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Nihilus "Naughty" Nyx
Species Human
Full name Nihilus ul Nautilus Nyx
Aliases Naughty


Allignment Cybran (Formerly)

Cyn Pro-Expansionist Military Movement

Rank Elite Commander
Gender Male
Age ~35
Status Alive, suffers from allergies to peanut butter.
Body type Cybernetically Augmented
Height 6ft. 9"
Weight 154.ib.
Relationships None specified
Military Status Active
Born Unspecified. ~+4000.C.E?
Died N/A
Record 23 Antigurii T3 Mevanoch in ~2 minutes.

Nihilus ul Nautilus Nyx (Nicknamed "Naughty" as a play on words with the word Naught, which like his first and last name means zero, the word also being of similar pronunciation to the first syllable of the word Nautilus) is an Elite Commander of the Cyn Pro-Expansionist Military Movement, and previously the Human Seperatist Movement, descended from the Cybran National Guard Commander Jaques Rouke (the Movement's founder) born at an unspecified date approximately four hundred years after the end of the Seraphim War. He generally works as an archivist, studying the past intensively, to such a point where it is alleged he "visits the past on a regular basis". Despite having a large part of research into the technology himself, CRD Nyx has explicitly stated that such a thing is not possible, at this point and will not be in the foreseeable future.