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Farxaa Directorate
Species Farxaa
Territory Unknown
Government Unknown, presumed to be a Stratocracy or Junta.
Current leader De facto/Military: Farxaa admirals.

De jure/Government: Unknown, presumed to be multiple higher admirals.

Population Unknown, presumably far more than mere millions.
Founded Unknown, presumably far younger than millions of years.
Dissolved N/A
Allies Unknown
Enemies Pending
Available Land, Air, Sea, Space

Air: 1-3

Sea: 1-3

Land: 1-3

Exp: 4-5

Military Population Unknown
Strategy Heavy armaments and assaults
- Defensive: Long-ranged and rapid-fire fortifications
- Offensive: Heavy firepower and Experimental-use denial


The Farxaa Directorate (Farxaa being pronounced Far-kha) is a spacefaring civilization of conquerors that have recently arrived at the edge of known human space. Much about them remains shrouded in enigma due to a large unfamiliarity between them and the other factions, and the almost complete lack of knowledge by others on their inner workings.

Most of the confirmed information that surrounds them is taken from captured and interrogated Farxaa pilots and commanders, and even then, they refuse to reveal any plans and intentions beyond what they call a "mission of exploration and conquest".


Main article: Farxaa

Captured specimens and autopsied carcasses taken during the aftermath of a few battlefield encounters reveal that the Farxaa are a species whose anatomy incorporates both bird and insect-like traits. Just about all of the captured specimens with the exception of most of the commanders appear to be clones, an idea further supported by the presence of vats on all Directorate factories, indicating that the Directorate makes a big use of large-scale cloning technology... (more coming soon)



Next to nothing is known by outsiders about the origin and history of the Directorate, most of it is speculation. Vague mentions of an "Argosev Sector" have been made their commanders, presumably the sector of stars from where they came from. Other than that, not much has been revealed about their origins.


Coming soon...



Few details are given on the logistical and political structure of the Directorate. What is known so far from their commanders is that their government is ruled by a number of admirals, and is presumably a Stratocracy or a Military Junta, a "royal caste" is also mentioned, and is assisted by the aforementioned admirals, suggesting a mixture of a Monarchy/Diarchy and a Stratocracy, fewer details are known beyond this.


The commanding structure of the Directorate military is heavily implied and suggested to be closely linked to their government, but it is said by Farxaa commanders that only the highest-ranking admirals possess the privilege of political leadership, although the rest who remain in the military are stated to command entire fleets and have multiple commanders under their leadership, indicating that the rank of admiral is perhaps a very great one in the Directorate, possibly more so than amongst humans.

Farxaa commanders state that a single admiral is in charge of the so-called "expeditionary fleets" heading into human space, and that there are more admirals out there leading their own fleets into other sectors and territories.


The Directorate army mostly focuses on heavy armor and long-ranged firepower, most of their Experimentals are dedicated to eliminating those of other factions.


Tech 1Edit

  • Standard Factories, Resource Generators/Storage and Radar/Sonar.
  • Beak - Wall Section.
  • Cracker - T1 Point Defense with an Ion Blaster.
  • Pike - T1 AA Turret with a Plasma Missile Launcher.
  • Sinker - T1 Torpedo Launcher.

Tech 2Edit

  • Standard Factories, Resource Generators/Storage and Radar.
  • Carronade - T2 Point Defense with a "Phalanx" Heavy Railgun.
  • Skycrusher - T2 AA Turret with three Plasma Missile Launchers.
  • Glacier - T2 Torpedo Launcher.
  • Chaff - T2 Tactical Missile Defense.
  • Gauntlet - T2 Shield Generator.
  • Intimidator - T2 Artillery Installation with a Dual Plasma Howitzer.
  • Negotiator - T2 Tactical Missile Launcher with Ballistic Plasma Missiles.
  • Keeper - T2 Air Staging Facility.

