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Hjörviik Dreddek’ja
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The Hjörviik are bipedal, warm-blooded reptiles with passing resemblance to several other reptilian species (sapient or otherwise) of various worlds, particularly Earth’s monitor lizards. They lack conventional neurones – their nervous system relies on specialized capillaries filled with an electrically-conductive fluid. Their bone structure is also made largely of aluminium (rather than softer calcium as in most vertebrate species of their size) but this is known to be a result of self-adjustment of their genetics rather than natural selection.

A notable quirk of their biology is an extreme resistance to ionizing radiation due to high quantities of metals such as aluminium and lead in their anatomy, particularly in their bones and scales. They possess triple-wave DNA as opposed to the various helix patterns common in other sapient life. They reproduce using a two-gender pollination system similar to that employed by many plant species, but requiring physical sexual contact; as such they have developed the concept of sex and relationships; like many species their sexual anatomy is hilariously similar to that of humans.

Their anatomy is normally carbon-based but their geneticists have created a single silicon-based artificial Hjörviik as an experiment; this citizen is named Sothoth (literally meaning "curiosity").


The Hjörviik species originated on the world they call Kruguth – also a word in their language referring to murder of one’s own children. True to its name, the planet is known to be near-uninhabitable due to the utter chaos rife upon its surface; early in the species' existence, Millennia before the formation of the modern Dreddek’ja government, the planet was struck by a smaller celestial body of unknown nature which caused massive and permanent upheaval in the planet’s climate and tectonics, as well as pushing it into a second plane of axial rotation and knocking it right to the outer edge of its star’s habitable zone.

With the crust of the planet irreparably shattered, the double-axis spin and masses of ash from constant volcanic eruptions making arrival of solar heat and light on a given spot unreliable, threatening a long-term ice age in the less volcanically active areas. the early Hjörviik quickly became nomads, constantly having to remain mobile to survive. Searching for water alone was a burden on a world which had lost 25% of its oceans to an explosive space impact, and soon the wandering tribes began to fight over the small and thinly-spread stable sources of fertile soil and drinkable fluid.



The Hjörviik operate a form of government known as Dreddek’ja, best described as a sort of chronocratic military junta. Because time is always of the essence to them, it seems only natural that they have adopted some form of chronocracy in their politics. Their society is highly militarized due to their early experiences with other intelligent species being far from pleasant, though they are actually quite friendly and willing to take an offer of alliance from almost any trustworthy individual or group.


Under Dreddek’ja law the military and political hierarchy are one and the same; the entire peacetime society is effectively a massive democratic reserve battalion. Strict class discipline governs their society, with every citizen assigned a military rank based on their actions both on the battlefield and in general; this determines the value of their vote in scheduled elections, or what positions they can stand for in those elections.

Combat doctrineEdit

Build systemEdit

In order to maximise their mobility the Hjörviik have long relied on a structure-independent build system based around mobile, deployable Constructor units to build unmanned forces, sometimes supporting manned armies. This is translated into modern ACU-scale warfare using a manned ACU-analogue known as a Master Constructor unit; this builds smaller Constructors which build combat units and act as resource gatherers, with upgrades available allowing them to serve as defence platforms, support units or intelligence gatherers.

While other factions prefer a "flowing" economy by which mass and energy are transmitted as needed to an in-progress build, the Hjörviik only employ this for the construction of Superheavy (Experimental) units; for all other builds they favour the "up-front" system by which all mass and energy needed for a build is transmitted to the builder before the construction is begun.


At both the tactical and strategic scales the Hjörviik style of warfare has an odd resemblance to 21st-century human combined-arms tactics, being focused on mobility, co-operation and squadron tactics.


Most Hjörviik non-Experimental units are essentially unmanned versions of late-model war machines they developed before their introduction to ACU warfare, using scaled-up versions of the same tactics; large walking mechs replace infantry and other land and air vehicles are appropriately enlarged and upgunned.

