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Species Human
Full name Harbinger Ace
Aliases Titan, Harby, Thor
Allignment United Earth Federation (former)

Sovus Empire (current)

Rank Regal Commander
Gender Male
Age 36 (end of Seraphim War)
Status Alive
Body type Large, semi-thin
Height 187 cm/6 ft 2 in
Weight 96.6 kg/213 lbs
Relationships Plaschia (girlfriend/sex partner)

Kitty (sex partner)

Volux-Udhess (close friend)

Military Status Inactive
Born August 31, 3811
Died N/A
Record 22 Angardial ACUs destroyed in a single op

Harbinger is a human AAU pilot of the Sovus Empire, and the only human AAU pilot in the empire.

Biography Edit

Overall Edit

WIP; currently unavailable.

Major Event 1Edit

The first major event Harbinger experienced was his first ever combat mision. He swiftly defeated an Aeon commander in a little more than 20 minutes. He was only successful because Samantha Clarke had a bit more faith in Harbinger than expected, and ordered Earthcom to send him a tier 2 suite for "pre-promotion" purposes.

Major Event 2Edit

The second biggest life event was long after the first, when The Harbinger piloted a Mk 3 Armored Assault Unit (the Thunder God) and showed it's impressive power against an Angardial force on Gallus-III. The Angardials were caught highly off guard by the dynamic unit, as well as the new units utilized by the AAU. This earned him the rank of Grand Commander and the list name "AAU-01". The UEF later referred to him as "Thor" as a joke; the name stuck.

Interview with Power-Play MagazineEdit


Current StatusEdit

The Harbinger currently is vacationing on the AX-02 Stratofortress with his partner.


Harbinger is regarded as a kind person, but is angered easily.

He is noted for complaining often and generally being a "pain in the ass".

Harbinger is also noted for his politically left-wing viewpoints, usually involving environmental and economic topics; Harbinger regards himself as a Democratic Socialist due to this. He also has a hate for theocratic and autocratic governments.

Harbinger is hypersexual, which appears to attract a few sovereigns to him sexually; a contributing factor may be that he is not a dominant partner.

When he becomes enraged, Harbinger often taunts his opponents in German. He gives no actual reason for doing so.


The Harbinger is regarded as "ugly" by many humans, though Plaschia and a couple other sovereigns he has met regard him as "sexy", which goes against his expectations. Having a generally wide face, of caucasian heritage and a large overbite, he questions how Sovereigns think of him as how they often describe him, especially since he differs so much from sovereigns.

His height is somewhere between 178 centimeters (5 feet 10 inches) and 188 centimeters (6 feet 2 inches) tall.


Armor: Harbinger commonly wears armor when "out-and-about". The armor is reminiscent to his AAU, bearing most of the same weapons scaled down for anti-personnel use. If he isn't wearing armor, then he wears a black trenchcoat with large, "presidential" sunglasses.

AAU: The only Mk 3 AAU to be in service; this unit was specifically designed to be able to adapt to new combat situations and create custom nanolathes at the pilot's command. Harbinger requested foot and back thrusters to fly for short periods of time; the AAU is too heavy for the thrusters to fully carry, but they just give it a boost. Armament of the Thunder God includes gatling plasma cannons, gatling coilguns, a chest-mounted railgun, deployable rotating swords, flamethrowers, "thunder guns" (lightning cannons), magnetic palms and a nanolathe construction HUD inside the control pod. Harbinger's custom units are here.



"Saxon... That would translate to 'little bitch'."
―Late interview with Power-Play Magazine.
"I think she has a bit too much fun with me. [I'm] not saying that I don't enjoy every moment of it..."
―Harbinger referring to his relationship with Plaschia.
"Sie haben wahnsinnig geworden. Ihr Ende wird kommen."
―Harbinger insulting Talos.
"Bloody good to hear from you, mate!!"
―Harbinger, shouting to Volux-Udhess during the battle of Dothinya IV.


