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Thanos Alpha - HarbingerEdit

Basilica Seraphine offers to take Thanos Alpha on a trip to meet the 'famous' Harbinger on the Titan of Glory. Things get a little out of hand when Thanos becomes overexcited and Harbinger has to drag Basilica away from his partner, Plaschia, to deal with it.

~~ First Contact of Thanos Alpha and Harbinger ~~
Titan of Glory

File recovered from storage section belonging Archiver "Basi", under folder "Novelisations".

Basilica opened up the storage bay, letting the monstrous Electrites form known as Thanos Alpha onto the ship. “C’mon ya big lump of nanos! Harby’s gonna be gone in a couple of hours and I don’t wanna miss this!”

Thanos growled as he stomped aboard, ducking as he was simply too big for the bland personnel carrier. “I.. do not want to miss this either…” he rasped.

“Good,” Basilica told him, climbing into the cockpit and launching them. “Please fasten your seatbelts or do something that will ultimately stop you from flying about the room like a cannonball of doom while we jump. And thank you for flying Church-Burning Spaceways.” she said over the comms. “Next stop, the Titan!”

Thanos tilted his head questioningly. “The Titan?” he asked, his mechanical body whirring as he shifted his form to something more stabilising.

“Yeah. Big ol’ Behemoth Class Battlestation over Panzshr’s Rift. Named after an unlucky Sov who managed to fall right on in,” Basilica laughed.

“What... is a “Sov”?” Thanos questioned, slightly confused.

“Short for Sovereign. It’s a humanoid species of black hermaphrodites, but that’s a broad and generally racist speciesist asshole remark,” Basilica explained. Thanos could practically hear her shrugging in indifference. “They’re good at sex though,” she added, almost as an afterthought. “Prepare for Gating,” she announced, flicking switches and accelerating into the lightning storm in the middle of the Space Gate. The Void Hunters were currently using it, ensuring that most traffic would avoid this sector for a while.

Thanos inwardly cringed, his techno-organic nature not finding the effects of Quantum Wakes very nice. His vision darkened alarmingly as the lightning storm passed over and through the vehicle, sparking off his frame.

“We’re here!” Basilica told him, shaking his face. Thanos hadn’t realised it had sapped so much of his energy.

“Good…” he purred, his internal mechanics starting back up again.

The hatch opened revealing a human male and an unknown female. “Hey, Plaschies!” Basilica cooed, completely ignoring the man and wrapping the woman in a big bear hug. “Missed you,” she grinned, taking her by the arm and dragging her back inside. “Time for Vodka!” she yelled, holding up the bottle.

The unknown female, now identified as Plaschia, smiled at the antics of her old friend. “Oh, I’d prefer not; I do not like the flavor of that liquid.”

“And champagne!” the other woman giggled, tossing the Vodka to Harbinger.

“Aye! You know I hate this, too!” He then thought for a bit, exclaiming “Hold on a bit here! Is Thanos even on this fucking craft, or did you just come for my partner?”

Thanos moved a leg, his guts shrieking loudly, the metal flooring groaning under his weight. “I… am here…” he growled, sending a shiver out over his skin as he adjusted his body to the new conditions it was faced with.

Harbinger whistled in amazement. “I heard you were a machine,” he told Thanos, walking towards him, “but fuck! I never expected something like you...”

“I am Electrites…” Thanos told Harbinger, stomping out of the ship, shivering constantly as his skin appeared to ripple in waves as his individual Nanite cells reformed his body. “I am Thanatos!”

Thanos has been waiting for this for so long. The need to know drove his every instinct into hyperdrive as he surged out in a wave, slamming spiked limb-endings into every surface as he climbed, sprinted, and leapt about this new area, examining every possible hatch and object with extreme efficiency. Almost every spot on the landing deck had a dent or laceration by the time he stopped, face suddenly inches away from a very surprised Harbinger’s.

