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Commonwealth of New Titan
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The Commonwealth is a human faction, although its members, having had to adapt to live in harsh conditions on worlds barely suitable for human habitation, have genetically altered themselves to the point of being almost unrecognisable as Homo Sapiens except for their mannerisms and basic shape. Commonwealth humans stand around three meters tall, with grey mottled skin and extreme muscle density giving them far greater strength than they first appear to have. Around 1 in 1200 possess empathic abilities with the trait known to be partially genetic in origin; this commonly translates into considerably above-average charisma and leadership skills, as the empath can know exactly what someone needs to moralise or persuade them at any given time.


The TransitEdit

During the latter phase of the Infinite War the UEF began experiments with an alternate form of teleportation to Quantum Gates, with the research facility being based on Saturn's moon Titan; however in late 3839 a disastrous accident occurred, in which the research facility and the entire city of 400 million people in which it stood completely vanished. It was assumed that they were lost to oblivion; people grieved, then moved on.

Foundation of the CommonwealthEdit


The Outreach WarEdit



Leadership and government systemEdit

The Commonwealth is a limited democracy; only those who have done their required federal service to the polity have the right to vote, the most common form of such service being a standard five-year term in the military. All military service is voluntary, except in times of emergency when all fit and sane men and women between 20 and 40 years old must do six months' basic training, or during periods of war when the government has the power to conscript any and all fit and sane men and women between 20 and 40 years old who are not employed in a vital industry.


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The planetary army under General Drell Catharsky is notorious for its overly paranoid (Though they prefer the term "competent") policy of drawing up as many response plans as possible for various scenarios, though as the navy under Admiral Joanne Yarring has veto power against Catharsky it is unlikely that many of the more extreme contingencies will ever actually be acted on.

Societal Control LawsEdit

One of the core principles of the Commonwealth, the Societal Control Laws are designed to ensure that society remains intact and stable; if it collapses, the loss of unity will doom humanity's chances of survival. The SCLs primarily (but not exclusively) govern population control, communication with other factions, and what civilian freedoms are and are not available in times of peace, emergency and war.


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Tech 1Edit

Silo: Mass storage. Unlike more common mass storage structures, the Silo does not rely on a separate extractor to directly transmit mass to it; instead it contains a small factory capable of building self-sacrificial constructors that set up a mass extractor on a suitable deposit, and small stealthed transport drones which carry mass from the extractor complex to the Silo. This old-fashioned method allows for less easily detected acquisition of mass than use of modern quantum logistics but the necessary supply chain is slower and vulnerable to attack. The Silo and extractor complex can both be upgraded.

Tech 2Edit

Drone Platform[1]: While the UEF and Cybrans have made considerable use of Engineering Drones to support their construction capacity for years, the Commonwealth were the first to take the concept further, using hovering support drones for a variety of purposes. Drone Platforms are responsible for the construction of these units as well as storing, maintaining and powering them.

End Station: Builds tracklayers and war train segments.

Multiturret: Defence weapon, can reconfigure itself to mount a railgun, Cryo-beam or anti-air photinic beamer as necessary.

Cryocore: Auxiliary defence, equipped with a large mortar which airbursts to release cryo-spray.

Tech 3Edit

Nanoshield Core: Shield projector. Creates a thick film of nanites in a domed shape over the surrounding area, held in place by electromagnetic projections, forming a shield. Any weapons fire which strikes part of the shield will be halted by the nanites in that area, destroying them after a certain amount of firepower has been applied; the resulting holes in the shield will slowly be closed by replacement nanites produced from the Core.

Nanorepair Core: Creates a cloud of airborne nanomachines over its surroundings which swarm to repair friendly forces in the vicinity.

Nanorecycler: Creates a cloud of airborne nanomachines which swarm to reclaim nearby usable mass.

Vulcan: Defence turret with quick-firing railgun.

Phalanx: Anti-air defence turret with photinic beamer.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Rhino: Main battle tank, armed with a photinic beamer.

Defoliator[2]: Artillery. Armed with a gauss mortar firing incendiary shells designed to immolate enemies in a wave of incredible heat. Named for its tendency to obliterate plant life within the general area of the target

Tech 3Edit

Mammoth[3]: Experimental-killer tank. Armed with twin railguns which encase the shells in a sheath of ions upon firing. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Hellhound[4]: Fast attack unit. This quadrupedal, vaguely canine machine moves at high speeds and can rip apart targets in seconds with its powerful mechanised jaws. Its secondary passive weapon is psychological in nature to demoralize enemy personal, as Commanders, manned vehicle pilots or infantry fighting against Hellhounds are often spooked by their uncannily faithful reproduction of animal motion. Stories of these units jumping onto assault bots and knocking them flat on their backs have been dismissed by enemies of the Commonwealth as no more than propaganda (though the Hellhound is certainly capable of this when running at its top speed).

THAW: Tactical High-Agility Walker, equivalent to Support ACUs.[5] A highly modular, extremely maneuverable and fast-moving manned assault bot, the THAW features multiple attachment points for various equipment packs to let it perform a variety of functions. However it suffers from a severe lack of armour, due to the need to keep weight down to maximise the performance of its built-in maneuvering jets.

Collier: Mobile mass collector. Deploys a quintet of small mining drones to extract materials from nearby Mass deposits and returns the useful Mass back to the nearest silos.


Trains are built in segments by the internal Protocrafter foundries of End Stations, and can only move on tracks. They are normally employed for defensive or support purposes because of this restricted movement.

