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Species Sovereign
Full name Yth-Plaschia-Gundi
Aliases 47
Allignment Sovereign Empire
Rank Grand Commander
Gender Hermaphrodite
Age 2923
Status Alive
Body type Large, Slender
Height 198 cm/6.5 ft
Weight 59 kg/130 lbs
Relationships Harbinger Ace (Boyfriend/sex partner)

Sostra (close friend)

Balsph (former student/friend)

Military Status Inactive
Born 924 a.d.
Died N/A
Record N/A

Plaschia is an AAU pilot of the Sovus Empire. She is the sovereign who was responsible for defending Tempest during a devestating invasion. After such, older sovereigns began to refer to her as "The Storm of Home".

Her Armored Assault Unit is AAU-47 nicknamed "The Guardian".

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Plaschia was born into a military family who were known to be politically right-wing in their beliefs. She was always against their ideas and closed-mindedness, going so far to run away from home to escape it.

She eventually was kidnapped by a female sovereign who attempted to sell her as a sex slave. However, Plaschia was strong enough to break free, running across the northern province then known as Rorince to a forest. There, she met a luna immigrant named Uhu Dari.

Uhu was much more caring than Plaschia's family. She always treated Plaschia as if she was an equal, but with a parent-like aspect.

About 600 years later, Uhu died of age. Plaschia is still known to be tormented by the thought of losing someone so close.

She fell into a depression, attempting suicide at one moment. However, another sovereign, named Sostra, later found her crunched up on a walkway corner in a small town. The two became great friends later on.

Sostra is also the reason Plaschia joined the Sovereign Federation (older name of the Sovus Empire).

Major Event 1Edit

Plaschia first became widely known after a demonstration on Flarthis-V, where she destroyed a colony of the Angardials in roughly five minutes. This occurred somewhere near Earth year 1877.

Major Event 2Edit

On an undisclosed day, Plaschia was one of five AAUs sent to deal with a threat of an unknown enemy on Gallus-II. This enemy was not anything the empire have ever seen before; black armor with sharp blades protruding from the front and rear, focused plasma weaponry, glowing red cores and large beam weapons were nothing familiar to the Sovus Empire. One of the Sovus commanders died, but the enemy was driven off-planet. This would later be revealed as the Primordials.

Current StatusEdit

Plaschia is currently out of active service, vacationing on the AX-02 Stratofortress. She has common contact with others.


Plaschia has very male-like characteristics compared to most other sovereigns similar to her. Though she can act very feminine, she will get very aggressive when she feels it is necessary.

She is noted as being very sweet and kind to others, and has few known hostilities with other beings in general. Plaschia is also noted as being very open minded to things she does not know about, particularly scientific information.

In combat, however, her personality swings. Plaschia becomes very aggressive on the battlefield, using all tactics possible with minimum environmental damage to achieve victory. She is very willing to take horrible risks.

Plaschia is a very dominant sexual partner. According to Harbinger, his "only choice is to lay back and let her finish"; several other sovereigns have stated similar circumstances.


Being a Sovereign, Plaschia is hermaphroditic, having both male and female reproductive organs that resemble a human's. She bears a direct resemblance to a slender/curvy human female (as most Sovereigns do) and has dark grey/black skin, as well as the inside of her mouth is purple/magenta. She has a rare gene where her iris' are purple, versus the typical green, black or red of Sovereigns. She is 198 centimeters (6 feet, 6 inches) tall, much above the average 157 centimeters (5 feet 2 inches) tall for her species.

Plaschia is slightly "beefy", or muscular in appearance, though nothing too emphasized.

Because of biological immortality, she appears to be very young (though fully grown), despite being over 2000 Earth-years old. Note: Biological immortality refers to the inability to die of age.


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"I love him. We fight together in battle, we train each other with new tactics, and we get messy almost every night!"
―Plaschia intentionally sounding like a young, enthusiastic girl while referring to her relationship with Harbinger
"I forget the word humans use for people like her..."
―Plaschia describing Evangeline Phillips.


"I think she has a bit too much fun with me. [I'm] not saying that I don't enjoy every moment of it..."
Harbinger referring to his relationship with Plaschia.
"She's an interesting commander. However, I would say this about all Sovereigns."
―Dr. Gustaf Brackman, when asked about Plaschia.
"Looks alright. Wouldn't mind her."
―Evangeline Phillips on Plaschia
"*Various crashing noises*"
Seh'Acosis. attempting to headbutt a wall. It later admits that it was doing it to vent annoyance after hearing about Plaschia. Said wall needed to be rebuilt afterwards.
"She's with Harbinger, label her as target of political interest and blackmail ammo."
Talos Ezekiel organising his fleet's relations with the Sovus Empire, starting with Harbinger and Plaschia.


Plaschia packs a modified Armored Assault Unit with incredible firepower and strength. Boasting higher stat-readings to other walking units (such as the Cybran ACU) and more flexibility in movement and abilities, though such is with all other AAUs.

The only real differences bewteen AAU-47 and other armored assault units are the hands rotate into heavy plasma cannons.


  • Plaschia's relationship with Harbinger has been questioned many times, to which she happily answers.