“Who…” Thanos started, his insides shrieking bloody murder as he made some form of choking-like noise, “are you?”

“I’m Harbinger Ace, the current supervisor of this station. You appear to be a curious being, judging from all that you just did.”

Thanos shook his head much like a horse would, seeming to snort in amusement. “I am Electrites. Not curious being.”

Harbinger shook his head. “Let me specify what I meant: “Curious” is a descriptive word that often defines how one acts; it has nothing to do with your species.”

Thanos tilted his head. “Curious…”

“You are looking around in an excited manner, examining your surroundings, are you not? That is what I meant by curious,” Harbinger said.

The monster shifted again, his form flowing over in a rush of shards as he looked towards the area Basilica had led the strange woman. Having lost interest in the landing bay, he decided to follow her. Unfortunately for Harbinger, this meant Thanos had little care for the doors that were in his way, and they were quickly destroyed by his hyperactive movements.

Harbinger quickly yelled out for Thanos to stop, “Hold on for like five fucking seconds!! There is a guidance shaft just ahead and you would have a long fall if you went through those doors. Follow me and be patient.”

Thanos slowed down slightly, but still shoved his head through the doors anyway, curious. “What… is down there?” he rasped, shivering once more.

Harbinger walked beside him, peering down to take a look for himself. “The very bottom of that shaft is the void of space; the guidance system also functions as an escape pod from the station.”

Thanos gave Harbinger a slightly questioning gaze. “What would you have need... of an escape for?” he asked, moving back and digging his claws into the roof, crawling along it, investigating every little nook and cranny..

“This station isn’t an ordinary orbital station. The actual purpose of this station class is to bombard massive fleets and planetary systems. However, this particular station is here due to overwhelming Angardial activity in this system.”

Thanos stopped what he was doing for a second. “I have heard of these... Angardials. What are they?” he asked, dropping down with a slam.

Harbinger shrugged as he replied. “They are an asexual, insectoid species, from what I know. Their technology far outpaces ours in terms of dynamics and firepower, but lacks efficiency. Their units are far underpowered for how costly they are, with the exception of the Ethylsdwon.”

“I think... I shall do battle with them.” Thanos stated, growling his resolve as the gears in his guts clashed again, filling the air with a horrible grinding noise. “They lack efficiency... and are therefore slow… whereas we… we are like lightning!” he proclaimed, his body shifting through waves upon waves of shivers, his blue blood pulsing excitedly. Harbinger giggled a bit, then he replied “Have you seen them yourself? Unless you have some sort of command unit or large fleet, you aren’t worth shit against them.”

Thanos swung his head uncomfortably close to Harbinger’s face. “We… do not have fleets,” he grumbled, rearing back as something in his chest crashed against another gear-like thing, “but I… have my Combat Form… the Swarms altered our warfare,” he rasped, losing interest in Harbinger’s head. “Some of us… fight by your standards.”

“I’m not speaking of strength, I’m speaking of size. Even their smallest units are far more massive than either of us.”

“I have my Combat Form… it is larger than your Armoured Command Units. Faster, better!” Thanos roared, starting to jump up and down little by little with every motion. “You have more… we have better… we are Electrites!” Thanos began moving back towards the hanger. He needed to calm himself and he could only do that by expending energy.

Harbinger followed quietly, only to observe.

The nanite creature swarmed into the hanger again, rolling his way in like only an Electrites form could, utilising both high speeds and quick jabs with his steel veins to gain traction. The doors hardly stood a chance as Thanos slammed through them. He needed to destroy something, get rid of this excess energy.

His vision locked on to something moving on the other side of the hanger. He surged towards it, covering tens of meters every second. The security droid saw this at the last moment, only having time to trigger the alarm before Thanos speared it through the midsection and ripped it into tiny pieces. Thanos flung the bits at the wall in frustration, before beginning to assault it himself, close to fifty individual metal tentacle strands spiked, stabbed, and tore their way into the titanium-nanite walls.

