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Humani Beautifi


After their species was driven to near extinction by a xenophobic UEF Commander, Garathon Stews and Maria Suesdon went on a mission to bring their race back to it's former glory. Using their brilliant minds, they set to work on designing and creating their own ACUs.

However, their time as a Faction (called the Order to prevent confusion because of their exceedingly stupid and not well thought out name), was very short lived. In an attempt to guilt-trip the UEF into giving them the Commander responsible at a face-to-face meeting on Seton, they were attacked by the Void Hunters, who were attempting to steal the Order's Nanolathes.

Unfortunately, despite the meeting going so well, all the Order served to do was heighten tensions between the Void Hunters and the UEF. That meeting on Seton completely obliterated the Faction, and a large portion of the remaining Humani Beautifi. 


Ruled by their kind, masterful and tactical genii, Garathon Stews and Maria Suesdon, the Order strive to be the best they can at everything they do. They also enjoy looking at their leaders, who are graced with unparalleled amounts of photogenenicisity and beauty.


They always vote for Garathon Stews and Maria Suesdon, no matter who their political opponents are.


Overwhelmingly beautiful and handsome. Why? Because ugly people do not exist among the Humani Beautifi: it is simply genetically impossible.

Unfortunately the Order never got a chance to properly sort out their military; they were destroyed far too soon. 


Due to the Order never actually getting a chance to use any of their Nanolathes, and that they no longer exist, they do not need to be recorded.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

There are none, due to the Faction being destroyed long before it could actually set up communication with anybody.