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Hydrogues are a race of Extra Terrestrial Beings   


Hydrogues are a genderless race of aliens living on the planet known as Oncier, though they all resemble male humans. The Hydrogues resemble humanoid aliens that are almost identical to normal humans if not for the small, horn-like ridges on the top of their heads. Hydrogues possess superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina with some even wielding psychic power and even wielding bio-electricity to form magic through channeling them through crystals. e.g. being able to slap aside tank shells unarmoured for Hydrogue captains. They are all manufactured from the Hydrogue lord's gene seen in laboratories with different ranks being manufactured with different levels of physique e.g. Captains are capable of outrunning supersonic attacks and slapping or kicking aside fired tank shells without armour. Hydrogues also possess four sets of lungs and three hearts to support their immense superhuman attributes.


The Hydrogues are a hostile race of aliens that aim to conquer all factions and rule over the galaxy as the superior race. The original Hydrogue, the Primordial one is currently in a tank of fluids, being held in statis and kept alive through fluids and tubes. He was the being that sired Hydrogues through his gene seed through laboratories. Hydrogue Lords are replaced everytime they die. They hold no alliances with other factions, deeming them to be inferior and wanting to exterminate them. They are currently in war with Aeon Illuminate.