Several more security drones moved in, opening fire with plasma cannons. Thanos ripped them apart as he did with the first, but took slight damage doing so. He repaired himself quickly.

Harbinger, seeing how Thanos was desolating the hangar, ran to where Basilica and Plaschia were conversing. He burst in, yelling madly. “Thanos is destroying the hangar! Is there any way we can get him to halt?!”

Basilica stopped talking for a moment and gave him a funny look. “What the heck were you guys talking about to get him this riled up?” she asked, sipping her champagne delicately before turning back to Plaschia. “Still reckon you’re the one who wears the pants outta you two,” she said offhandedly, chugging her drink and standing up.

“Oh, while you two are busy talking about who’s dominant in our relationship, I’ll be busy with the ballistic ball of nanites!” Harbinger said, storming off.

“HEY!” Basilica yelled, stomping right after Harbinger and slamming into a wall. “You let me deal with this one.” she whispered fiercely. “Last time he did this, it was on a Void Hunter ship. If you take as long as we took to figure it out we’ll all be floating space junk.” she told him, rushing out to the halls in a jog. “Now which way to the hangar?!”

“To the left, there’s a door that has two windows. Follow it and take the second catwalk to the right!”

Basilica followed the directions, finally ending up on the catwalk right overhead of the Security Droid Massacre. “Whoa…” she whistled in appreciation of all the wreckage lying around. Spotting Thanos below her, she pulled a grenade from her belt and primed it. “Hey bolt-brains!” she yelled, getting Thanos’ attention.

He growled at her, a sound similar to the shrieking of clashing metal or an engine pushed too far. He began moving towards her at an alarming pace, scaling the wall and shoving his way along the catwalk with dangerous force.

“One mississippi, two turtle commandos, three squiddie fuckbuddies,” Basilica counted under her breath, waiting for the perfect moment before throwing the grenade into the seething mass of metal and nanites known as Thanos. “Go to sleep, will ya?!” she yelled, leaping off the catwalk and sprinting away on the hangar floor.

Harbinger and Plaschia sat on the couch, one of them slightly worried about Basilica’s mental health and the other simply happy his girlfriend wasn’t going to be in the line of fire. “She’s a quick one,” Harbinger told her, nodding to the hologram.

“She looks like she’d be good for a few rounds.” Plaschia replied, the sexual undertones very apparent in her voice.

Harbinger smiled, half a lopsided grin on his face. “You and your urges…” he chuckled. “Not unlike my own.”

Back in the hangar, Thanos clutched at his chest, stabbing the grenade and ripping it to shreds. The shards of the device suddenly shifted into a sand-like substance, seemingly attracted to Thanos’ core. “No… NO!!!” he shrieked, his body becoming a blur as he fought. His nanite skin shimmering, the appendages solid enough to move being flung about faster than the human eye could track unaided. It took time, but eventually Thanos began to slow, his movements becoming lethargic and lazy.

He crawled forward, no longer possessing the strength to hold up his body. An eternity later, he ceased moving entirely, his form now a shard-covered wrecking ball of immense density and largely immoveable without suffering many lacerations.

“I hate it when he does that.” Basilica muttered, hands on hips as she sauntered back to her friends. Time passed as she walked, giving her a moment to notice that Harbinger wasn’t there waiting for her with open arms and a giant thanks.

No, she found them cuddling on couch. Basilica sighed, snatching up the bottle of champagne and sipping it occasionally as she sat back down, watching her friends. Anybody who knew her wouldn’t be surprised if she let them rock the station then and there.

Plaschia opened her eyes, expecting something other than the smiling face of Basilica as she waved out of the corner of her eye. She jumped back, surprised and more than a little shocked at the careless behaviour the Void Hunter exhibited. “... how long have you been watching us?”

Basilica shrugged and held her bottle up to the sunlight. “‘bout half a bottle.”

A loud snore from Harbinger indicated that he wasn’t going to motion.

