Controlling Faction(s) Deep Hunters
Distance From Star 2 AU
Planet Class ocean world
Discovered unknown
Population unknown
Destroyed? no
Moons 5
Major Orbital Stations a few fortresses
Diameter 16,000 kilometers
Surface Gravity {{{gravity in gravitational units/g}}}
Atmospheric Density {{{How thick is the atmosphere in atm?}}}
Atmospheric Composition

similar to earth, with lots of gaseous hydrocarbons

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Terrain oceanic, with islands
Notable Locations {{{notable places}}}
Notable Species deep hunters
Homeworld of none
Ignus-3 is a planet located in the Carina-Sagittarius arm.


Ignus-3 is an ocean planet, with ocean covering >90% of its surface. The only land is volcanic archipelagos.


Native wild life is primarily fish, arthropods, and moluscs. Some reptilian or amphibian species have been discovered, and usually occupy the role of apex predator.

A Deep Hunter colony is the only place on world containing sapient life.

Battle of IgnusEdit

The battle of ignus was the largest engagement between the Deep Hunters and the Angardials on record. IT began when the Angardials invaded the surface without warning, and destroyed the unprepared forces there. However, by doing so, they gave the rest of the Deep Hunters, who were primarily underwater, a chance to begin creating units. As it was quickly realised that the Agardials had very weak navel forces, the Hunters began producing most of their heavy navel units, as well as air and some heavy land. Experimental Deep Hunter units would not be used until the final days of the engagements. Due to the Deep Hunters being underwater, and the Angardials not knowing they were there, the massive recolonisation of the land which made this battle famous took the Agardials by suprise. The battle was concluded two weeks later, with the Deep Hunters having been victorious.