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Power-Play Magazine
Species Human
Territory Main Complex on Earth

Outposts throughout the Galaxy

Government Business Corporation
Current leader Gerald "The Boss" Smithson
Population Over 200,000


Founded 3527
Dissolved N/A
Allies Seven-Hand Node
Enemies N/A
Available Reporters

Interviewers Editors


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Military Population Roughly 50,000
Strategy Talks
- Defensive: Bodyguards
- Offensive: Crude Questions


Mostly Humans, however if someone else happens to be hired (such as a Sovereign), then they are also included.


Formed sometime in the middle of the Infinite War, Power-Play Magazine has survived through the ages purely through civilian support, and the Quantum Network allowing their magazine to be accessed online. They were along the same lines as the Seven-Hand Node, a Cybran Node that operated a tri-faction smuggling ring, and the Casters, people who "borrowed" old battle Replays and commentated them to their live audience over the Quantum Network.

It began as a simple idea among a group of News Reporters and a couple of civilian friends in the UEF, the Reporters providing the experience in the official work side of it, the civillian friends providing the know-how of the Quantum Network that almost everyone in power was completely oblivious to.

People wanted needed entertainment, celebrities to gossip about, heros to worship... people of all Factions, of all types, got on the Quantum Network and frankly nobody cared about where one another stood in the War. They all went there to escape the fighting and therefore, in a completely unrelated-to-the-War-effort matter, the group petitioned for the right to contact the Cybran Nation and Aeon Illuminate and train reporters who could interview their Faction's Commanders, respectively. A UEF reporter was never going to be able to get even trivial answers out of an Aeon Knight, let alone a Crusader, nor would they be able to get any solid information from a Cybran Commander.

They were, of course, denied, even with over fifteen billion signatures (once they'd asked the Cybrans to remove their eight billion fake proxy signatures). The President at the time, however, in an unnofficial meeting told the group he would be able to make sure the government and military of the UEF turned a blind eye to their, and only their, entrepreneurial cross-Faction business as long as it didn't result in any information leaks.

Power-Play Magazine became hugely popular and sucessfull within months of the first issue being published. Since the Seraphim War, in which the magazine was put on temporary shutdown, they have once again risen to greatness. They now interview and get all the hot gossip on everyone they can from all the newer Factions as well as those within the known ones.

Their total staff has risen to around 250,000 personnel, with only 50,000 of that being bodyguards for the more risky interviews (such as Argus Yomoflach or the Void Hunters). This total number is spread out across the galaxy, among thousands of outposts (or offices) where the Power-Play Magazine employees operate and deploy from.  

Notable InterviewsEdit

These interviews with certain "Power-People" (Commanders, Leaders, and important civilians and such) were all worthy of being put on this page because of the well-known person being interviewed.


An interview with Harbinger of the Sovereign Empire.

Power-Play once managed to get an interview with the man who calls himself the Harbinger. Alice was the interviewer for this particular Q&A.

Alice: Hello, Harbinger.

Harbinger: Hello. Sorry I am late, I had a bit of... business... I had to attend to.

Alice: What kind of business?

Harbinger: Not anything I am willing to share. It's a personal matter, nothing military.


Kleph MagnusEdit

An interview with Kleph Magnus of the Sephaloazoids, or Ceph for short.

In this, possibly the first interview ever conducted with an Icenaye, Kleph Magnus shows the galaxy exactly how regretless and remorseless the Ceph seem to be. Gerald attempted this particular Q&A. The Icenaye use a form of telepathy for communication, and Kleph's "voice" was described as smooth, silky, and "divine-like", but distinctly male. No change in pitch could be detected, so it is assumed that Kleph (and possibly all Icenaye) speak in the same completely neutral monotone. 

Gerald: So, uhh... Kleph? Could you please stop spinning in that chair, you're making me dizzy.

Kleph: If you wish.

Gerald: Thank you.

Kleph: (sits down on the chair backwards and closely peers at Gerald)

Gerald: (becomes slightly agitated) Kleph, that's your name right?

Kleph: You would pronounce my full name as Klephenidus Marcoss Izul Magnitus. I go by Kleph Magnus to prevent the memory of your innefficient brains from being overwhlemed.