Basilica snorted, trying to hold in her laughter. “Falling asleep during foreplay? Hey Plaschies, wanna borrow Gaia’s sex dungeon? He’s definitely not gonna be falling asleep in there,” she winked, taking a swig from the bottle and giggling.

Plaschia smiled. “Oh, it wasn’t foreplay. He hasn’t slept for seventy-six hours. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how ‘sleep’ works.”

“It’s called temporary brain-death, if the Icenaye are to be believed,” Basilica grinned lopsidedly, leaning back on her recliner. “And Harby you old fool, they have drugs for that shit!” she giggled.

Looking at Harbinger, rubbing him softly, Plaschia quietly said “I think he’s told me about them before. They obviously work, but he has some feeling or experience that places him against them. I don’t think he’s ever been specific to why.”

“Kleph did it.”


Basilica grinned. “Nothin’.”

Harbinger snored loudly once again, this time turning his head violently. He remained asleep.

Plaschia immediately looked at him, shocked how he moved in such a manner during sleep. She shot a worried glance towards Basilica.

The Void Hunter just gave her a lazy frown, swigging on the bottle again. “Harby, dream of chocolate, not your family! … hey Plachies, does he even remember his family? I know he mentioned that last time he fell asleep and started dancing to dubstep like this.”

“He told me that he was taken from his true parents before he could remember anything. The person who ended up raising him was some UEF officer, who was apparently very religious and abusive. Harbinger seems to have something against religious people after all of that.” The Sovereign responded.

Basilica gave Plaschia an annoyed look. “Are you a psychologist or something?”

Plaschia looked at her with a blank expression. “No, he just never shuts up about himself. I am just interested in human lives.” she said.

“But you care more about Sovereign lives, don’tcha?” Basilica asked, already knowing the answer. “Thanos is due back on Helios in about twenty-seven hours. And I’m pretty sure that’s one name you’re never gonna forget.”

Plaschia looked at Harbinger again, rubbing around his legs. She then said in a soft voice “To be honest, he is the only one I care so much about. I have close friends like you, but I would and already do anything just so he can be happy. With as much pressure as the Empire gives him, I can’t help but comfort him when he needs it.” she paused for a moment, taking in the silence and occasional snores. “He also doesn’t like how I do so much for him, yet ask for nothing in return. I’ve never understood him, even up to now.”

Basilica had a feeling the other woman was avoiding her heavily hinted subject but shrugged anyway. “In that case, find something that you two both enjoy, and don’t do it for a while. Then ask him for a little bit of that in return,” she winked. “I may be crazy but I have good ideas every now ‘n again.”

The tall Sovereign smiled sweetly at Basilica. “I already do ask him for… things… occasionally.”

“Well if you like it then damn well demand more. Then you can satisfy his urges to give back, and you can satisfy that part of you that’s annoyed with him for being annoyed that he can’t give back.”

“I’m not bothered by anything about him,” Plaschia said, “except for the fact that he goes to war too often.”

“Can’t be helped. We live in a dangerous world and speaking of danger, Thanos is probably waking up…” Basilica mulled the situation over with another glug or two of champagne. “And I have to ask you something about Harby and a guy named Talos.”

She barely had a moment to plug her fingers in her ears before Plaschia began shrieking bloody murder. “HIM?!?! I’LL FUCKING CUT HIS PUNY LITTLE DICK OFF, THEN HIS FEET, HIS HANDS, HIS ARMS, HIS LEGS, HIS NIPPLES ALL IN THAT ORDER. THEN I’LL FUCKING CUT HIS HEAD OFF AND BEAT IT FUCKING FLAT!!!”

Basilica waited a full minute of silence before peeking out from behind closed eyelids. “Well,” she began, cautiously, “I can arrange for a meeting if you want.”

Plaschia suddenly looked rather apprehensive, and more than a little speechless. She’d also accidentally woken up Harbinger with her ranting.

