Araxus Escort Drone
Sales Image of Drone
Faction None
Domain Land
Type Drone
Role Defensive
Tech - (Not usable in ACU battles)
Weight Medium
Nickname 'Leapers'


Height 4 feet (Four legs)

9 feet (standing)

Weight Estimated 1,400 lbs due to Anti-grav unit.
Weaponry Molecular Chain-blades

Adaptive Weapons System

Defense Self-repairing Metal,

Carbonfiber Nano-tubes, Combat Shields

Additional Equipment. Sonar Suite,

Uplink Unit, Anti-grav Unit

Capacity One AI

A Bodyguard drone sold to anyone with the cash to pay for it. Mercenary bots which are the equivilant of a direct-fire unit.


Axarus Combat Drones are small, four-legged drones designed to act as bodyguards in urban environments.


Built mostly like an extremely agile cat, it is made up of self-repairable metals and carbonfiber nano-tubes. It is small and extremely flexable, easily able to fit in most rooms. It can sprint up walls, crawl along ceilings, and some are able to slip through vents


Equipment specifications are listed below:


Axarus Drones have flexible, self-repairing metal and Carbonfiber nano-tubes as its frame. It can take multiple hits from heavy hand-held weapons on its armor alone, but it is also equipped with shields which activate in the presence of fast-moving objects. It can also evade at high speeds, sometimes completely dodging bullets.


Axarus Drones have a wide range of weapons that they can be equipped with.


At range, Axarus bots are equipped normally with twin chain-guns. These can be swapped out for twin grenade launchers, twin shotguns, twin Rocket Launchers, generally twin of any gun on-hand due to an adaptable attachment system.


At melee, Axarus bots can use their heavy weight to bowl over enemy targets and smash them into anything. Mounted on each 'finger/toe' is a retractable system made up of several molecular chain-blades, designed to cut through enemies with minimal fuss and mess.


Axarus Drones are made up of several known technologies and some exotic technology


-A.C.A.S.: Adaptive Combat Attachment System. Allows the owner to give their Drone a wide variety of weapons and equipment, which it adopts smoothly to its targetting and energy systems

-Molecular Chain-Blades: Small, chainsaw like blades retracted within each finger/toe. Cuts through infantry armor and some vehicle armor, but can't harm larger units, like T1 Scouts.


Self-repairing Metals: Durable and flexable materials that are capable of self-repair

Carbonfiber Nano-tubes: Small, muscle-like tubes that give the Drones their agility. One tube is said to be equal in strength to a humans arm, and multiple are put in each bot.

Combat Shielding: High-powered defensive shielding abosrbs incoming fire, letting the Drones handle enemies or dodge. 


Sonar Suite: Axarus Drones can let off pulses of sound, beyond human hearing, to find enemies in water or behind walls.

Uplink Unit: Each combat drone can remotely communicate with one another, and their owner.

Anti-grav Unit: Portable hover/anti-grav unit to reduce weight, letting the Drone be extremely agile and lightweight.

Squad dynamicsEdit

Most Axarus Drones operate like fire-teams when working together; one or two provide covering fire while others flank or escape with whatever they are guarding. Drones have a limited self-preservation protocol, but they all usually die before what they guard dies. If what they are guarding dies, the Drones charge straight for the offending killer and kills them as well as any other attackers.


Tactical notesEdit

-Avoid close-quarters combat with them

-Focus solely on them when spotted

-Bring hand-held EMP weapons to deal with the shields

-Consider explosives