Tech 3Edit

  • Standard Factories, Resource Generators/Storage and Radar.
  • Impaler - T3 Pop-up Point Defense with an Ultra-Heavy Railgun.
  • Bullet Hell - T3 Pop-up AA Turret with two Quad Particle Flak Cannons.
  • Iceberg - T3 Torpedo Launcher.
  • Fortitude - T3 Strategic Missile Defense.
  • Cuirasse - T3 Heavy Shield Generator.
  • Hellshock - T3 Heavy Artillery Installation with a Heavy Ion Howitzer.
  • Desolator - T3 Strategic Missile Launcher with Strategic Antimatter Missiles.


For reasons unknown (presumed to be either due to practicality or philosophy), no bots, mechs or any walking units are present within the Directorate ground forces, all their ground units either hover or move on treads or wheels. Even their ACUs and SCUs move on treads and bear a stronger resemblance to tanks.

Tech 1Edit

  • Builder - T1 Engineer.
  • Reckoner - T1 Light Assault and Scouting Vehicle with a Light Ion Blaster.
  • Brigand - T1 Medium Hovertank with a Railgun.
  • Slasher - T1 AA with a Plasma Missile Launcher.
  • Leveler - T1 Artillery with a Plasma Howitzer.

Tech 2Edit

  • Assembler - T2 Engineer.
  • Immolator - T2 Fast Assault Vehicle with a Plasmathrower.
  • Armiger - T2 Heavy Hovertank with a "Phalanx" Heavy Railgun.
  • Copperhead - T2 AA with a Particle Flak Cannon.
  • Diplomat - T2 Mobile Missile Launcher with Ballistic Plasma Missiles and medium-range radar.
  • Shroud - T2 Hovering Mobile Stealth Generator.
  • Simulacrum - T2 Spy with a Plasma Bomb and a Holographic Projector + Sensor Confusion Device that allows it to disguise as any T1 unit.

Tech 3Edit

  • Artificer - T3 Engineer.
  • Necro - T3 Support Engineer capable of "resurrecting" destroyed units as long as their wreckage remains intact.
  • Conquistador - T3 Superheavy Hovertank with a Personal Shield Generator, two Heavy Railguns and a Heavy Ion Cannon.
  • Hellbore - T3 Mobile Artillery with a Heavy Ion Howitzer.
  • Defender - T3 Hovering Mobile Shield Generator.


All Farxaa aircraft are capable of turning and redirecting themselves on the spot, making them more maneuverable than most of the other factions' aircraft. They are also generally tougher. These advantages are offset by their significantly higher resource cost.

Tech 1Edit

  • Technician - T1 Aerial Engineer.
  • Looker - T1 Suicide Air Scout with a Plasma Bomb.
  • Talon - T1 Fighter with two Plasma Missile Launchers.
  • Shadow - T1 Bomber with a Plasma Rocket Launcher.
  • Lifter - T1 Air Transport with a Light Ion Blaster, able to carry 6 T1 units, 3 T2 units or 1 T3 unit.

Tech 2Edit

  • Compiler - T2 Aerial Engineer.
  • Hellclaw - T2 Fighter/Bomber with two Plasma Missile Launchers and a Plasma Rocket Launcher.
  • Typhoon - T2 Torpedo Bomber with a Plasma Missile Launcher and a Torpedo Launcher.
  • Rapid - T2 Gunship with three Ion Blasters.
  • Carryall - T2 Air Transport with four Light Ion Blasters, able to carry 14 T1 units, 6 T2 units or 3 T3 units.

Tech 3Edit

  • Architect - T3 Aerial Engineer.
  • Assassin - T3 Air-superiority Stealth Fighter with four Plasma Missile Launchers and an Ion Blaster.
  • Skyray - T3 Missile Bomber with six Plasma Missile Launchers, two Plasma Rocket Launchers and a Shield Disruptor.
  • Juggernaut - T3 Heavy Gunship with two Heavy Ion Blasters and two "Warpedo" Heavy Rocket Launchers.


Tech 1Edit

  • Requiem - T1 Submarine with two Torpedo Launchers.
  • Searcher - T1 Escort Corvette with a Plasma Missile Launcher and two Ion Blasters.
  • Enforcer - T1 Destroyer with two Plasma Howitzers, a Torpedo Launcher and short-range sonar.

