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D'Skarwen Mobile Command Engineering Platform
D'Skarwen Commander
If you ever get this view of an MCEP, chances are that you will
cease to live within the next few seconds.
Faction D'Skarwen Hegemony
Domain Land (amphibious)
Type ACU
Role Offensive




Tech EX
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Height 80 meters
Weight 500,000 tons
Weaponry Multiple options available
Defense Multiple options available
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Capacity 1 Director class Instance

5 manager-class Instances

The Mobile Command Engineering Platform or MCEP is a D'Skarwen Hegemony unit. This is a direct fire and indirect fire unit as well as a command unit.


MCEPs are the D'Skarwen hegemony's equivalent of Armoured Command Units, filling much the same role except that they are geared towards combat more than other command units (though not on the level of the Armoured Assault Units of the Sovereign Empire). MCEPs are rare among D'Skarwen forces (even more so than Mobile Planetary bastions) and are highly prized, being awarded only to battle-hardened Director-caste Instances who have proven themselves capable of piloting these monsters.


The MCEP has a sharp-pointed and somewhat blocky, overall Cybran-esque appearance to it, evidence of the large amount of Cybran technology assimilated by the D'Skarwen in recent years. Its torso seems absurdly balanced on a flat plate atop the legs; it is in fact held in place by gravity-manipulation technology. Two long fin-like structrues are attahce dto the MCEP's lower forearms; these are the unit's proto-crafters. What appear at first to be sensors, mechanical eyes and exhaust vents on the angular head are in fact a variety of powerful weapons.










The MCEP is heavily armed even by the standards of command units, equipped with rare and exotic weapons technology assimilated by the D’Skarwen from various now-extinct species during their centuries of blind Von Neumann expansion. Its initial armament upon gating in consists of an extremely powerful casaba-howitzer, and it can upgrade itself in the field to mount a variety of other weapons. The nature of reclamation also allows the MCEP’s proto-crafters to be weaponised after a fashion.


The sheer density of the MCEP's armour weighs it in at a massive 500,000 tons, making it the heaviest command unit of all Factions. It can mount laser weaponry used in a defensive manner and its extensive upgrade options include a personal shield generator.


Due to the MCEP's mass it requires anti-gravity pummels working full-time within its large feet simply to stay upright and mobile. This system allows it to hover over water, albeit at a slower speed and greater energy cost than simply submerging and walking under a body of water.


After the D'Skarwen realised that no amount of conventionally-deployed force could defeat the exponential capability for army deployment that an Armoured Command Unit was in possession of, they set about securing the technology for their own ends. Through various raids and sneak attacks they were able to acquire nanolathe generators and proto-crafters, which lead to the first generation of engineer-class units and, after refinement of the equipment, the creation of the MCEP itself.

Tactical notesEdit

The D'Skarwen will generally teleport a single MCEP with a few Ground battlers and D'Skarwen T1 Combat Scouts onto a well-defended enemy world, but only after they've softened up the intended arrival point with orbital bombardment. Multiple MCEPs being deployed together is rare as one is capable of massive exponential growth alone and the rarity of the units requires that they be thinly spread and only deployed when they are most needed. MCEPs possess no capability to build Ground Battlers, Dissectors or Mobile Planetary Bastions in the field.

See alsoEdit

D’Skarwen Mobile Command Support Engineering Platform (MCSP), the D'Skarwen Equivalent of a Support Armoured Command Unit.

D’Skarwen Mobile Command Combat Platform (MCCP), similar to the MCSEP but designed purely for combat.