Mobile Command Support Engineering Platform
D'Skarwen SCU
An MCSP upgraded with a right-arm flamethrower
Faction D'Skarwen Hegemony
Domain Land (amphibious)
Type SCU
Role offensive




Tech EX
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Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Height 40 meters
Weight 100,000 tons
Weaponry Multiple options available
Defense Multiple options available
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Capacity 1 Director-class Instance

1 Manager-class Instance

The D’Skarwen Mobile Command Support Engineering Platform, or MCSP is a D'Skarwen Hegemony unit. This is a direct fire unit and a command unit.


The MCSP is considerably more common than the larger and superior MCEP.


The unit's boxy design with its cylindrical elements tends to vaguely call UEF aesthetics to mind, with the exception of the head which is more uniquely domed in appearance. Overall the unit is both blocky and rounded in keeping with the overall D'Skarwen aesthetic.




The MCSP can upgrade itself in the field to mount tactical missile defense turrets and/or anti-air weapons for self-defense and area-defense purposes.


The MCSP is not possessed of any defensive melee equipment.


Ranged Each MCSP is possessed of an unmaker cannon on its left arm, with the unit's proto-crafter mechanism built around it. The right arm consists of a slot capable of taking a variety of field-upgrade weapons.


The MCSP can upgrade itself to mount a large ball and chain on its right arm with can be used as a weaponised demolition tool, sending low-tier units flying or crushing them outright and bludgeoning gaping holes in Experimentals.



Each MCSP is equipped with a devastating unmaker cannon, capable of destroying a target so completely that no usable mass or biomass is left to reclaim. While this weapon is useless against command-class units due to their considerable shielding against such armaments, the device will tear apart anything other than heavily-shielded experimental-class units in a single shot, but recharges rather slowly between shots.


The MCSP can upragde itself with either a personal shield, area-defense bubble shields, personal stealth and cloaking or area stealth and cloaking fields, and has the option for a variety of defensive weaponry.


The MSCP's oddly shaped and angular head attachments contain a powerful sensor suite. This can be upgraded in several ways, such as to create "pings" that scan a large area for a short period of time or to bypass cloaking technology in a certain area. Each MCSP has a small internally-constructed recon drone that can be sent on patrols to any location within a certain distance of its parent unit.


Tactical notesEdit

It is not unknown that two or three MCSPs (or their cousin MCCPs) are deployed directly into an area along with an MCEP, though this tactic has only been observed a few times.

See alsoEdit

D'Skarwen Mobile Command Engineering Platform, the D'Skarwen equivalent of a full-scale Armoured Command Unit.

D'Skarwen Mobbile Command Combat Platform, an MCSP chassis refitted purely for combat.