Jacob Damocles' Command Unit
Faction Aeon
Domain amphibious
Type multirole commander
Role Command, offensive, defensive
Tech EX
Weight super heavy
Nickname the dread
Height 100 meters X 300 meters
Weight 400,000 tons
Weaponry a bloody lot
Defense a bloody lot
Additional Equipment. escape pod
Capacity Jacob Damocles, personal AI
Jacob Damocles' Command Unit is the personal command unit of Jacob Damocles. This is a direct, indirect, defense, offense, and command unit.


The Command unit is unlike any other commander in design. It is primarily meant for doing everything an ACU can do, but better.




The Dread is known primarily for being so hard to destroy. It has armor made of a composite material resistant to most attacks. ANy anti-attack things are designed to leave very little left behind of any attacks.



Pulse field- creates an EMP that disables enemy units at close range.


The dread uses probably 50+ weapons systems, some of which are unique or only used by highly specialized units, including a prototype miniature, non-planet destroying version of the black sun. Other notable systems are the duel railguns, the solution, and the daemon claws.


Gray Dwarf-Miniature black sun, fires quantum energy through the built in personal gate way, at any point on the battle field. 

Railgun system 1- Anti Air Cannons, fires helix rockets

Railgun system 2- Anti Land Cannons, fires mech-marine sized shells, which can explode.

The Solution- massive cannon that fires shells with the explosive power of a high yield tactical nuclear weapons. Has a short clip, and long reload time, but this is worth a weapon with the ower to destroy large swarths of a base in one or two shots.

Flak guns- Fire Flak shelss to shred air units.

Pyromania: Jacob's s second favorite weapon (after the solution). A flamethrower mounted just behind the command module. When deployed, most other weapons still work, but some nanolathing is slowed to replenish fuel. Average flame length is about 10 kilometers. Uses a coal/ nitroglycerin/ thermite/ dicyanoacetylene mixture, giving it flames on average just slightly cooler than the surface of the sun. Runs out of fuel when production can't surpass use, and takes about a minute to reload.

Dragon's breath: different fuel blend for closer ranged combat. Uses no dicyanoacetylene, so it doesn't have the "melt everything" ability, but still lights units on fire for prolonged periods with the added chlorine trifluoride for increased power.

More to come


Talons- main claws, shred anything that gets too close

Daemon claws- Name for energized version of the Talons, which quadruple their damage. Glow a bright blue-violer.



all of those listed above


The Dread uses nanodrones, and some reverse engineered alien tech, found in a dead world, created by a race extinct or ascended for millions of years, as defense, as well as the standard thick armor and personal shields. The drones shoot at enemies with antimatter charges, dealling small amounts of damage do to the charges' size. THe tech that is used creates a point in space around enemy units where the strong force is rendered null, and matter breaks into its base components.


Micro-Paragons- Slightly larger version of what is used on hivemind, with all stability and such issues fixed. These produce roughly 10% of a normal paragon's output each, and it has six. Must deploy for use.

Personal Gate- Styled after a space gate in appearence, this version is modified to be able to transport the unit, and protrudes from the back. Used to fire the Grey Dwarf. Uses levitator plates to increase size.

Nanolathe creators- THese are small stubs on the head area, which scan units and create a complete nanolathe for them.

Squad dynamicsEdit

Units Capable of Being ProducedEdit

All of them. The dread can create any unit or structure it has nanolathes for, most of wouhich are bought, traded, stolen, or scans of units be the nanolathe creators mounted on the main cabin. Aditionally, some unique units can be made:


Tech 1Edit

Factories: improved factory with all nanolathes and a unique design. upgradable

Resource structures: improved versions of structures. upgradable.

defensive structures: higher powered versions of standard building types.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Bricker: Engineer. Has a higher build speed than any other engineers.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

A Really Goddamn Big Gun: Mobile artillary. Massive mobile artillery that fires shells pretty far.

Ragnarok tank: really heavy tank. Based off of a tank found in a really old (early 21st century) video game, this huge tank is armed with two sets of treads, a large AA gun that can be upgraded to launch floating mines as well, a tractor beam mounted on the front, and two main battleship grade guns mounted on the top capable of blasting a galactic collosus off of its feet with the shockwave of the shell landing alone. Known for frequently being used to run over LABs while Jacob laughs hysterically and screams obscenities in Russian.


Tech 1Edit

The whee machine: scout. Based off of the UEF interceptor. armed with a small aa gun. Makes a "whee" sound while moving.

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

Fulminata- amphibious battleship. similar in appearence and armment to the cybran salem, but longer and more battleship-y. Mounts a massive tesla cannon that can level fortifications.



Tactical notesEdit