The Dawn War claimed much. Below are the retrieved and transcripted (in varying formats) files from the various Factions.


The Dawn War Begins.

Void HuntersEdit

The man known as Baron woke slowly. This was unusual for the man, as he often woke fast enough to scare the living daylights out of anybody who happened to be next to his bed at the time.

He groaned, waiting for his body to reboot impatiently. When he finally had enough control over his limbs, he leapt out of bed, barely pausing to throw on some pants, working his jaw and flexing, making sure everything was in working order. Baron sprinted down the halls of the Archangel, putting on his armoured shirt and tactical gear while waiting for the elevator to reach the Bridge.

"OY! You lot, get your sorry asses into gear!" he bellowed as he reached the main deck, not pausing for a moment and he kicked an unfortunate sleeping technician who'd been caught on the floor with his ass in the air. A perfect target, anyhow. "Tompson, Smith, contact the Angel, Jacobs, get me Scouting Fleets Alpha-Niner, Charlie Romeyo, Terra-oh-two-seven!" Baron was not in the mood for any fooling about and everyone on the ship had fallen under the same mysterious sleep; most dead at their workstations. "Jackson, Hellen," he flagged the co-ordinators, "I want to know what the hell happened and I want that information yesterday, am I clear?"

Both nodded, everyone working on their orders or waking up those still unconcious. 

"Sir! Scouting Fleet Charlie Romeyo is contacting us! They've reported the same anomaly, everyone's asleep or unconcious and nobody knows what the hell or how the hell it happened."

Baron cursed under his breath, taking the Command Chair and lighting up his consoles. "Cal, start the map. I want us linked to every known Void Hunter ship and every last known location. Full combat alert, people!"

"Sir! Orders from Oblivion's Angel! We're to link up and head to Earth, although finalities are being made on the plan."

Baron nodded. "Someone go see if the Commanders are awake yet. I want every single one of them on my Comms. Screen in the next five minutes!"

~End of File~


Kleph did not understand why they could not find any Aeon Commanders or Choirs. They had found a few Priests, but that was it.

Kleph did not like this.

Contact Kryos Alpha. He suggested.

Agreed. Agreed. Dissagreed. Agreed. Risk. Agreed. I am asleep. Agreed. Was the unified response.

We contact Kryos Alpha. Kleph opened up the communications link wearily. He had not experienced such sudden gut feelings of dread before.

~End of File~


"Sector Archiver Ace, do you read me?"

"Sector Archiver Ace, I read you loud and clear. Orders?"

"Make no contact with anyone. Complete isolation. Clear?"

"Of course, Senior Archiver Basi. Shall I relay to Sector Archivers Glitch and Orion?"

"They have been notified. The Juniour Archivers also have their orders. Godspeed, Ace."

"And to you."

~End of File~ 

Deep HuntersEdit

The atlantis colony, having slept for eons, finnally awoke. All of the ancient beings that lived ther stirred, and found a world devoid of the sapients they had known in sleep. The oceans were theirs for the taking.

Zasol'tar KarreshEdit

Uproar was the first sound that greeted the Hives. The uproar came from within the Ark, and it came from one individual: Queen Qesus'Garet. What do you mean the Cybran network has completely shut down!??!? She raged, her wings rubbing fast enough to almost disappear. Her mate screeched with a deep growl, but the messenger, a small Worker, seemed more bothered by the Cybran disappearance than the rage of its Queen.

We don't know anything beyond that. Communications cut not that long ago, almost a few seconds after we blacked out. The worker buzzed in reply. The other Queens spoke, their speech appearing in her hearing.

With the Cybrans out, what will happen when they find us? One asked.

We need to get in contact with them at once! Another stated.

They will descend upon us soon. If we do not act quickly, they will catch up with us, and destroy us! Another was practically shouting.

QUIET! Qesus'Garet shouted. The voices fell silent, and she continues. What about the probe at the edge of Cybran space? The worker disappears to check, but another creature, of the Intellect caste, arrives and relays No life signs on any planets. The Cybrans have just..... disappeared.

The other Queens started talking again, but Qesus'Garet silences them with orders. Take the Karresh out to the Cybran planets. Place EMP devices on all Quantum Gates that are present, but otherwise, expand. We need to delay them until we can find a way out of this galaxy.

Najiur Jara'shitalEdit

Silence. Deathly. Blackened. Empty. A normal day on the intergalactic network linking the Queens together. Silence had fallen from the scouted worlds. Traces of others, vanished. White and green had stopped moving, and stood where they were. Nothing stirred. Crack. Crash. A tree falls against the ground, and the rumbling steps of an ACU interrupt the silence. A swarm of Elize'leerit carry the tree off, and the ACU observes the world. Quiet. Fallen. It's Nanolathe cracked to life, beginning to build a factory. On the orders of the Queens, expansion must begin. Engineering must begin, building must begin. Harvesting must begin. The Hunt. Must. Begin.



"Attention all Sector Archivers. This is Senior Archiver Slug. Some of you may question my actions in the coming years, but I request that you obey my orders for now. If anyone wishes to object, you have the option to back out of the organisation now. Your primary overriding order remains the same - observe, record, archive. I believe I know what is responsible for the recent cataclysm that has befallen the galaxy's superpowers, and if I am correct then anyone who vanished is beyond saving. All measures must be taken to ensure that secondary overriding orders are obeyed, because right know they are more important than the primary overriding order. This message is pre-recorded, do not attempt to reply."