"... (pokes Harbinger) ..."
Kleph Magnus meeting Harbinger
"He saved my ass... Excuse me for-"
Plaschia referring both to her personality and to her relationship with Harbinger. She was cut off mid-sentence.
"He's a great commander, but his sense of humor sucks."
Sostra stating Harbinger's understanding of comedy.
"Ugly as hell, but from what Plaschia said... wouldn't mind him at all."
Evangeline Phillips on Harbinger
"Who is this cocky bastard? Someone needs to teach him how a real Commander does it..."
Argus Yomoflach after reading Harbinger's file
"(I've heard of this 'Harbinger'. Whether or not he'll live up to his reputation as a battlefield commander is still on the line.)"
Seh'Acosis, unimpressed when asked about Harbinger.
"Seriously, how the fuck have we not had a contract to kill this guy yet?"
Basilica Seraphine regarding her thoughts on Harbinger
"This scrawny little bitch? You're seriously putting me in defence of this thing?"
Talos Ezekiel questioning orders from Oblivion's Angel. The mission was aborted and Basilica Seraphine was sent in instead.
"You again? You must have a deathwish and a half. I'll be seeing you real soon..."
Talos Ezekiel reacting with a smirk at Harbingers attempt to destroy his fleet. There were large casualties but the unmanned Sovereign fleet was completely obliterated. This had unintentionally provided the Void Hunters the data they needed for a small leap forward with their Implosion tech.
"He's a pretty nice guy, once you get past the somewhat unappealing exterior."
―Jacob Damocles
"There's several of us who swarm him like Daros, or Vultures, to use a creature from Earth. Then there's those of us who have no fucking idea who he is. Then there's me."
Balsph, referring to Harbinger's reputation among the Sovus Empire.
"I have heard... *machine rumbling* of this creature. It is rather interesting to me. It's... *shrieking gears* machines, partuclarly it's Command Unit... *thumping as Thanos begins to move on the spot* the "Thor"... excite me... perhaps I will finally have a melee combatant worthy... *Thanos begins to move around, throwing more energy into his movements* of a FIGHT!"
Thanos Alpha getting overexcited about the prospect of meeting and perhaps one day sparring with Harbinger.

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Lusanki Federation: Harbinger's reputation among the federation is very positive. However, he has received many criticisms regarding defending locations and battle tactics from field commanders.

Sovereign Empire: It is to be expected that Harbinger has a positive reputation among the empire, but his reputation shows him to be quite stubborn. As well, he is the only high-ranking field commander who has not been awarded a Seal of Honor, likely due to his stubbornness.

Angardials: If Harbinger does anything right, it's pissing off the Angardials. Due to a fondness of heavy defensive warfare, paired with large volleys of nuclear weapons, Harbinger is rather successful against them. Sadly, his tactics are not always effective, mostly due to a large invading force versus a lightly-armored base in the works of increasing defenses.

United Earth Federation: Harbinger's sexual nature & constant combating of discriminatory faction members earns him a bad reputation within the UEF. Samantha Clarke was able to see past his "flaws", but most members of the UEF did not.

Cybran Nation: A particular favorite of Gustaf Brackman, compared to other pilots of the Sovereign Empire. Ivanna Dostya became a good friend of his, but they rarely were able to converse.

Aeon Illuminate: Due to his overwhelming skepticism, the Aeon have huge distaste for Harbinger.

Order of the Illuminate: Harbinger was well known for intentionally making sexist pick-up lines to Evaluator Kael and other Order members on a constant basis.

Seraphim: Though he possess deep hatred, Seth-Iavow speaks highly of Harbinger's capabilities. That does not change the fact that Harbinger is one of the greatest targets the Seraphim have ever attempted to kill.

Deep Hunters: No associations.


Evangeline Phillips: Wishes to have sex with Harbinger and/or Plaschia at some point in the future.

Plaschia: Deep sexual relationship; Plaschia has been noted to act in sexual manners randomly around Harbinger, even during mission briefings or when around the general public.

Kitty: Slight sexual relationship. According to Harbinger, he and Kitty agreed that their relationship be restricted solely to sex.

Balsph: Good friends. The two are often competitve in simulations, but not when hanging out.

Volux-Udhess: Brothers in arms; even though they are two entirely different species, Harbinger and Volux get along almost perfectly. They have been known to fight along side each other many times.


  • Harbinger is well known for his anger outbursts.
  • He actually likes being addressed as "Thor", despite the name intended as an insulting joke.
  • Harbinger's theme song is Riders.