D'Skarwen T1 Combat Scout
D'Skarwen T1 Land Scout
The Recon Bot in profile
Faction D'Skarwen Hegemony
Domain Land
Type Scout
Role Offensive, reconnaisance
Tech 1
Weight Light
Nickname Recon Bot
Height 15 meters
Weight 60 tonnes
Weaponry 1X light beam laser
Defense none
Additional Equipment. Radar (50 meter range)
Capacity Zero

The D'Skarwen T1 Combat Scout, nicknamed the Recon Bot, is a D'Skarwen Hegemony unit. This is a direct fire unit and a reconnaisanceunit.



The Recon Bot is a bipedal walker with two circular, three-toed feet and a boxy hull mounted on double-reverse-jointed legs which thicken from bottom to knee joint to top. On each side of the hull a is large hemispherical bulge; these contain the Recon Bot's sensors.




The Recon Bot does not possess any active defense systems.


The Recon Bot does not possess any defensive melee weapons.



A single light surface-to-surface laser in a highly maneuverable ball turret is mounted on the underside of the front hull. While short-ranged and unimpressive in firepower this weapon has excellent accuracy.


The Recon Bot does not possess any offensive melee weapons.



The laser mounted by the unit is a prime example of D'Skarwen directed energy weapon technology. While most of the high-intensity radiation is in the ultraviolet spectrum a small part of the beam spills over into visual wavelengths, giving it the appearance of a line of pale purple light.


The Recon Bot's armour, like most D'Skarwen armour, is made of resilient and lightweight alloys of unknown composition. It possesses only a thin layer of armour since it is after all nothing more than an an expendable non-intelligent scout.


The unit possesses large radar domes mounted on its hull, which allow it to scan through the sensor blackout commonly known as "fog of war" and reveal areas of a battlefield to allied units. Its standard sensors are more powerful than those of a standard D'Skarwen unit allowing it to pierce cloaking at the cost of having to close to sucicidal ranges, and causing an extra energy drain while doing so. It has been observed that the unit is unable to move (presumably for energy economy's sake) for a few seconds after attempting to pierce cloaking.


This unit was one of the first seen among D'Skarwen arsenals, even before they assimilated any ACUs or Nanolathing technology. As it was cheap and easy to produce even without Nanolathing it was included in the arsenal of every MCEP right from the first-generation models; the design was hardly altered at all, in a typical display of D'Skarwen pragmatism.

Tactical notesEdit