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Kleph Magnus
Species Icenaye
Full name Klephenidus Marcoss Izul Magnitus
Aliases Kleph

Klepto (Manius)

Allignment Sephaloazoids
Rank Guardian
Gender Male
Age Est. 800 Years
Status Alive and kicking


Body type Cephalopod
Height 2.1 meters, possibly more
Weight 150 kg
Relationships Selenthia Magnus (Mate)
Military Status Active
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Record Kill/Save Ratio


Biography Edit

Kleph does not wish to divulge this information.

Early life Edit

Kleph was training for most of it, and thinks you would find the information of 400 or so years worth of training to be boring.

First ContactEdit

Kleph was there when the Aeon and Ceph made First Contact. Kleph liked the Aeon.

The Aeon did not like Kleph's habit of liking shiny things. One Aeon even refered to Kleph as Klepto.

That Aeon was tasty.

Second ContactEdit

The Order did not like Kleph at all.

Kleph decided the Order were not tasty. Kleph prefers to feed the Stalkers using the Order.

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Kleph has no wish to die yet.


Kleph is rather simple in an exeedingly advanced way. Kleph holds not feelings of remorse, regret, or empathy.

Kleph enjoys shiny things.


Kleph's relations can be highly varied.

Faction RelationsEdit

Sephaloazoids: Kleph is a highly valued leader in diplomacy for his ability to not only show some of the most atrocious behaviour the Ceph are capable of, but do it in such a harmless way that it does not degrade futher relations between Factions.

Void Hunters: Kleph has managed to get his section of the Ceph fleets the protection of the Void Hunters, and is generally an appreciated operative when joint missions are run. He also appears to be in some form of relationship with the Void Hunter ACE Commander Amalia Stone, to what extent that relationship goes, however, is unknown.  

UEF: They generally dislike Kleph due to his hyperactive and mostly undiciplined behaviour.

Aeon Illuminate: They have accepted Kleph for who he is and what his species is like and are currently devising a way to teach The Way to the Icenaye. Efforts so far have been relatively unsuccessful, mostly due to Basilica Seraphine's semi-friendship with Kleph.

Personnel RelationsEdit

Basilica Seraphine: Good friends.


Guardian Armour. Kleph likes his Guardian Armour Exosuit. It has saved his jelly numerous times. One time in particular was after First Contact. Kleph has learned about Omni-Sensors since then.

Full Capabilities of the Guardian Armour Exosuit:

  • Stealth/Cloaking: The wearer becomes almost invisible to visual detection, the only thing that can be seen is the slightest shimmer when he moves. The suit also becomes undetectable to radar and scanning devices through an advanced energy manipulation field that can even prevent physical tracking devices from transmitting data. Omni-Sensors of ACU Warfare quality cannot detect the suits when in Cloak for two reasons: the first is that the wearer will be too far away, and the second is that it is not considered enough of a threat to be pinged.
  • Nanotech: The suit is capable of repairing itself and protecting the user using a screen of nanobots that await activation under the first paper-thin layer of armour. The nature of the Nanotech allows interfacing with almost all foreign technology through high-speed input/output-computation monitoring, and then translating the results and building its own programs and drivers so that the user may use whatever computer they have just stabbed.
  • Armour: The Exosuit can utilise density-control of the outer layers, resulting in a diamond-hard surface that is not brittle and can protect the wearer of anything short of a tactical nuke with ease. It does impede the user's mobility, and the power required cannot keep this mode active for long.
  • Speed: It is possible for the Exosuit to enhance power output in key areas at calculated moments for maximum mobility enhancement with minimal power drain. Warning: this mode does not enhance the user's reaction times.

Files regarding Kleph MagnusEdit

All other relevant files.

Nanocam Security File: First ContactEdit

Kleph tapped the side of his helmet twice. Is it working? he asked it. A small *Boop* proved affirmitave. Checking weapons. Kleph extended the battle-claws on the end of his Exosuit, the one he was so in-tune with due to the amazing Neuro-Tech interface his fellow Ceph had developed years ago. He flicked his wrist slightly, triggering the gun mechanism to slide out from his pseudo-wrist, Cryo-Teslic ARC Blades at the ready. Kleph could activate them with a thought, sending anything ranging from a pulse of electrified ice shards, ice shards, electric pulses, and plasma-burst flares at whatever he was pointing it at.

