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Hydrogues (faction)
Species Hydrogues
Territory Oncier and whatever uninhabited places they come across.
Government Dictatorship
Current leader Hydrogue Lord
Population Unknown
Founded 20 million years ago
Dissolved N/A
Allies None
Enemies All other factions
Available All

Air: T1-T3

Sea: T1-T3

Land: T1-T3

Exp: T4-T5

Military Population Large
Strategy Defense/Ranged/Swarm
- Defensive: Long Range defense structures and units. Magnetic and Energy Barriers.
- Offensive: Hit and run with quicker units before unleashing a swarm of heavy units due to their vast numbers


The Hydrogues are genderless though they resemble human males despite their horns, ridges and teeth. Hydrogues are capable of telepathically communicating with one another. Only the Hydrogue Lord is capable of controlling other Hydrogues or blocking communications when it wishes to. Hydrogues are capable of psychokinesis and telekinesis though they themselves have a natural resistance against psychic attacks.




The Hydrogues are ruled by the Hydrogue Lord under a dictatorship. Hydrogues only determine their ruler by intelligence, resourcefulness and ruthlessness and the Hydrogue Lord's word is final. It is the mastermind behind its armies' strategies and plans, often handing its plans to its Generals so they can use for the military. The Hydrogue Lord is capable of telepathically communicating with other Hydrogues and blocking out any telepathic communications if it wishes. Being the leader of the Hydrogues, the Hydrogue Lord may participate in a few battles. Should the Lord die within a battle, a new one will be instantly elected.

Hydrogue Lord is the highest rank

Hydrogue General is second

Hydrogue Commander is third

Hydrogue Sergeant is fourth

Hydrogue Captain is fifth

Hydrogue Grunt and workers are the lowest.


Hydrogues build many of their units on gas giants, through resources they obtain from mining. They specialize in the usage of crystals they find on gas giants and use them for every unit. Hydrogue factories are hidden from view with special barriers despite being on the surface of gas giants. Special energy barriers prevent weak enemy units to detonate while stronger units may breach it though severe damage is imminent. The barriers are projected by hidden domes that are also powered by crystals. Despite this the barriers have to be lowered when Hydrogue units leave the gas giant so there are long range, heavily defensive structures and short ranged ones that pack immense firepower to prevent enemy units from getting close in order to protect the domes. The domes however absorb any laser or energy related attack that strikes them since the crystal within channels the energy while the material of the dome is akin to a conductor. This goes for the defensive structures. They use aerial and naval raids for assaulting bases depending on the location on them while they use land units for land bases. Since Hydrogue units are immense in number, they use this to their advantage and attempt to destroy their enemies through a sheer amount of firepower and attacks and swarming.

Hydrogues also utilise guerilla tactics such as taking people as hostages as well as using their telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities. They have been known to mindwipe or hypnotise other beings including commanders.


Hydrogues specialize in energy generated from crystals so units consist mostly of crystalline materials though some are made from metals. These crystals and minerals used by Hydrogues cannot be converted back to mass by any other faction other than themselves from some strange reason.


Hydrogue structures can be found on land and in aquatic environments. In aquatic environments, production occurs at a slow pace underwater so Hydrogues attempt to avoid building in water altogether. On land, production occurs at a moderate pace though sometimes it can be quicker. Structures move slowly in water but faster on land. Mineral generators rarely ever move due to the amount of time it takes for it to retract all mining devices. Structures in the air are the quickest at production. Structures still produce while moving though at a much slower pace.

Tech 1Edit

Mineral Collector- Mines minerals to produce units and crystal energy cores. They have weaker firepower for defence. These structures lack the usual crystal core that is present within other Hydrogue structures so they are more vulnerable to attacks. Has upgrades.

Camo-Domes- Those domes blend in with the landscape...

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

-This unit 


Tech 1Edit

Shard Sprinter- These small mechs are sometimes AI controlled or have a Hydrogue Grunt piloting them. They are extremely quick though they have weak defenses and no form of melee attack. They fire powerful blasts of crystal generated energy.

Trilotank- This triple turreted tank deals triple shot power. It fires blasts of crystal energy but also drill shells. Drill shells are shells that drill through five enemy units before detonating on the sixth one.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

Despoiler- This immense, quadruped, heavily armoured war-machine is equipped with six plasma cannons, dual twin-linked laser cannons, heavy missiles and Hellbore beam cannons.




Most Hydrogue air units are War Globes (also written warglobes) - spherical crystalline aircraft. War Globes are capable of space travel. They are piloted by Hydrogue Grunts, Captains and Sergeants.

Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Wyverns- Flying mechanical dragons with missiles, gatling guns, plasma and electric weapons on them. Has similar attributes as other Hydrogue units e.g. absorbing energy through internal crystals.

Pyro- This warglobe utilises flame that is generated from crystals collected from the cores of gas giants. This fire can easily melt an ACU unit and other weaker units.

Cryo- Possibly the most powerful War Globe. these warglobes fire powerful energy beams that have a cryogenic factor. When the beam hits a unit, it causes damage as well as internal and external freezing. These warglobes are capable of regenerating rapidly through gaining mass from wreckages though their armour becomes weaker due to this.


Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Sub Shooter- Fires blasts of energy. Can only battle underwater. Has good defence. Piloted by Hydrogue Grunts.

Squid Mechs- These units resemble mechanical squids which have submarines built inside. It can fire a corrosive inky substance that can blind enemy units temporarily while damaging them.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

- Immense unit that serves as both submarine and battleship. Fires powerful blasts of energy as well as megaton nuke shells. Can ram other water units to cause damage or to destroy them.


Doomsday- Uber-Heavy Destroyer. This immense unit serves as both a submarine and a battleship. It is immense in size, standing at 2km long and 1km high with many crystals to form its core. It is near-indestructible being immune to conventional weaponry and able to absorb energy based attacks. It is capable of firing Injector Missiles, reclamation lasers, tomahawk missiles with nuclear warheads attached, cruise missiles and H-Bombs. The Doomsday is also capable of generating an energy pulse equivalent to the force of Tsar bomb.

D-3 ROMULAN Force-  This immense aircraft has powerful shields that can block out most attacks. It has 70 automatic laser cannons on the outside.

Warglobe Mothership- This immense spherical spacecraft contains other warglobes with in. The powerful electricity that it generates from its crystals can be conducted from its conical-like tips into concentrated beams. This warglobe is also capable of generating cosmic storms. Its immense energy barriers can withstand the force of a teraton nuke though a heavy amount may breach it. It can conduct its beams through its barrier so it does not have to lower it when attacking. The mothership may also release smaller Hydrogue units into combat.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

Cybrans- No contact but potential hostility.

Seraphim- No contact but potential hostility.

Aeon Illuminate- Hostility.

Order of the Illuminate- Hostility.

Deep Hunters: Major hostiity due to attempted extermination of deep hunter worlds. However, the hydrogues tend to avoid them after noticing a star dragon