally long range for an Antarean lower-tech unit.

Tech 2Edit

Templar: Assault bot. Large walker resembling the armour of a medieval knight. Its primary weapon is a "sonic lance" whose tip vibrates at high speeds for increased cutting power, resulting in a loud buzzing sound being emitted when it is used in atmosphere. It also possesses a small anti-air flak cannon.

Tech 3Edit

Harvester: Armoured Assault Grinder. This tank's tesla array weapon is fearsome, though inevitably short-ranged, but is not its primary armament; that honour goes to a massive maw-like ramming/grinding tool on its front, lined with blades and flamethrowers. This leads to an internal processing plant which breaks down vehicle wrecks and trees (and the occasional unfortunate small unit) into extra mass to fund the Antarean war effort.

Hammer of the Witches: Assault Bot. Bipedal walker armed with a spiked hammer for melee combat. As a subsidiary weapon the Hammer is equipped a mortar whose shells explode in flight releasing huge numbers of tiny, extremely sharp metal flechettes, designed to shred exposed soft tissues or circuitry and get stuck in moving mechanical parts.


Tech 1Edit

Javelin: guided missile. Small suicide unit loaded with an antimatter explosive charge. Notable for a tendency to throw large amounts of shrapnel around upon self-detonation.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

Cherub: Aerial Assault Bot. Humanoid flyer designed as an ASF equivalent, built in the shape of angelic beings from Antarean myths and religious stories. Armed with two heavy air-to-air plasma cannons mounted on the lower arms, with the barrels modelled after greatswords. Can land and function as a siege assault bot (at the cost of reduced fuel replenishment while walking, due to the energy demands of inefficient systems in the legs) using the weapon barrels as melee weapons. The body, arms and head are fairly resilient to weapons fire but the awkward leg shape (Due to the necessary compromise between demands of both aerodynamics and supporting the weight of a 27-meter humanoid walker) leaves the structural fields strained in that area, resulting in a vulnerability to anti-air fire directed straight upward from somewhere below and close when in flight mode.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

W.U.B. sonic battle sub. This sub uses sonic torpedoes and depth charges, to great effect against other submerged vessels. Also armed with four deck-mounted Tartarus Cannons, which generate a small miniature singularity to distort targets out of shape, thus damaging them.

Tech 3Edit


Seraph: Assault Track. Large treaded tank using large amounts of reverse-engineered Seraphim technology. armed with a Heavy Quarnon Cannon in a forward barbette, multiple Aire-Au Bolters (two turreted triple batteries on the upper hull for anti-air purposes and six single barbettes in the hull sides) and an anti-air Phason Laser mounted on the upper hull. The large, bladed open treads can be energised to achieve a similar state to the projectile from a Sinn Unthe cannon, allowing the tank to ram or crush enemy units as an offensive measure.

  • This is notable as being one of the strangest-looking Antarean units, due to its incorporation of Seraphim technology (and consequently some of their design scheme) into the Antareans' own aesthetic style.

Psykael[2]: Two-stage offensive superweapon. The first stage, which is the part actually constructed by an Engineering unit, is little more than a colossal vat-like structure and its associated equipment. Over a period of time after its completion it proceeds (with colossal energy drain) to incubate and grow the second stage. The completed second stage can be stored indefinitely within the vat, but if the vat is destroyed it will be automatically terminated without being released to prevent possible catastrophe. When the command is given, the vat ceases circulating the chemical inhibitors keeping the second stage in a docile semi-conscious "safe" state. The second stage then proceeds to break open the vat, destroying the structure in the process.

  • The second stage when released takes the form of a monstrous, vaguely humanoid creature, standing 80 meters tall. This creature is short-lived thanks to deliberate flaws in its biology, but during its brief time of existence will rampage across the battlefield destroying everything in its path, while a Quantum Shield renders it almost invulnerable. It is noted that a unit or structure of similar or greater size is nearby when the creature is almost in its death throes, it will latch on and self-destruct.

