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The D'Skarwen hegemony are an empire of sapient robotic beings originating from the galactic core region, noted for their hostility and destructive tendencies towards organic life.

D'Skarwen Hegemony
Species Roboform
Territory {{{territory}}}
Government Collective intelligence
Current leader Nin-th'int'lijents
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Founded Unknown
Dissolved Still active
Allies N/A due to attitude
Enemies N/A due to attitude
Available All

Air: Tech 3

Sea: Tech 3

Land: Tech 3

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Strategy Brute force
- Defensive: Turtling
- Offensive: Repeated, increasingly powerful frontal assaults


The D'Skarwen are not a true biological species but a series of intertwining, independent pseudo-hive-minded Artifical Intelligences possessing wildly varying levels of sentience and intelligence, whose physical forms consist of a bewilderingly diverse array of robotic machines.



Nobody really knows where the D'Skarwen originate from but the best guess is that they started somewhere around the Galactic core, where they had access to a lot of debris to process from the start. The intense nuclear and electromagnetic radiation and gravitational force from the large number of old, dying stars present in that region are believed to be damaging to D'Skarwen computers and would explain their loss of their own historical records.

Multiple theories about their beginnings have been postulated by historians of other factions, ranging from the cold and logical to the downright bizarre. The most likely hypothesis is that they were a Von Neumann structure designed to evolve itself to meet any scenario, gone out of control and gradually militarized, leading to their current state.

The D'Skarwen themselves, as discovered by other Factions through captured records, seem to believe the Von Neumman theory of their origin, though they add context by theorizing a possible reason for their machines' considerable diversity: that the prime code governing design templates and such were not copied exactly from one unit to another, causing bits of coding to be left out and then surface again later, recombining with replacement codes in various ways, essentially causing an evolutionary process akin to that of organic species but with computer programs taking the place of DNA.

Whatever the truth may be the point is that nobody knows much about the early D'Skarwen, including the D'Skarwen.

First contactEdit

The first contact between the D'Skarwen and the other intelligent species of the known galaxy occured when a D'Skarwen scout fleet blundered into the edge of UEF space in 3850. This fleet immediately began to produce combat forms using resources strip-mined from a nearby asteroid field and invaded the planet Linius Prime, but was repelled by the local garrison and the planet's sole ACU. Linius Prime would later become just another battle-scarred dead world on the  frontline of the brutal UEF-D'Skarwen war, but was saved this time.


Current statusEdit

The D'Skarwen are currently in control of only 100 worlds in known space but it is believed they may have a larger empire within the deep galactic core; how large their total territory is, if anything, is unknown. They are currently only a minor annoyance but it is considered that application of force is required to keep them as such otherwise they may become a very serious threat.

It is noted that while some Instances display genius on the tactical scale, the large-scale strategies they have displayed so far have been horribly ineffective; their apparent lack of military competence has seriously restricted their ability to expand, turning what would otherwise be an easy fight into a stagnant multi-planet trench war. (Many of the more axe-crazy Commanders of other factions are thankful for this because it "makes them a more interesting opponent rather than a boring unstoppable force that swarms everything in its path.")



D'Skarwen heirarchy consists of, at the low end, the basically mindless automated combat and manual labour machines, then travels up through various levels of increasing awareness and intelligence to the multiple-brained "director" caste whose lowest echelons of command control the Mobile Bastions, Armoured Command Units and asteroid starships.





Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 2 advancedEdit

Tech 3Edit

Tech 3 advancedEdit


Tech 1Edit

Name Pending: Combat Scout. Simple bipedal walker equipped with a basic set of sensors and a single small weapon module.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 2 advancedEdit

Commissar (T2 Advanced Mobile Enhancer): A mobile generator/energy transmitter that overcharges the weaponry and shield systems of surrounding units. Overlapping enhancements do not stack, to prevent system overload and burnout. A Commissar on its own, however, is rather useless, being armed only with a single autocannon.

Tech 3Edit

Name pending: Tall, spindly triped equipped with three weapon modules.