Tech 2Edit

  • Cruncher - T2 Submarine Hunter with three Torpedo Launchers, an anti-torpedo system and medium-range sonar.
  • Punisher - T2 Destroyer with four Plasma Howitzers, a Torpedo Launcher and short-range sonar.
  • Sky Eater - T2 Cruiser with three Particle Flak Cannons, a Ballistic Plasma Missile Launcher, an anti-missile and torpedo system and medium-range radar.
  • Ferry - T2 Transport Hovercraft with four Light Ion Blasters, able to carry 30 T1 units, 20 T2 units or 10 T3 units.

Tech 3Edit

  • Boomer - T3 Missile Submarine with a Torpedo Launcher, a Ballistic Plasma Missile Launcher, a Strategic Antimatter Missile Launcher and long-range radar/sonar.
  • Executor - T3 Battleship with three Plasma Howitzers, a Heavy Ion Howitzer, a Heavy Ion Cannon, two Torpedo Launchers and medium-range sonar.
  • Arbiter - T3 Aircraft Carrier with a built-in Power Generator, a Shield Disruptor, an omni-radar and four Particle Flak Cannons. Able to carry 45 aircraft, and can build any aircraft except T2 Fighter/Bombers, T2 Air Transports, T3 Missile Bombers or T3 Superheavy Assault Craft.


  • Predator - T4 Experimental-Killer Gunship armed with one Super Heavy Ion Cannon, two Antimatter Missile-Launcher Railguns, four Plasma Missile Launchers and a Shield Disruptor. Surprisingly fast and cheap for an experimental unit, but fragile for one as well. Railguns deal extreme damage, especially to other experimental units, but are extremely slow in their rate-of-fire.
    • Predator Silencer - A slightly-costlier variant of the Predator that trades the Shield Disruptor for additional armor designed to be highly resistant to kinetic, corrosive and sound/sonic-based weaponry, the Silencer was designed to be used in the future should any conflict between the Directorate and the Deep Hunters occur. No actual Silencers have been constructed so far, but the blueprints remain stored within the databases of protocrafter-equipped assets within the Directorate arsenal.
  • Exploder - T4 Explosive Teleporter that constructs antimatter bombs which can be teleported to almost any given location. The bombs are extremely damaging, but do not have a very large blast area. They are, however, small enough to be teleported into the inside of any Experimental unit, often severely damaging and crippling that Experimental.
  • Maker - T4 Generator capable of generating massive, but not infinite amounts of energy.
  • Shaper - T4 Mass Fabricator capable of generating massive, but not infinite amounts of mass, its energy requirement is often only matched by the Maker's energy output.

Inter-factional RelationsEdit

  • UEF - Moderate hostilities, but only one major conflict so far.
  • Cybran Nation - Same as above.
  • Order of the Illuminate - At least two major conflicts have occurred between them and the Directorate. The second one notably involved an event where a lone Predator manages to take down at least two Galactic Colossi and severely damage a third one before being succumbing to Air Superiority Fighters.
  • Aeon Illuminate - Only small contact and a handful of minor conflicts so far, the Farxaa have recently began to realize that there is a difference between them and the order.
  • Seraphim - No official contact yet.
  • Deep Hunters - No official contact, though both sides seemed to have heard news of one another. The Farxaa currently think of them as ridiculous and non-pragmatic, particularly due to their experimental units and disdain for cloning technology, and are planning to conduct a minor skirmish on one of their worlds to test their combat capabilities.
  • Void Hunters - No official contact. Though the Farxaa find the fact that their name ends in "Hunters" to be a bit of a funny coincidence.
  • Hjörviik Dreddek’ja: The Hjörviik have attempted to make contact with the Farxaa at some point, in a friendly and considerate way as usual.


  • This is an "alternate reality" version of an original creation by $17 modified to suit SupCom Fanon.
  • Most units previously had names that reference similar units from Total Annihilation, though some names were eventually changed to reference a number of other works as well.