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Cyn Pro-Expansionist Military Movement
Species Tzaina
Territory Glaxy Maktahr
Government United Military Dictatorships
Current leader Doj Ko

Lrk Tou

Zaxi Mhe Lynn Konorov

Population 125,000,000,000
Founded 2500AD
Dissolved N/A
Allies Tog Syndicate
Luraen Federation
Enemies UEF
Cybran Nation
Aeon Illuminate
Available All

Air: 2

Sea: 1

Land: 3

Exp: 4th A

Military Population 15,000,000,000
Strategy Guerilla, Blitzkrieg
- Defensive: Turtling
- Offensive: Sniping

The Cyn Pro-Expansionist Military Movement (CPEMM) is a union of military dictatorships made up of Rijnok, Kovar and Human militants brought together for the purpose of expanding their respective empires within the Cyn Alliance, with Humans tagging along to further their own agendas. Dominating a large part of the Galaxy Maktahr -a large star cluster approximately 21 lightyears from the Outer Rim of the Milky Way-, they hold an expansive trade monopoly over the region and control a massive military zone around it preventing extraregional forces from settling there. To further this goal, they maintain a treaty with the Turhan empires that promises them free movement through each other's territory in exchange for resources.

They also happen to be one of the factions lucky enough to be able to live close to Xegnathi territory (a massive strategic advantage) without being targeted by it's aloof inhabitants, seen as they have no apparent interest in the CPEMM, even allowing free movement in their outer territories.