Before their contact with other sapient species their combat doctrine for both manned and unmanned armies had switched over almost completely to heavy units (both manned and unmanned) which would be considered Experimental-level on the standard system, but with their adoption of the ACU-esque Master Constructor concept they have introduced lower-end units organised by their equivalent of the tech level system, as fighting only with expensive and slowly-built juggernauts would be difficult due to the vulnerability that such a doctrine would entail to all-too-common early-battle “rush” tactics.

Because the Hjörviik  are somewhat lacking in the fields of metallurgy and structural technology, their units are very fragile, though they attempt to make up for this with a combination of equipping shields to almost every unit and high speed and agility used to evade incoming fire.

As the Hjörviik  have effectively mastered the weaponisation of the electromagnetic spectrum, everything from electrostatic lasers to gamma-ray beamers to hybrid ultraviolet and infra-red weapons are seen in their arsenal; their penchant for nuclear techology has led to the profileration of such devices as fusion torch flamethrowers and nuclear shaped charges.

Offensive ground unitsEdit

Few walking units above T1 level are used in the Hjörviik  arsenal. Bots are the equivalent of T1 units, using the equivalent of infantry tactics. Light armour units are the equivalent of T2 units, and heavy armour units are the equivalent of T3 units. Like the stationary factories of other factions, Ground Constructors must be upgraded at a set resource and time cost to build higher-level units.


Light armourEdit

Grud Log’t (Scout armour): [MORE TO FOLLOW]

Heavy armourEdit

Lod Log’d (Heavy armour): Large, blocky tank vaguely resembling a tracked version of the Cybran Brick. Armed with a cannon firing nuclear shells or a gamma ray beamer, and a secondary TMD laser.

Deo Log’d (Pyro armour): Heavy tank Armed with a Fusion Torch.

Boltegas (Stomper): Heavy tripod introduced as an analogue to Siege Assault Bots. Armed with an electrostatic laser.

Temporary defencesEdit

Temporary defences are the closest thing the Hjörviik have to permanent military structures in ACU-scale warfare. These turrets are deployed by sacrificial construction units built from a Ground Defence Constructor. They run on batteries with limited life and have a finite ammunition supply; when a turret exhausts its power and weaponry or is destroyed in battle it self-destructs wholly, leaving almost no usable mass behind. If a turret is exposed to any EMP effect it will self-destruct immediately due to the electromagnetic disturbance frying its batteries. As well as traditional defense turrets the temporary defence category also covers permanent walls and self-sacrificial single-use traps.

As the Hjörviik have no doctrine of straightforward defensive warfare and shun the “turtle” strategy that most other factions are capable of and regularly use, they do not possess particularly powerful defensive mechanisms; their most powerful “heavy” temporary defences are slightly superior to the average T2 point defence turret.


Fulf (wall): Simple chunk of metal, little more than a wall designed to restrict the movement of land forces.

Gat (mine): Buried nuclear charge. Detonates when a land unit drives or walks over it, or when an aircraft lands on top of it.



Ground ConstructorsEdit

There are two standard kinds of Ground Constructor: the Ground Offense Constructor, which produces mobile units, and the Ground Defence Constructor, which produces temporary defences. In addition, the Ground Aircraft Constructor (an air factory variant) also exists. All of these units are heavy multi-tracked boxlike units around 20% larger than a UEF land factory in every dimension.

Every ground constructor carries a small mass extraction drill on its underside as well as an internal quantum power generator; in order to use the drill, build units and achieve maxiumum function from any equipped upgrades, Constructors have to deploy into their stationary mode in which their generators can provide energy to other functions beside the unusually innefficient motive systems.

Offensive aircraftEdit

Offensive aircraft are the Hjörviik equivalent to standard air units.



Tozu Neg (lightning plane): Gunship/bomber armed with an electrostatic laser.


Gat Neg (Mine plane): Small airship which dispenses mines that drill into the ground and then wait for an enemy unit to pass over them, at which point they attach to the underside of the target and detonate their onboard IGE charge. The mines may burrow under their own power towards a nearby target for short spaces of time before having to stop and recharge.

