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Collossi Invertika
Invertika Symbol
Species Gyga
Territory Unknown
Government Unknown
Current leader Thormora
Population Unknown
Founded Unknown
Dissolved Unknown
Allies None currently
Enemies None currently
Available All

Air: 1-4

Sea: 1-4

Land: 1-4

Exp: 1-4

Military Population Large
Strategy Brute Force
- Defensive: Tank/Turtle
- Offensive: Steamroll, Brute Force


It is unknown what species the Invertika are, although in a hacked transmission a single word could be made out: "Gygas", pronouced like "Gig-ahs".

It is assumed the Gygas are very large.


The Colossi Invertika were encountered by an Order scouting mission. After they sent a text-only message to the Commander, they attacked. "We have observed. We have seen. We have adapted."

They attacked first with what could be considered T2 units en masse, then with what could be considered T4 units, not quite experimentals but still quite large, and then with an army of Experimentals. The Commander could only flee, fearing that the lack of T1 units could mean the first wave was T1.


It is unknown if the Collossi Invertika have a government. They do not make contact much. If anyone get into their territory, the Invertika always launch a vicious counterattack. Occassionally they will glass worlds or simply outright destroy them if they decide to. Interestingly, they avoid civilian centers as much as possible in thier attacks. 




The Invertika are noted for having a rather upscaled general combat status compared to the other factions. They almost never leave their territory except to expand, which at the current rate appears to be on average four or five planets a year, of which one will always be a "Paradise" class planet capable of supporting human life without excessive terraforming. Interestingly, they have simply abanonded some planets for no visible reason.  

UPDATE: it has been discovered that the Invertika have dificulties using the Quantum Gate Network, and do not have many Gates within their territory. It appears that they are creatures of comfort, as aside from a few fortress planets in their core worlds, and the heavily defended borders, their colonies have little in the way of military defences.

It has been suggested that they are content with what they have, and care little for taking more than they require. The reasons for this are unknown, and thought to be based upon a life philosophy of some sort. If attacked, they near unfailingly mount an overreactively large counter-attack.

While the Invertika's version of ACU warfare is upscaled compared to the norm, they do seem to have slightly less efficient engineering times compared to the expected when upscaled to match the rest of their features. While a UEF Mech-Marine would take 10 seconds to build, an Invertika Stomper would take 13 seconds to build.

Their units' movement speed also does not scale up, although this is different to the engineering speed. A unit of T2 size but T1 build classification will move at the speed of a T2 unit. T3 units move slightly faster than Experimentals on average, and each Experimental unit is individually assessed for speed due to the great variations between them.


All Collossi Invertika units are much bigger, almost twice the size if not more, of their standard UEF counterparts. This causes them to have a much greater unit cost on average, and while their larger-than-standard resource producing Structures can handle the demand, the Invertika are slower to start up but once entrenched are exceedingly hard to detach from their territory.

There are no official confirmed names or unit types, only educated guesses by highly specialised analysts and nicknames given by the Commanders who encounter the units and live to tell the tale.

Invertika Command UnitEdit

Invertika ACU

A far off view of an Invertika ACU falling from a transport. The Void Hunter ACE Hivemind was modelled on it.

The Invertika Command Unit is much larger than a standard ACU, just slightly larger than a Galactic Colossus. Due to the first Commander alerting his squad with a call of "Look out, laggheaps! 'Vertika Command Unit heading your way!" the Invertika ACU is known as the VCU.


All Invertika structures are on average three times larger than their Aeon equivilent and have a moderately greater armour rating than the tripled value of UEF structures.

Tech 1Edit

Factories: Air, Land, and Naval Factories. All three have a signifigantly larger armour rating than expected.

Power Generator: At first assumed to be a Tech 2 Power Generator. A captured one showed it gave the same output as a T2 PGen, which came with horrorfying implications.

Mass Extractor: Commanders who encounter these find monstrosities similar to a Yolona Oss missile launcher in appearance, the extractors often spilling over the deposits and deforming the terrain around it. Once destroyed, beneath the wreckage lay nine operatable Mass Deposits for use. (Eight more deposits circling the initial deposit)

Tech 2Edit

Factories: Air, Land, and Naval Factories. All three have a signifigantly larger armour rating than expected.

Power Generator: At first assumed to be a Tech 3 Power Generator. Capture provided intel that the output was signifigantly larger than a T3 PGen.