Breath of God[3]: Defensive superweapon. The Breath of God consists of a large gantry originally developed from a cannibalized Quantum Gateway, which is used as a sort of holding cell for a powerful Quantum entity. Limited amounts of this entity's power can be directed by the "handler" (the Commander who deployed the unit) to produce Quantum wakes, extreme weather conditions and other effects in a wide area around the gantry.

Yahweh: Superheavy Walker. this monstrosity is the Anterean answer to other factions' giant offensive units, most notably the Invertika Endgame and Deep Hunter Screamer. Armed with a pair of shoulder-mounted gatling cannons that fire a similar warhead to a Yolona Oss Strategic Missile launcher (though much weaker), Quantum Beam emitters (similar to those of the Aeon CZAR) on the tertiary arms, large numbers of back-mounted missile batteries, a massive flamethrower on each secondary arm, waist-mounted charged particle projectors and head-mounted phason lasers similar to those of the Galactic Colossus. Its most powerful weapons, however, are the Linear Singularity Cannons on the primary arms. These have a massive cost on the internal generators, and as such can only be fired every ten minutes with assistance from external power supply to prevent the unit damaging itself; when fired they effectively act as a "go-away beam" that annihilates virtually anything standing in front of the unit for a considerable distance.

  • Of course as one would expect for such a huge and well-equipped machine, the Yahweh's resource cost runs into the tens of millions of mass and energy units. In addition its build time seems to be disproportionately long even for its immense size and cost; even the shortest recorded builds have taken upwards of 10 hours.

Oceanus: super heavy amphibious battle sub. Armed with multiple weapons systems, from small sonic anti-air guns, to a pair of massive obliterator guns (possibly based on a dumbed down version of the mavor), as well as an aircraft/naval building facility. This monster can also go onto land.


Savior class mech[4]: ACU equivalent. These machines are roughly 40-50 meters taller than a standard ACU, due to the huge reactor/protocrafter/escape pod module which serves as their closest analogue to a head. Armed with large bludgeoning fists with built-in tesla arrays, as well as a very pwerful high-caliber railgun.

Skayyot Battlesuits[5]: Series of manned units used by members of the Skayyot sect on the occasions that they engage in ACU-scale warfare. The Battlesuits stand around the height of most T2 and T3 walkers, but move much faster and can run on much steeper slopes, often including vertical or inverted surfaces.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

Major factionsEdit

Aeon Illuminate: Minor hostility for theological reasons, but a cease-fire has been agreed as both factions are opposed to the Order of the Illuminate.


Seraphim: Major hostility for theological reasons but the Seraphim currently lack the resources to wage a major war with the Antareans.

United Earth Federation: DATA PENDING RELEASE

Minor factionsEdit


Carolean Technocracy: DATA PENDING RELEASE

Collossi Invertika: DATA PENDING RELEASE

Commonwealth of New Titan: Moderate hostility due to the Commonwealth's hatred of religion and friendliness with the Deep Hunters, but no major wars have been fought.

Deep Hunters: Extreme hostility. The Antareans see the Deep Hunters as the abominable “children of the Leviathan” believing that they are the spawn of a world-ending monster from Antarean mythology. Direct conflict began after the Antareans glassed several Deep Hunter worlds without apparent provocation.


Lusanki Federation: DATA PENDING RELEASE


Order of the Illuminate: Major hostility for theological reasons but the Order currently lacks the resources to wage a major war with the Antareans.






  1. Killer frisbees XD
  2. Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion (the second stage is supposed to look like Sachiel) and just about every "vat-grown super-monster” in fiction
  3. Inspired by the Necron Tesseract Vault from Warhammer 40K
  4. Inspired by Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim
  5. Inspired by the Priests of Judas from RA3 Paradox, Iscariot/Division XIII from Hellsing and Tetragrammaton Clerics from Equilibrium, but scaled up for Supcom's warfare