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Orbital picture from Sovereign scout ship.
Controlling Faction(s) UEF, Sovereign Empire
Distance From Star 0.718 AU
Planet Class Terrestrial
Discovered April 18, 2013 (colonized August 7, 3801)
Population ~3 billion (humans, ~100 million Sovereigns)
Destroyed? N/A
Moons N/A
Major Orbital Stations OAS-31 (Sovereign)
Diameter 41,032 km (25,496 mi)
Surface Gravity {{{gravity in gravitational units/g}}}
Atmospheric Density {{{How thick is the atmosphere in atm?}}}
Atmospheric Composition

58% N2

40.5% O2

1.3% Ne

0.2% trace gases

Terrain Desert, Ocean
Notable Locations Dovhan, Humpah
Notable Species Basilica
Homeworld of N/A

 Gallus-III is a "Super Earth" world located approximately 1200 light-years from Earth.


The discovery date for Gallus-III dates back to the early 21st century, with the discovery of five total planets in the same system.

Later on, after the invention of quantum travel, the Earth Empire then sent a colonization fleet to Gallus-III. It was revealed that the very-early calculations of the planet were correct: The planet is a "Super Earth" with a diameter of just over 41,000 kilometers.

The atmospheric composition was revealed to be mostly breathable by humans, some parts of the planet contained certain trace gases that humans could not tolerate, however. One of such cases is in a large, underground ravine, where the ravine was filled with NO2 gas.

Geography Edit

The geography of Gallus-III is mostly flat plains with a few small oceans, causing a massive desert to form. However, the desert is not entirely dry; it rains often on the planet. Why is because the icy poles melt partially in the summer, causing the water to then precipitate down as rainfall. The water almost always returns to the oceans, which then flows back to the poles through rivers to be frozen again.

The oceans are named Dovhan and Humpah; both named by the Sovereign Empire. Dovhan is the larger of the two; being towards the southern hemisphere. Humpah is almost covered by the northern pole, being frozen during the planet's winter.

Sovereign ColonizationEdit

Sometime in the years 3849-3852, the Sovereign Empire began a few military and non-military colonies on the planet. The UEF immediately requested them to leave, to which the Sovereigns never responded to the message. The empire likely colonized the planet due to its strategic location, that being very close to "The Key" (also caled "The Heart").

The factions wage a political war to whom will control the planet. Currently, the UEF controls the northern hemisphere, while the empire controls the south. No combat has been observed between the factions, other than UEF civilians known to bomb/vandalize Sovereign colonies. The empire uses such as an advantage for taking the entire planet.

The AngardialsEdit

The Battle of Dovhan Cove later took place, which was part of an Angardial colonization attempt of Gallus-III. The actual goal of their colonization was never known, but there are a few predictions: The UEF believed that the Angardials wanted to take Earth for its location in UEF territory, while the Sovereigns predicted that the Angardials were attempting to finally take out the empire by assaulting their homeworld full-on.

The colonization failed, thanks to many UEF, Cybran and Sovereign commanders. However, the main hero of the battle was said by several commanders to be Harbinger, whom used the new Mk 3 AAU and its nanolathing suite to take the Angardials by surprise. He destroyed 22 Angardial commanders in the battle (a record still not broken) out of the 45 that invaded. Eight were destroyed by other commanders, while 15 fled. Both Ethylsdwon War Saucers were also taken down by Harbinger alone.

While the other commanders were awarded for saving the planet, Harbinger was never officially commemorated for his heroism. The reason is unknown, but Harbinger has held a grudge against the UEF ever since.