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The symbol of the Archivers. Few ever see it and realise what it is.

The Archivers are one of the most secretive organisations currently known. It is their job and their sole purpose to record everything that happens everywhere about everyone and detail it in the Archives. 


Formed since before the Infinite War, the time of the organisation's conception is unknown. All that is known is that they have been recording since Quantum tech has been around. Maybe even before.


There is nothing known, other than the Senior Archivers are the only ones who can actively communicate with the outsiders.


The Senior Archivers are the only known confirmed rank among the Archivers, however it is quite clear that the title of "Senior" is not a time-based rank. Questioning has revealed a possiblity of Junior and Specialist ranks, although they might simply be a reference of skill or time spent in the organisation, rather than actual rank. 


Unparralleled shielding, small-scale stealth, and communications technology. Never used in hostilities, never used to defend innocents. They simply observe and record. Of the presence ever seen, the Archivers will only ever have one or two units in the field at any time, and always manned. 

Notable MembersEdit

Known only by their code-names, and never seen in the flesh, or circuits. It is unknown what species they might be, if any. The attitude of individuals suggests no common personalities or general Factional standing. 

Senior Archiver Centauri: Only noted female Senior Archiver currently known. Also known for sidetracking skills. 

Senior Archiver Slug Gunner: A very confusing individual to say the least. 

Senior Archiver Ork: Known for a brutish and unconventional "saying and spelling it like it sounds" communication style.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

The Archivers have never really made themselves known, although if any wish to contact them, they will know. Any Faction that wishes to talk with them, they will know. Any Faction wishes to trick, kidnap, torture for information, they will know. 

The ArchivesEdit

They're freely available... if you know where to look

Each "server" of information on the Quantum Network changes location both physically and digitally on an hourly basis. The more sensitive information may be "moved" at smaller intervals. To prevent data-tracking, each abandoned "server" is deleted and destroyed before being re-uploaded via one of many secure backups.