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In the beginning of Harbinger's life, he was not actually given a name. The reason being that he was born into a religious tribe of humans on Earth, whom worshipped alien life. They believed that he would be the messenger of humanity, but he must not become part of the main human factions. His name were to be decided based on his speech capabilities.

As time passed, a UEF training group stumbled upon the tribe. The UEF trainees were ordered to kill anyone who practiced religion outside of database information, and complied with the orders. Though a few members of the tribe did survive, most were killed by the gunfire. Harbinger was only a young child at the time, being one of five to survive, along with his mother and four other females.

The four women ran, Harbinger being carried by his mother. They were later captured and taken to an outpost about 50 kilometers away.

At the outpost, Harbigner was taken from his mother and placed into a small room. He could hear the five females screaming and begging for mercy, along with five or six male voices yelling violently to silence them. Harbinger knew that the women were being abused, but he didn't exactly know how.

About 10 minutes later, there was an alarm that went off. Not an evacuation or battle alarm, but a warning of an arrival. General Thomas Hechins has arrived at the outpost on the word of a tribes capture. He demanded to see the tribe members, but was denied. When he threatened court marshalling, the UEF officers of the outpost let him into Harbinger's room. There, he asked to remain alone with the young boy.

He sat down and asked Harbigner to join him. Harbinger was in fetal position, crying silently. The general walked over and asked him what was wrong, to which Harbinger replied "They were hurting my mommy and the others. I heard screaming and yelling, like they were being beaten".

Hechins, knoing that a child this young would not lie about something this serious, walked over to the officers outside the room and demanded to know what they have done with the other tribe members. They blatantly refused to tell, saying that the case was "confidential".

Hechins grabbed one of the officers by the throat and held him fiercely against a wall, demanding to know. The other officer assaulted the general, to which he was thrown off by one of the general's guards. The guards held the officers at gunpoint, ordering them to show them where the other tribe members were and what they did to them.

An officer pulled out a keycard and slid it on a door to the right. Inside, the five women, bruised and naked, were inside crying. They were covered in a white substance.

The general looked at the officers, who were in fear of what would happen to them if the federation knew about what they have done. He ordered all officers to position themselves against the wall by the exiting door and went to look at the security footage taked by the cameras at the outpost, ordering his guards to hold the officers at gunpoint. Observing when they got back, he could see the trainees immediately ordered to go downstairs for dinner, while four officers at the outpost took the women into the room they are in. The last officer threw Harbigner into the small room and yelled at him to "shut his fucing mouth", then went into the room with the other officers.

Switching to that camera, the general whitnessed everything. The brutality the officers ensued was not to go unpunished.

Hechins stopped when the footage showed him entering the outpost. He went over to Harbigner, and asked him to follow him. He took him downstairs to where the trainees were still eating. He ordered the trainees to leave Harbinger alone.

The general then knelt down beside Harbinger and whispered to him "I would ask that you cover your ears for now", to which Harbinger asked why. Hechins looked at him and said "it's going to get loud". Harbigner covered his ears and sat down.

Going upstairs, General Hechins walked towards the exit. The two guards still had the five officers held at gunpoint; no one had moved a centimeter.

The general stood and adressed the officers: "Officers of training outpost 073-BBC, your actions violate all United Earth Federation regulations with prisoner handlings. Your punishment will come swiftly."

Hechins then patted the guards' shoulders twice, and they opened fire.

The guards were ordered to hide the bodies, while he would go downstairs and get Harbinger. After he did so, he went up and told the females to come with him and that no more harm would come to them.

The guards followed closely to the females, ensuring they didn't try to run. A manned gunship opened its cargo bay door and an older female stood with ehr arms behind her back. "General Hechins, what is all of this exactly?" she asked.

Hechins looked at her, turned arond, looked back at her, and said "Clarke, this outpost's officers have preformed illegal action agains the federation. New management will be required to -"

She cut him off. "Sir, you know what I meant."

He responded to her: "Well, what does it look like, Ma'am? I told you the officers preformed illegal action."