Mass Extractor: Commanders who encounter these find monstrosities similar to a Yolona Oss missile launcher in appearance, the extractors often spilling over the deposits and deforming the terrain around it. Once destroyed, beneath the wreckage lay thirteen operatable Mass Deposits for use. (Eight surrounding the initial deposit with a second adjacent forming a cross as well)

Tech 3Edit

Factories: Air, Land, and Naval Factories. All three have a signifigantly larger armour rating than expected.

Power Generator: A gigantic structure. Heavily armoured and very volatile. The blast has been shown to damage Invertika forces, but not by a great amount.

Mass Extractor: Commanders who encounter these find monstrosities similar to a Yolona Oss missile launcher in appearance, the extractors often spilling over the deposits and deforming the terrain around it. Once destroyed, beneath the wreckage lay seventeen operatable Mass Deposits for use. (Eight surrounding the initial deposit, one at each corner, and one in center between each corner deposit) 


All Invertika T1 ground units are classed as the size and strength of T2 units. All Invertika T2 ground units are classes as the size and strength of T3.5 units, more powerful than T3 but not Experimental. All Invertika T3 ground units are the size and strength of Experimental units.

Annihilation Cannons are only ever used on the biggest units, as the sheer kinetic force of each shot will literally tear apart the landscape for many kilometres if Overcharged.

Tech 1Edit

Stomper: Light Assault Bot. Oddly, the Stompers appear to look like Mech-Marines. However, they utilise Rapid Fire Heavy Electron Bolters.

Missile-Hog: Medium AG/AA Missile Truck. Missile-Hogs are high speed moderately armoured vehicles that fire Nanodart-type missiles vertically into the air at a fast rate with long range tracking capabilities that work against ground and air units. Often used for strafing raids; Missile-Hogs can drive circles around an enemy base out of PD range while swarms of tracking missiles deny the enemy expansion.

Tech 2Edit

Crusher: Heavy Assault Bot. Oddly, the Crushers appear to look like Mech-Marines, although with rapid-fire T2 Artillery Cannons in their arms.

Splinter: Mobile Airburst Anti-Air Truck. The Splinter fires a large projectile into the air, which then splits, releasing a small group of tracking Gemini AA Missiles.

Tech 3Edit

Boom-Bot: Seige Assault Bot. It appears to be a UEF style Galactic Colossus, sporting rapid-fire tri-barrelled Duke Artillery Cannons in the arms.

Shattershield: Mobile Shield Generator/Aerial Area Denial System. It appears to be a Fatboy missing its guns, instead sporting multiple shield generator structures. It works by generating an extremely strong shield whenever an enemy signature is within range of the generators. This seems to cost more energy than standard mobile shield generators, but allows it to take much larger amounts of damage before failing.

  • The Shattershield utilities these shields to "crash" Aircraft by surging the shield generated to be almost solid. If the Aircraft is not outright destroyed it will suffer excessive damage for however long it is within the Shattershield's shield radius. Using the shields for Aerial Denial tends to drain the shield strength much faster than using it as a shield.


The Invertika have a lesser focus on air units, with most of them being transports or bombers. All transports have shields and a single light plasma cannon, which studies have shown is purely for targeting use with Ghetto Gunships.

Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Rhino: Experimental Suicide Ramming Tank. The Rhino is a heavily armoured, extremely fast-moving hovertank with a reinforced Impact Barrier for ramming units. As the Rhino is unarmed, it's only source of offence is in its speed and armour. The Rhino is equipped with the same kind of engines commonly seen on Air Superiority Fighters, meaning it is very fast. Moderate cost, high armour, high manoeuvrability, high speed, very vulnerable to air assaults, and moderate build time.

Endgame: Experimental Ultra-Heavy Annihilation Mech. The Endgame is currently the largest Invertika unit known, and is tall enough that it can and will grab CZARs out of the sky and throw them at the enemy. They have the same type of legs as seen on Cybran Basilisks, although the spinal-mounted platform is vertical and supports six "arms" (which are actually more like laser appendages on the Iron Giant's back). The two bottom arms sport four Heavy Microwave Lasers surrounding a Galactic Colossus Eye. The two middle arms sport series of Tempest-Class Oblivion Cannons, a total of eight per arm, the total rate of fire ending up as 1 shot 0.625 seconds. The two top arms sport multitudes of SAM launcher pods and Gatling-AA Cannons as well as TMD and TMRD systems. The two center arms, that give the Endgame a semi-humanoid appearance, hold a single Annihilation Cannon each. This unit is ridiculously well armoured, even once Standard:Collossi ratios are taken into account, and suitably expensive as well. Once the unit has gained enough data, the battle optimizations kick in and it gains a small auto-repair bonus.

