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Carolean Technocracy
Carolean Symbol
Species Chaaron
Territory Third Galactic Arm
Government Technocracy
Current leader Linked Union
Population 20 billion
Founded N/A
Dissolved N/A
Allies Sovus Empire (post-4001 a.d.)
Enemies The Primordials, Angardials, Seraphim
Available Land, Air, Naval

Air: Tech 1-3

Sea: Tech 1-3

Land: Tech 1-3

Exp: Tech 4

Military Population 10,000
Strategy Direct offensive, Turtling
- Defensive: Turtling
- Offensive: Open offensive, nuke volley

The Carolean Technocracy is a highly technologically advanced faction native to a lost world called Carola.


The Chaaron are a humanoid race that almost perfectly resemble humans. However, the race bears third and fourth genders. The third being hermaphrodites, the fourth being similar to the "Nils" of the Sovereigns, whom do not have sexual organs.


Not much is known about the early technocracy.

The earliest recording of the Carolean Technocracy, which isn't accurately dated, stated that The Primordials destroyed Carola, the technocracy's homeworld. This event is estimated to have taken place roughly 1 billion years ago.
Destruction of Carola

The destruction of Carola

In the year 4001, the Angardials invaded Crestin d, the new core-world of the Chaaron. The Sovus Empire was on a scouting mission through the system, which they knew nothing of. They noticed Angardial signatures and decided to destroy all Angardial ACUs on the fourth world of the star. However, the Carolean Technocracy was already at war with them, to which the Sovereigns obliged when a cry for help was received. AAU-02 led the assault, resulting in the defeat of the Angardials on that world.




The Carolean Technocracy is a Democratic Technocracy. They elect their leaders, but only those highly educated in the fields of technology, whether it be bio-technology, weapons, construction, or other various concepts.


The Carolean military utilizes many Armored Assault Units (not to be confused with Sovereign AAUs), as well as over 10,000 miscellaneous personnel. 

Interfaction RelationsEdit

Sovus Empire: As of 4001, the two races found eachother for the first time. As of the Sovereigns saving the Chaaron, the two have been happily allied.

Seraphim: Not-so-good relationship. As of 3858, the two have been at war. However, very few battles have been fought between the two.

The Primordials: Destroy all on sight. The Chaaron lost their homeworld to these bastards, and will never surrender until either they have won, or The Primordials have.

Angardials: As of 4001, there is an open hostility between the two factions. The reason why is because in that year, the Angardials attacked Crestin d, the new homeworld for the Chaaron.

Void Hunters: The Chaaron wish to hire the Void Hunters to destroy the Angardial Ethylsdwon that attacked their new homeworld. The contract is yet to be sent.



Tech 1Edit

Mine Sweeper - Mass Extractor
EC-20 - Power Generator
Silo - Mass/Energy Storage Unit
Factory: Universal factory; constructs land and air units. Constructs naval units instead of land when built over water. Upgrades into Gantry.
Guard - Point Defense/Anti-Air Tower: Light point defense; more power than standard PD. Armed with hard-light gatling cannon.
Camo-Cracker - Radar/Sonar
Wall Segment

Tech 2Edit

Mine Pump - Mass Extractor
EC-500 - Power Generator
Gantry: Universal factory; constructs land and air units. Constructs naval units instead of land when built over water. Upgrades into either Combat Yard or Shipyard.
Warden - FLAK AA/Point Defense
Revealer - Rader/Sonar
Stage Pad - Air Staging Platform

Tech 3Edit

Mine Titan - Mass Extractor
EC-2500 - Power Generator
Combat Yard - Land/Air Factory
Shipyard - Naval Factory
Razor - Point Defense/Anti-Air Gatling Turret
Invalidator - Omni/Sonar


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit



  • The Chaaron have named the Angardials "The Saxons", as "saxon", in their culture, is slang, meaning "weakling".
    • At one point, Harbinger jokes that "saxon" is slang for "little bitch".
  • Both "Carolean" and "Saxon" are referrences to "The Battle of Fraustadt ".
    • The inspiration of this came from the song "Killing Ground", created by Sabaton.
    • The referrences are purely names, which have no relation to either faction of the battle.