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"Who needs a regular capital world when you can have a comprehensive study in modern siege-craft?"
―General Drell Catharsky

New Titan (aptly nicknamed Fortress) is the capital world of the Commonwealth of New Titan.

Controlling Faction(s) Commonwealth of New Titan
Distance From Star
Planet Class Fortress world
Discovered {{{found/built}}}
Population 15 Billion
Destroyed? No
Moons Three
Major Orbital Stations Countless defense stations and mines
Diameter Approx. 3 times Earth diameter
Surface Gravity 2.06g
Atmospheric Density {{{How thick is the atmosphere in atm?}}}
Atmospheric Composition

44% unknown toxic compound

31% oxygen

24% carbon dioxide

Traces of argon and various halogens

Terrain Mostly jungle, large artificial urban areas
Notable Locations
Notable Species Commonwealth humans
Homeworld of Commonwealth of New Titan



Physical geographyEdit

New Titan's single major continent is mostly covered with flat jungle; this is separated into several distinct sections of roughly similar size by long, narrow and high regions of largely barren mountainous terrain. With the arrival of the Commonwealth large areas of the jungle were cleared away to make way for fortress cities and the mountains were converted into monolithic defense walls.


Each section of jungle is a designated district numbered one through 27. Each district has one major city at its rough center - district 15 is the home of Schaden, the Commonwealth's capital city and seat of both the planetary and factional government.

The districts each elect their own council by democracy of proportional representation. Every party or coalition of parties must nominate a single representative to be sent to the planetary council from each district council in which is holds more than 5% of the seats. Parties in the district council vote on issues that affect only their district; representatives in the planetary council vote on issues that affect the planet as a whole. The planetary council, as with every other Commonwealth planet, sends one representative from each party to the factional government, where representatives vote on issues that affect the Commonwealth as a whole.


As its nickname bluntly suggests, New Titan is designed specifically to be as close as possible to impregnable against any form of attack - if Fortress survives, the Commonwealth survives, and if the Commonwealth survives, humanity survives.

Cautionary airbasesEdit

Every district of New Titan is fortified with small airbases on a grid every 500 kilometers, controlled by a central AI. Each base is loaded with a squadron of Ironside tactical bombers controlled by remote from the base, concealed within local terrain where possible, and equipped with powerful sensors and packs of airborne drones scanning for anything which might indicate a Gate-in event. The aircraft are kept to deploy volleys of photinic pulser fire, rockets and bombs to harass any arriving ACU and slow of an army on-site.


Every one of New Titan's twenty-seven major cities is constructed specifically with defense in mind. Labyrinthine streets designed to give the illusion of constant back-tracking and looping are intended to confuse any advance, while VI navigation assistance for civilian transports and defence force vehicles helps to speed up evacuation and counter-maneuvers. Every building is dotted with dozens of anti-aircraft batteries, TMD turrets and other weapons; each city block possesses powerful shields and a Strategic Missile Defense turret.

Of course, even the greatest fortress is only worthwhile if designed with its inevitable failure in mind, and to this end beneath each city a sacrificial self-destruct system is ready to be armed at a moment's notice, consiting of colossal numbers of shaped-charge explosives designed to shatter the planetary crust and send a defeated city and any occupying enemy forces crashing into an ocean of magma.

Shore defenseEdit

Schaden, New Titan's capital city, is situated on a large island which comprises the entirety of District 15, and as such possesses significant defenses against a naval assault. Manned and unmanned airbases line its coast, long-range sensor posts and artillery cannons dot the island's shore, and every potential landing beach for an external amphibious assault is lined with a wide variety of killzones and fortifications intended to deal with everything from massed infantry armies to Experimental squadrons. Anti-artillery and anti-missile defense turrets cover every position due to the threat of battleship bombardment, and the ocean is patrolled by hunter-killer submarines operating from seabed defence stations armed with long-range heavy torpedo turrets.

Anti-orbital defensesEdit




New Titan's capital city is named Schaden as a reference to the Schadenhold fortress in the short story The Iron Within.