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"When in doubt, light that fucker on fire."
―Jacob's prefered method of dealling with an enemy. Normally he cackles maddly after preforming said imolation
Jacob Damocles
Species Human
Full name Jacob Archemedes Damocles
Aliases That dude, the person with 0 social skills, The dude who was a person-sicle for a few centuries, the guy who is good with tech
Allignment pretty much everyone
Rank ACU tech
Gender male
Age biologically 15
Status alive
Body type meh
Height 6' 3"/2 meters
Weight 230 lbs
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Military Status alive
Born 8-7-(2 years before the black sun fired someone please help me with this)
Died NA
Record never fought in a battle, has been slapped by various females of various species more than he cares to admit.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jacob was brought up by a wealthy Aeon family. Jacob was on a freighter near a planet which was destroyed by the Black Sun when he has 3. He was the only one who survived by getting shoved into an escape pod. The pod had its quantum gate access part was disabled, and put him in cryo-status, until it came to a planet 200 years later. The Planet was called Cruxis, which was covered in garbage and had been abandoned for several hundered years. Jacob had enough food to last 6 months, and seeds for fast growing crops. He was able to survive due to the pod's AI instructing him what to do. During this time, he was able to learn about technology by studying various pieces of garbage. He became very good at building things, and repairing them.

Major Event 1Edit

The first contact he had with anything but insects and the pod's AI was when a Seraphim craft crashed landed near his home. The crash killed the pilots, but gave Jacob access to advanced technology. While studying it, he lost an arm (he was 13), and was forced to make a replacement out of various things he had found, and parts of the Seraphim craft. He had unknowingly created a Cybran-like neural interface so that he could properly use his new appendage.

Major Event 2Edit

The second major thing that happened when he found a damaged quantum gate, and fixed it. It took him a long time, but eventually he got it working again. When he was testing it, he miscalculated the size area of the gate's tunnelling zone and ended up gating himself, his mobile home (the original escape pod), and all the junk and tools scattered around straight into a warzone.

Current StatusEdit

Alive, and one of the best ACU technicians in the galaxy.


Faction relationsEdit

Personnel relationsEdit


Socially awkward. He can barely function in a social setting, and tends to make comments that to him are not bad, but insult other people. He has been slapped almost every time he talks to a female. He is friendly, and can actually be very philosophical at times, and can fix just about anything. gets extremely excited when given or finding technology that he has not seen.


His arm was cut severely when he was 13, so he replaced it with a cybernetic version, which functions as a multi-tool. He also has a small farm of food crops inside of his modified transport (restored from near destruction), which is now for personal use. As of this entry being written, he does yet not have a command unit of any kind. He is, however designing a unique unit to serve in that role, with more efficiancy than an ACU.



"When all else failed, I stopped using it."
―Jacob, after being asked something or other.
"Someone once told me they wanted to watch the world burn because they hated it. I think it was Yomoflach. I told him I wanted to watch the wolrd burn because fire is fucking awesome."
"I don't have any water, so I'll just let these motherfuckers burn."
―What he said after participating in a battle against an invading force on a lava planet.
"I don't see why people are so against believing in a god, or gods. Religion is a great excuse. (Jacob punches an ACU tech that is being incompetent) Torklemiggen, god of competence, told me to do that."
―Jacob, on religion.


"No. Just no. Jelly people, bug people, bird people, anything else yes. Him no. Just... no."
―Evangeline Phillips
"Jacob Damocles... Oh, yes; I know him. He can't understand how I'm not a 'female', no matter how many times I show him."
Plaschia stating how Jacob does not understand what a simultaneous hermaphrodite is.
"... (looks him over) ... (slaps him and walks away) ..."
Basilica Seraphine upon meeting Jacob Damocles. She almost gated off-planet before remembering she was there on a bodyguard contract. What followed was the most uncomfortable 4 hours of warfare Basilica had ever experienced. Even more uncomfortable than the time she was stuck in the exact same situation with Evangeline Phillips instead of Jacob.
"Hey kid, I know few hookers who'll do anyone and anything."
Talos Ezekiel offering to help Jacob after he upgraded a spinal region that had been giving Talos trouble.
"(I've heard of his skills with machines.... Although impressive, he still isn't getting a chance to get on the Karresh without the best -ERROR- reason in the universe.)"
Seh'Acosis talking on Jacob's skills.
"Why does everyone hate this guy? I honestly think he's alright."
Harbinger, when asked about Jacob.
"This... Torklemiggen... *shrieking gears* Damocles introduced me to this deity not long ago. *deep slow purring* Though sociopathic, I quite like the idea of a being whom has otherworldly powers purely for the need for competence in this realm."
Thanos Alpha missing the point of Torklemiggen.


Jacob's theme is "message in a bottle" by Police