Gerald: I'm not sure whether or not to be offended by that... (mutters)

Kleph: I was simply stating something. No hard feelings.

Gerald: I guess the whole Hivemind would produce some decent brainpower, then?

Kleph: (nods) Yes. Telepathy such as ours cannot be achieved with the brain matter available without very serious efficiency. A single Icenaye is worth about one hundred Human brains.

Gerald: Now I know I am offended by that.

Kleph: (nods again) I understand. However there is very much a difference in what our brainpower is for. Do not be offended, Humans have a general intelligence higher than a single Icenaye at most times anyway.

Gerald: (stares blankly)

Kleph: (tilts head) Most of our brainpower is directed towards the Neural Networks. The actual amount of brain matter used for motor functions (makes intricate hand movements), thought, and learning is roughly the same amount as would be found in a Human or Seraphim brain.

Gerald: So... uh...

Kleph: My favourite colour is ice blue.

Gerald: Not orange?

Kleph: Ice blue won out by being the colour of my Exosuit trim. If I was an Elite or Assassin rather than a Guardian, then maybe it would be orange.

Gerald: That's interesting.

Kleph: I have a question.

Gerald: Sure.

Kleph: How many more of these do you have? (Holds up vintage coins from Gerald's wallet, which has been discared on the table)

Gerald: How the heck did you get that?! Give it back!


Argus YomoflachEdit

An interview with Argus Yomoflach was planned some time in the 3880s, but was cancelled after Argus and his ACU crew attempted a hostile takeover of the building on arrival. When questioned about this Argus's given reason was "I was proving my often-made point that their security is the most fuckawful mess I've ever seen, which it is, and that's coming from a guy who's seen the UEF blockade around Seton first-hand."

Neutral AssociatesEdit

Warning for some heavily implied dirtyness. Power-Play Magazine would like to remind it's viewers that the assorted magazines/sites/book series listed here are only listed so because they were mentioned by someone who was interviewed at some point.

WARNING: Younger Readers are advised away from further content. Most likely because it is R18. Revealing one spoiler will reveal them all.

Spoiler "Oh Yes Magazine" Associated with Dr. Brackman. How the Crazy Old Bastard managed to get so many pictures of Dostya, and especially like THAT, is likely to never be known. X

Spoiler "Tip of The Spear Weekly" Associated with the "Viktor", Dr. Brackman's cloned son. This amazing dirty magazine actually requests the subject of the next week's issue from it's readers... X

Spoiler "Black Sun Erotica" Associated with Samantha Clarke. This was her erotic fiction site before she was ordered by Riley (who enjoyed it very much) to change the name due to security reasons. This was in fact a BAD decision, as there was now less dead-end leads to run through to get to the real information on the Quantum Network. X

Spoiler "The Embrace of The Way" Associated with Rhianne Burke. She admitted that as a horemonal teenager, she needed to release some sexual tension, just like any other would. "I'm only human..." she would say. "The Embrace of The Way" was her most sucessful attempt and recording herself in various ways of "release". She said it was for helping young girls (of age, of course) without the need for outside help. Something to do with relationships. X

Spoiler "Conversion" A film series associated with Rhiza, Rhianne Burke, and Ivvana Dostya; produced by "Viktor". In the few short days the Princess, Crusader, and Elite Commander had together while their Factions were at peace... this happened. They met in an Aeon Temple with one of those meditation pools, and after barely half an hour of suggestive things going on, Dostya succumbed to the Aeon. None of the parties involved knew of the nano-cameras "Viktor" had used to make sure they didn't try any funny business. X

Spoiler "Spaced Invaders" A short film on the mating habits of Drunk/Drugged Seraphim (Please, don't ask) upon un-named Humans (from each Faction) and other Seraphim. Highly controversial, "Spaced Invaders" didn't last long officially on the Quantum Network. However, as always, anything that gets put on the Quantum Network tends to stay on the Quantum Network in some form or another. X

Spoiler "Eilf" A series of short videos associated with Evaluator Abigail Toth and Avatar-of-War Marxon, among other Evaluators. Eilf stands for "Evaluator I'd Like To F***" and featured a very disturbing scene with her former pupil Jaran Marxon. It was only disturbing because there were two scenes of it; one before and one after they became enemies. X