Tech 3 advancedEdit


Tech 1

Tech 2Edit

Tech 2 advancedEdit

Tech 3Edit

Name pending: Fighter. Euipped with two small, twin-mount DEW-exclusive weapon module and two heavier single modules which take exlcusively kinetic weapons. Seemingly very cheap and very fragile, traits considered unusual for a T3 unit, but monstrously fast.

Tech 3 advancedEdit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 2 advancedEdit

Tech 3Edit

Tech 3 advancedEdit


Mobile Command Engineering Platform: Command unit, geared towards both engineering and combat.

Mobile Command Support Engineering Platform: Support Command unit, geared towards both engineering and combat.

Mobile Command Combat Platform: Support Command Unit, geared towards combat.


Name pending: Defence-oriented Hover tank. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Name pending: Gunship/bomber. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Gigant: Assault Bot. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Deus Ex Machina: Superheavy defensive platform. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Battle Fortress: Land transport. [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Other forces observed but not ACU-constructedEdit

Dissector: large mobile factories. Exact dimensions are unknown but they have been described as "big enough to straddle a Fatboy." Moving (very slowly) on treads or multiple long legs, these units are intended as scavengers to decronstruct conquered cities and installations and recycle the material into more D'Skarwen forms. They are moderately armed and armoured and can construct combat forms at a a great pace when necessary but are not truly intended for combat.

Mobile Planetary Bastion: [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Ground Battler: high-speed tanks packing a mixture of various particle beam weapons and tactical missile launchers. Extrapolation of their capabilities has them considered as T3.5 on the ACU classification system, apart from their extreme speed which knocks them up to Experimental tier.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

Xegnathi: Extreme hostility. The D'Skarwen are violently opposed to the Xegnathi, and they will go out of their way to clear any Xegnathi-controlled planets they come across even when tactical sensibility would dictate otherwise, maneuvering disproportionate numbers of space assets and Ground Battlers to deal with the insectoids.

Cybran Nation: Major hostility. The D'Skarwen view the Cybrans with the same disdain as all other organic life, however the Cybrans are keen to reverse-engineer D'Skarwen AI tech, leading to fierce running battles and sieges between the two over control of D'Skarwen ACUs and bases.

United Earth Federation: Extreme hostility. The UEF have been hit hardest by the D'Skarwen's unending tide of metal, and 

Aeon Illuminate: Moderate hostility, whether full contact has been made is currently unknown, although Aeon special ops commanders have been part of multi-faction combat operations within D'Skarwen territory.

Nomads: No offical contact, hostility likely if there ever is.

Theron Supremacy: Extreme hostility. Both factions make heavy use of the "Turtle" defense strategy which leads to endless bloody sieges and counter-sieges between Theron and D'Skarwen forces.

Deep Hunters: Moderate hostility. No major contact yet but some space battles betweeen fringe forces have been fought. Deep Hunter technology's biological nature recieves nothing but cold disdain from the D'Skarwen.

Void Hunters: Only minor hostility so far but agression is observed. The Void Hunters will attempt to bomb out any D'Skarwen bases and facilities they come across and attempt to steal their tech, but try to avoid direct combat when the D'Skarwen back up their ACUs with Mobile Planetary Bastions, which they can only properly counter with their rare ACEs (some of which deliberately seek out the challenge posed by the Bastions). The Void Hunters will not hesitate to bring in Orbital Bombardment Fleets against a totally D'Skarwen-overrun world.

Seraphim: Minor hostility. Previously major or extreme hostility but the Seraphim do not currently have the resources needed to wage a major war with the D'Skarwen.

Angardials: No contact before the Angardial empire was dissolved. Had there been the Angardials with their chronic lack of defensive structures would have been mauled.

Sovereign Empire: Extreme hostility. Sovereign forces have "kill on sight" orders for all D'Skarwen forces, and the D'Skarwen are more than willing to respond in kind.

Antarean Theocracy: Major hostility. The Antareans have developed an advanced logic virus to combat the D'Skarwen, to which the machines have not taken kindly.


The D'Skarwen Hegemony's theme tune is Bitzkrieg (Death Mix) by Audiomachine

The D'Skarwen were originally inspired by the !*!*! from the novel Bolo Rising. Later inspiration came from the Terminator franchise, Star Wars, and the Electrical Protectorate of Red Alert 3: Paradox.