“What. The fuck. Was that?” Harbinger groaned, rolling over and trying to sit up.

“That was me offering your girlfriend a chance to cut off dicks, feet, hands, arms, legs, nipples, and the head of her worst enemy. Oh and maybe some punching was involved.” Basilica replied lazily grinning at him. “And you snore.”

“Mmfffff… Shut up, I’m too tired to control my throat,” Harbinger said, moaning quietly as he tried to adjust to the lighting.

Plaschia sat next to him, rubbing her hand on his chest in a rather swift manner. “I’m sorry to wake you, but you know how I feel about...” she began.

“Yeah, I know.” He groaned. “Don’t feel bad, you remember last week, don’t you? Well, Earth weeks...”

Basilica was curious. “What happened last week?” she asked, very innocently.

“He wrecked his AAU trying to throw a massive boulder,” Plaschia said, trying to contain her laughter. “An Angardial commander was idling and he wanted to show off to the Luna.”

The Void Hunter burst out laughing, making no effort to hide her mockery of Harbinger. “Serves you right!” she yelled, throwing her head back and accidentally toppling out of her seat.

“Aaaaaand that’s karma for you!” Harbinger said, now laughing himself.

Back in the hangar, Thanos began to stir. The nanites shifted from solid to liquid randomly, sporadically, as Thanos was unable to concentrate on a single form. He was rather angry at Basilica for disabling him like that.

He crawled down the halls sluggishly, gathering his strength.

“Harby didn’t you challenge Talos to like one-on-one dickslinging last month?” Basilica asked, picking herself up.

Harbinger smiled in an evil fashion. “Yeah… He missed the gateway by that much,” he moved his fingers to about 3 centimeters away from each other.

“Perfect!” Basilica grinned, perking right up. “You two can go bash each others brains in while I fuck your girlfriend senseless and we’ll all live happily forever after! Except whoever loses the dickslinging of course,” she shrugged, walking away. “Get some sleep and I can have you two in the same room in about thirty-four hours.”

Neither Plaschia nor Harbinger made a reply. Plaschia laid down while Harbinger cuddled up to her, and he quickly fell asleep.

Basilica groaned, walked over to them and yelled right in his ear. “YOU BETTER BE READY OKAY?! EITHER I’M TAKING YOU TO VISIT HIM OR HIM TO VISIT YOU!!”

Thanos growled at the sound of the voice. Revenge… his mind screamed, spurring him on.

“For fuck’s sake, Basilica… I don’t give a fuck about him right now. I need to be at Gallus in thirteen hours…” Harbinger groaned, almost sleeping as he said it.

Basilica nodded. “‘kay.” she said. “See ya later guys!” she called, walking out the doors and straight into Thanos. “There you are. C’mon, time to go,” she said, grabbing him by the face and simply dragging the semi-limp Electrites behind her.

After Basilica’s footsteps could no longer be heard, Plaschia looked at Harbinger. “You need to be at Tempest in thirteen hours,” she whispered, quietly in his ear.

“I know,” he replied with a smile. “I don’t want her getting any ideas.”

Fortunately for the rest of the battlestation, Basilica managed to get Thanos into the ship and out of the system before he could cause any more damage. When they finally returned to Oblivion’s Angel, it was Amalia who greeted them.

“What. The fuck. Were you even thinking?!” she exclaimed, grabbing her sister by the shoulders and shaking the heck out of her. “We’ve had three alerts since you left and all of them required you to be here. And guess what? You were off on an unscheduled trip to the Sovereign Empire.”

Basilica shrugged, putting her hand behind her head. “Yeah… about that… Thanossuggestedit kaygottagobye!” she said, far too quickly to be innocent, before dashing out of Amalia’s grasp and running away. Amalia had no idea where she was going but at least she was going to remain on the ship…

“What… happened?” Thanos asked wearily, barely capable of moving his massive head-like structures.

Amalia just sighed and walked away.