Tech 1Edit

Type 1 Locomotive: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Tracklayer: Self-propelled construction unit. Crafts and deploys lengths of track, whether to extend new tracks or repair existing ones.

Patrol car: Small self-propelled vehicle intended to protect probing tracklayers or isolated tracks.

1-Slot Wagon: Carries one T1 land unit. Units riding on the wagon can fire their weapons freely.

Turret car: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Tech 2Edit

Type 2 Locomotive: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

2-slot Wagon: Carries two T1 land units. Units riding on the wagon can fire their weapons freely.

Heavy 1-Slot Wagon: Carries one T2 land unit. Units riding on the wagon can fire their weapons freely.

1-Slot Staging Wagon: Air staging for a single aircraft.

Flak car: Armed with an anti-air photinic beamer.

Heavy Turret Car: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Tech 3Edit

Type 3 Locomotive: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Battery wagon: Carries a large power generator which feeds directly to adjacent locomotives, increasing their pulling power.

3-Slot Wagon: Carries three T1 land units. Units riding on the wagon can fire their weapons freely.

Heavy 2-Slot Wagon: Carries two T2 land units. Units riding on the wagon can fire their weapons freely.

2-Slot Staging Wagon: Air staging for two aircraft.

Drone car: Operates drones. Cannot operate as many drones at once as the Drone Platform or Drone Carrier.

Sponson car: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Heavy flak car: Armed with an anti-air photinic beamer.

Missile car: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Mortar car: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Support car: Repairs adjacent cars with onboard protocrafter. Can also repair damaged track though at a reduced rate compared to the tracklayer.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Limpet Mothership[6]: Submarine killer. The Mothership carries no weapons of its own but acts as a factory for submersible, amphibious walker/boats equipped with stealth systems; these attack submarines by latching onto them, drilling into their armour and inserting explosive charges.

Ekranoplan: Anti-ship/anti-airship fast attacker. Large wing-in-ground effect vehicle armed with a battery of railgun-launched cruise missiles. Moves quite quickly as wet-navy warships go due to its psuedo-flight capability.

Tech 3Edit

Drone Carrier: Mobile, aquatic drone platform. With most of its hull taken up by its protocrafter foundries and generous amounts of armour the Drone Carrier lacks space for weapons of any sort, but still manages to include a proportionally oversized propulsion system granting it high speed.

Assault Destroyer: Amphibious support ship, capable of travelling on land thanks to treads built into the underside of the hull. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Kirov: Aerial missile barge. Armed with a battery of long-range rockets the Kirov is essentially aerial artillery, and in fact shares many common pros and cons with the more conventional landgoing artillery units seen alongside it in ACU warfare.

Zukhov: Aerial anti-air frigate. Created to amend the vulnerability of Kirovs to air attack. [MORE TO FOLLOW]


Crawler: Mobile repair station. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Collider Cannon[7]: Artillery. Fires volleys of exotic charged particles contained in magnetic fields that reflect off a planet's ionosphere and toward the target at extreme velocities. On airless worlds it is employed as an anti-orbital defence. Due to the lightning-like effects it induces in the atmosphere the Collider has been noted as an effective psychological weapon against superstitious foes, especially those unaware of the technology behind it, as they believe that they witness the Commonwealth harnessing the fury of the heavens and bending it to their will.

Nanobomb Core: Strategic Missile Launcher. The Nanobomb Core's missiles do not use a conventional explosive warhead; rather they burst in mid-air and spray clouds of destructive nanites over an area. These nanites have a short lifespan due to limited power supplies but during their existence will proceed to attack and deconstruct units they encounter, slowly damaging them for around a minute.


Command and Construction Vehicle: Command unit. Moves on treads as opposed to the walking command units favoured by other armies, similar to a Farxaa Directorate ACU. Amphibious due to hull design. Upgradeable.

Advanced Command and Construction Vehicle: Black Ops ACU equivalent.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

D'Skarwen Hegemony: Hostility. The D'Skarwen have attacked Commonwealth territory with no provocation just as they have done to everyone else, which has been interpreted as an act of war.

Deep Hunters: Contact has been made, and a potential alliance is possible. Despite the Deep Hunters' small-scale hostility to some human factions, the Commonwealth has conceded that these were the result of misguided actions, confusion or unjustified initial hostility from the humans in question rather than genuine unprovoked hosility on the Deep Hunters' part.

Collossi Invertika: Hostility for unknown reasons.

United Earth Federation: Political hostility; the UEF sees the Commonwealth as a bunch of upstart mutants, while the Commonwealth sees the UEF as the dying last gasp of an outdated old order. Despite this military alliances have been made against the D'Skarwen and other common threats.

Cybran Nation: Friendly relations. Both factions have a common dislike of the UEF, which often brings them together on political issues.


The basic concept of the Commonwealth's government system is inspired by the Terran Federation from the Starship Troopers novel, with a few additions.

Commonwealth humans' variations from normal humans were inspired by the Ogryns from the Warhammer 40K universe, though they're not as strong indivually, nor are they as stupid.

Many Commonwealth units are inspired by the Command and Conquer franchise.


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  2. Inspired by the Defoliator Cannon from that one episode of the awful Clone Wars TV series
  3. If you can't guess the inspiration you have no taste in games
  4. Inspired by the Nazi Panzerhund from Wolfenstein: The New Order, if you haven't already guessed
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