War balloonsEdit

War balloons are large atmosphere-only airships, acting as the airborne equivalent of Ground Constructor platforms. [MORE TO FOLLOW]


Few Hjörviik wet-navy warships are built in the field; all their capital ships, whether manned (with VI assistance) or unmanned, are used only to defend their few settled worlds. This doctrine has been adopted because the bulk, expense and low speed of military watercraft clashes with the highly-mobile Hjörviik offensive doctrine. Most field-deployed naval forces, all fitting the "light" category (equivalent to T1) are generally highly mobile and favour quantity and velocity over durability.


Jod Zgu (Fast boat): Essentially a large floating engine armed with nuclear rockets. While it can move ridiculously fast almost no weapon that can hit it will fail to destroy a Jodzgu's entirely exposed systems.



Buz Ngu (Capital ship): Defense-oriented dreadnought armed with five superheavy nuclear artillery cannons (one twin and one triple turret) and sixteen anti-air lasers.

Superheavy unitsEdit

Superheavy units are the equivalent of Experimentals in the Hjörviik arsenal.

Korgonath (Hatred): Superheavy war balloon armed with four heavy IGE shaped charges, two nuclear depth charge dispensers and two anti-air lasers.

Guth’t (Murderer): Assault walker, about the height and bulk of an ACU. Designed as a dedicated combat unit to bridge the gap in size and proportional deadliness between Heavy armour and Superheavy units, the Guth’t is armed with an ultraviolet laser rifle and two shoulder-mounted anti-air lasers.

Flekg’j (Monitor): Superheavy tripod. Armed with an electrostatic laser, anti-air nuclear rockets, three quad gamma-ray beamers in rotary barbettes on a spinning mount, and three ventral fusion torches to ward off attackers directly below the hull. Taunts the enemy constantly (in their own language where possible) in what would be considered a German accent by humans.

Lod Frud’t (Heavy Constructor): Mobile construction gantry, effectively an Experimental Engineer. Builds all Superheavy units excluding itself.

Command unitsEdit

Master Constructor: See Hjörviik Master Constructor Units for details.

Interfaction RelationsEdit


Feel free to add your own.

Commonwealth of New Titan: An alliance is currently being drawn up, as the largely isolated Hjörviik have never showed hostility to any human group and are actively seeking allies in an unforgiving and violent galaxy. The Commonwealth have begun devising contingency plans to defend Hjörviik settlements in the event of a war between the Dreddek’ja and any of the factions’ common enemies.

Deep Hunters: An alliance has been formed, mostly because of the deep hunter habit of being passive unless provoked, which allowed successful first contact. Small deep hunter forces have been known to reinforce Hjörviik forces during combat.

Collossi Invertika: Despite Hjörviik communication attempts, the Invertika have remained silent. An Invertika VCU was seen within known Hjörviik territory at one point, apparently on a scouting mission; what became of this incident is unknown except to the Hjörviik.

  • The Hjörviik are currently notable as the only known faction to have trespassed into Invertika territory (albiet accidentally) and come out unmolested. Experienced diplomats are confused by this. Whether the Invertika left them alone of their own accord or simply didn't notice them before they left is not known.


Quotes pertaining to the factionEdit

By members of the factionEdit

About the factionEdit

Basilica Seraphine fawning over a picture of a Hjörviik "lizard-thing". It was later discovered that the picture had been sent by a female Hjörviik in the hopes of attracting her.
"... My tasty?"
Kleph Magnus, looking over Basilica's shoulder. He was then punched in the face by a Hjörviik whose mate he seemingly looked at the wrong way.


The Constructor system used by the Hjörviik in ACU-scale warfare is somewhat inspired by the Crawler units seen in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Twilight, though scaled up and modified to fit Supcom’s style of warfare.

The build system for the temporary defenses used by the Hjörviik is based on the Empire of the Rising Sun's build system in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, by which any structure is assembled from a single-use builder deployed from a larger construction structure.