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Basilica Seraphine
Species Human
Full name Basilica Seraphine
Aliases Oblivion
Allignment Void Hunters
Rank ACE Commander
Gender Female
Age Chronological: Late 50's

Appearance: Early 20's

Status Alive
Body type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Relationships Amalia Stone (Sister)
Military Status ACE Commander
Born 3890's
Died N/A
Record Unknown
"Hey. (offers popcorn) Want some?"
―Basilica to most other Commanders and Personnel in Void Hunter OP Briefings.


Early lifeEdit

Basilica was born into the Cybran Nation during the late 3890's, although exactly when is unknown. She lived a normal Cybran life up until the age of 15, when her Node, Haven Rivers, switched it's allegiance to the Void Hunters, an action agreed upon by both Factions.

The Haven Rivers Node was one of the more questionable nodes, much like the Seven Hand Node, formed by a collection of former UEF prisoners, "White-Collar" and "Drug Abusers", the non-violent criminals. The prisoners were forced into becoming enslaved Symbionts against their will, and remained like that until they were rescued by the Cybrans. 

Now a Void Hunter, Basilica could be as selfish as she needed to be, and decided to enter the military under the Nanolathe Research division.

The Grand D'Skarwen SeigeEdit

Void Hunter forces had intercepted a Deep Hunter controlled planet that was about to be invaded by a large D'Skarwen invasion fleet. After alerting the local population of the danger, the Void Hunters prepared for what has currently been recorded as the largest D'Skarwen - Deep Hunter encounter in history. As they soon found out, the D'Skarwen had brought along a full squadron of Mobile Planetary Bastions to accompany an ACU invasion force. In response, the Void Hunters brought Oblivion's Angel and all her ACEs down into low orbit. Three of the total fourteen ACEs deployed did not return. 

At the time, Basilica was simply an advanced Nanolathe Technician with a huge amount of time spent on the ACU simulators and training. Due to a shortage of Commanders and a surplus of demand, she was put in charge of defending a minor Deep Hunter settlement. Since her area had relatively little action, she sent what she could to nearby Commanders as reinforcements. Namely in Experimentals such as Ahwassa and Soul Rippers, or high-value units like Seraphim T3 Subhunters. 

Basilica's contributions to the planet-wide seige was one of many key factors included in the successful defence of the Deep Hunter planet. Afterwards she was awarded medals and offered a promotion to ACE Commander; a position that would require a lot more work and effort before full piloting could be achieved. 

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Basilica is currently awaiting orders pending the results of Glassing Fleet 27Alpha on a known D'Skarwen planet. Should they be successful, Oblivion will be deployed on defence for the inevitable D'Skarwen ACUs that will be gated in, while the Fleets will defend the aerospace. 


Often described as sadistic, cruel, and unpredictable, Basilica is known for being a self-serving ACE Commander who keeps her enemies on their toes trying to figure out what trick she'll pull next. 

Basilica Seraphine means "Church" and "Fire" respectively, and she has expressed confusion over what the heck her parents were smoking when they named her. Over time, she figured out they weren't only smoking things when they named her. 


Basilica's relations.

Faction RelationsEdit

Basilica's Faction relations.

Personnel RelationsEdit

Basilica's personnel relations.


Aside from her personal belongings and other not-really-that-notable stuff, Basilica has a few very notable stuff. 

Void Hunter ACE: OblivionEdit

Oblivion is the first of the Void Hunter ACEs to employ their new signature Black-Hole Weaponry. 


Quotes section.


"You're an idiot. You know that, right?"
―Basilica trying to talk to Kleph for the first time. She got very annoyed very quickly.
―Basilica yelling at Talos Ezekiel in one of her lessons on how to apply strategy.
"If I see another pinecone in my life I swear to god I am going to buy an entire Assumpta interrogation team and let them loose on this ship."
―Basilica getting rather sick of the pinecone "gifts" Kleph brings her.
"Alright, which one of you bitches left this in my room?"
―Basilica interrogating the other two Sisters of Fate over the dildo with a smiley face she found on her bed.
"Ugly, check. Good in a fight, check. Has tried to kill me more than once, check. Has had to hire my protection more than once, check. Is human, check. Not enough features for me to make a decent list, check. Dick, check. Has a dick, check. (leans back to take a peek at his backside) Grab-able ass, check."
―Basilica taking notes on Harbinger while sitting next to him at a mission briefing. When he asked what she was doing, Basilica told Harbinger that she was figuring out the total discount he could get from Evangeline Phillips if he got a "Full-Service On/Off-Field Package".
―Basilica at many random moments when visiting. She tends to piss people off a lot doing this as she takes notes on everyone who turned to look at her and recommends them to Evangeline Phillips later.
"(whispering in her "Spooky ghost" voice) Yaaaaooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!"
―Basilica interrupting yet another transmission between Argus Yomoflach and Talos Ezekiel.
"They're in love! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be running like hell."
―Basilica interrupting that interview with Argus Yomoflach when he was asked about his (then-secret) relationship with Evangeline Phillips. This event led to the deaths of over four hundred news reporters and the destruction of several planets.
"Hey. (offers popcorn) Want some?"
―Basilica to most other Commanders and Personnel in Void Hunter OP Briefings.


"... oh my shiny ..."
Kleph Magnus upon discovering Oblivion. He was rooted to the spot for the next three hours staring and drooling at the giant mech. Almost every other Icenaye on board also stopped and joined in the staring and drooling.
"I only put up with her because she pilots an ACE with Anti-Orbital weaponry. Anything less and she'd be dead by now."
Talos Ezekiel stating his reasons for why Basilica is still alive after interrupting so many transmissions.
Evangeline Phillips on her relationship with Basilica.
"We're fucked."
―Newbie UEF Commander upon finding out what that nuclear explosion in the enemy base was. He was in the support position while defending Seton's Clutch from a Void Hunter Strike Team.
"Remind me again why she's an ACE pilot."
―ACE Pilot, Death, grimacing at the prospect of Basilica being on a battlefield. He was quite surprised to discover she was actually good.
―Most people when they find out the giant mech Oblivion is Basilica's.
"I think... *whirring noises* I like this one the most..."
Thanos Alpha noting his decision to like Basilica after accepting her offer to help him meet Harbinger.
"The first human I have ever met that I consider my friend. She doesn't treat me like a complete idiot, so, firends. This is how it works, right?"
Jacob Damocles, to his plants.
"She's a bitch, but most Void Hunters are. She fucks my girlfriend but then who doesn't? She tries to kill me but again, who doesn't?"
Argus Yomoflach on Basilica.

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