  • Additional Notes: If an Endgame is ever seen on the battlefield, it means the Invertika are truly dug in to their position. Due to the "Claw" like nature of the Annihilation Cannon's design, it doubles as a claw and can be used to simply crush things. The opening and closing of the "claw" is not reliant on the state of the cannon (reloaded or not) unless firing.

Interfaction RelationsEdit


Order of the Illuminate: Attack on sight.

Aeon Illuminate: Also attack on sight, although they are unaware there is a difference between the Aeon Illuminate and the Order of the Illuminate.

UEF: Hostile. They accidentally used one of the Invertika's planets as a staging post and were quickly told to leave or die. The Commanders there, being cocky, thought they could fight off this new enemy. They didn't.

Cybran Nation: No contact.

Deep Hunters: They have met, however have not made contact. It was later discovered the Invertika had only used the planet as a quick stopover while launching a counter-assault against an Order of the Illuminate sector.

Void Hunters: Confused hostilities. The Void Hunters are actively seeking anti-Invertika contracts, a large amount of which are done by Amalia Stone. They have been working on stealing Invertika tech for a while now, but have only recently managed to snag an Endgame schematic. Amalia uses the Experimental to great effect whenever possible.

  • The Invertika have had trouble launching counter-offensives against the Void Hunters due to the fact that the Void Hunters don't have any planets for them to engage against.

Commonwealth of New Titan: Hostility for unknown reasons, probably to do with the Invertika attacking humans (despite this only ever being in self defence and retaliation for invading Invertika territory) and consequently angering the Commonwealth. Very few battles have been fought but the Commonwealth, being "competent" (paranoid) have already begun drawing up contingency plans for every possible scenario involving a large-scale war with the Invertika.

Hjörviik Dreddek’ja: The Hjörviik have repeatedly attempted to make contact with the Invertika. Results of these attempts are unknown at this time, as the Invertika have remained silent. An Invertika VCU was seen within known Hjörviik territory at one point, apparently on a scouting mission. The Hjörviik are currently the only known faction to have trespassed into Invertika territory (albeit accidentally) and come out fully intact. Experienced diplomats are confused by this.


Argus Yomoflach: Has made it a personal point to teach the Invertika how to wage war economically. When questioned on how this would mean total departure from his normal brute-force methods in favour of tactics, Argus commented that "War isn't about brute force or tactics in the end. Total wars are not won by the side with the biggest guns, but the side with the biggest factories." (Shortly after that interview he began designing an Experimental factory which outsized all known Invertika construction buildings.)


By members of the FactionEdit

None currently.

About the FactionEdit

"Tell these Xenos to come back when they learn how to wage war like economists, not low-browed brutes with a fetish for over-compensators."
Argus Yomoflach, making himself as much of a target as possible, as is his usual behaviour when discovering someone or something new. It was quickly discovered that Invertika nanolathing was not as inefficient as he first believed.
"The bigger they are... the further their guns reach..."
Basilica Seraphine, slightly disheartened by the fact that a large amount of their ground units had anti-orbit capable weapons. Turns out she was wrong and was later corrected.
Jacob Damocles upon finding some captured Collosi tech.
"Oh my fucking god I NEED some of their tech! If I could produce Endgames en masse, I could... I could damn well take whatever the hell I wanted to!"
Amalia Stone fantasizing about getting her hands on some Invertika tech.
"... MY! SHINY! MINE!!!"
Kleph Magnus discovering an Invertika unit.
"Well, somebody's clearly got a love for all things impractical and tactically useless. Let's see how well these big ones handle something very small... and very numerous."
―Unidentified Commander of the Commonwealth of New Titan before launching a Nanocore Strategic Missile.
"Large, expensive, long time to produce? Huge fire power? Their carcasses will make fine trophies."
―A Slitherer sent into combat against the Invertika. The Invertika proved to be a greater challenge than first assumed.
"Welp, that looks like a big metal mass of NOPE."
Harbigner upon seeing an Endgame on an unknown jungle world.
"Kill every last one of them. With stone axes and bits of glass if necessary."
Drell Catharsky during a simulated wargame scenario involving a hypothetical Invertika city; he later stated that he wanted to get his troops used to treating them like that. Since there is no information on Invertika civilians, Catharsky deliberately demonized them for the purposes of the scenario.

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