Do not fire. An Elite strode around the corner, heavily armoured footsteps clanging against the floor with a much greater resonance than should have been. It was not a heavy Exosuit. These are friendly creatures.

Kleph jerked his head. The "Human" equivalent would have been considered a snort. Then why do we bring weapons.

Because we do not know how to remove them without disabling the Exosuits. was the Elite's reply, although if Kleph was honest none of the resident Icenaye looked particularly friendly. Most looked downright aggressive.

I do not think this will go well. We look like an invading force more than a peace embassy. Kleph shrugged, voicing his concerns.

We will be fine. The Elite turned on his energy shield, though, surrounding his chrome black and red trimmed armour with a harsh flash of red energy. It pulsed for a few moments before fading, the only visual cue that it was still there in the meagre distortion of the air around it. It almost looked like a two-centimetre thick heat-haze. You know the drill. Go in, say hello, avoid injuries, establish communications.

Quantum Network FameEdit

Kleph has unknowingly gained fame on the Quantum Network, with videos filmed by innocent bystanders of Kleph's battle prowess (and at times lack of it). There have also been other things generated, related to Kleph. One such thing was a "Meme" picture devised by Bagby while under the alias "Bagbones" on a forum board.

He's in yo colony stealing all yo civilians ~ A now famous post by Cybran forum troll "Bagbones".

Firefight at the Silus 4 ColonyEdit

Kleph burst from his Drop-Pod, exiting at a sprint. A missile came roaring down the street, straight at the recently abandoned Drop-Pod. SHINY! Kleph screamed loudly over the local neural network, pausing to realign himself into the missile's path.

"NO!" the girl behind the camera screamed, horrified that the Ceph was going to suicide because the missile was shiny, of all things.

A massive explosion ripped through the area, blinding everyone for a moment. When the dust had cleared Kleph stood tall in the middle of the road. Bad shiny. He said, almost like it was an afterthought. He then returned to the task at hand, rescuing innocent civilians, turning around and sprinting with the enhanced speed setting on his Exosuit.

Not tasty... Kleph said, lying on the ground, stunned. He'd run straight into a pillar. Kleph did not get up for a while.

Quotes from KlephEdit

"It moves!"
―Kleph discovering a baby Aeon
"It moves!"
―Kleph discovering a "Drinking Bird"
"You are ugly. Go away."
―Kleph upon meeting the grizzled HQ Guy
―Kleph agreeing with Basilica Seraphine's "Girl-talk"
―Kleph upon discovering almost anything noticeably shiny within reach
"I do not enjoy popcorn."
―Kleph bluntly refusing food at a Mission Briefing on a Void Hunter OP
―Kleph staring blankly at Evangeline Phillips as she begins doing a sexually charged sensual dance towards him

Quotes about KlephEdit

"OH MY GOD, so totally! I know right? Totally, baby, I'll see ya later! Oh my gosh isn't she hot?"
Basilica Seraphine attempting to converse in "girl-talk" with Kleph. The woman in question (a rather strikingly beautiful UEF model) immediately turned back around and slapped Kleph when he agreed with Basilica
"He's a fucking genius!"
Argus Yomoflach as he bursts into laughter upon hearing the UEF's Psychological Profile of Kleph
"(What in the name of the Queens is this mad little -ERROR- trying to do....?)"
Seh'Acosis, speaking in disbelief as it watches Kleph attempt to scramble up his UCA's leg.
"(Ah, what the -ERROR-?! I just had this thing cleaned!)"
Seh'Acosis, getting annoyed when Kleph actually starts climbing up the UCA leg.
"This is... odd."
Tuethis to a nearby Void Hunter Commander when Kleph tried to steal a Battle Crab for being "shiny"
"If you think that's bad, you should have see what he did to my mate's sister a couple weeks ago."
―Void Hunter Commander replying to Tuethis about Kleph trying to steal a Battle Crab
"I love this guy!!"
Harbinger bursting into laughter from Kleph grabbing his armour.
"I sincerely doubt we'll- HEY! STOP THAT!"
―A UEF Doctor attempts to share his research on Icenaye ADHD and other psychological quirks while Kleph was left unattended in the office
"I don't want to see that thing or any of his kin on my ship again."
Talos Ezekiel barring Icenaye from the flagship of the Rogue Dragons, the Helios.
Jacob Damocles getting into an arguement with kleph over an abandoned scrap of some machine or other.

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