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The Primordials
The Divine
Species Drusgath (Elves)
Territory None, as of 3850 a.d.
Government Unknown, presumed Stratocracy
Current leader Foarmal Tyts (Grand One)
Population <1,000,000
Founded <2,000,000,000 b.c.
Dissolved N/A
Allies None identified
Enemies Sovus Empire
Available land, Air, Naval, S-Naval

Air: 3 only

Sea: 2-3

Land: 1-4

Exp: 4

Military Population All populous.
Strategy Cloak unveil charge.
- Defensive: Unit defense line
- Offensive: Direct charge

The Primordials, "Rohan Dumeg-Oh" in their language, is a highly aggressive faction that disappeared for over two billion years. They unveil themselves again, sparking a massive interstellar war between them and the Sovus Empire.


Drusgath are humanoid beings that resemble humans with only slight differences, such as white skin and pointy ears. They were originally hought to be related to humans, but their genetic tissue has only a 3% similarity.


The first ever recorded event of The Primordials was their assault against "Grandfather", which is now known as Tempest. They attempted genocide against the first risers due to xenophobia towards other humanoid species. The first risers hijacked many units, and began to fight back. The worldship known as "Drummdul" (The Invincible), was forced to retreat when the first risers overpowered it. This was thought to be a defeat, though ancient texts from the first risers told of their return. They were right.

Two giga-years later, a strange signal was detected outside the galactic boundary. A scout team, lead by Grand Commander Futilin (AAU-04), was sent to investigate the signal. They found a large, black triangular-shaped craft, which had no appearance of function. Futilin piloted his AAU with inertia dampeners to the ship, where he began attempting to find a way inside. After some time, Futilin decided to tear his way inside, to which he found difficult. After managing to make a huge dent, the ship blared to life, refabricating the hull and glowing in places with bright red lights. Some sort of red beam fired from a part of the ship that glowed red, ripping apart the scout ship that was sent in one shot. Futilin immediately contacted command and demanded to be returned to base, to which they worked as fast as they could. Futilin was undetected, and escaped the event unscathed.

Ever since shortly after that event, the two factions have been at war. Millions have died, and there may be no end to the conflict.



Little is known about The Primordials. Their entire population appears military, with no known commanders.


Entire population, exact population is unknown. Cloning is likely used to replace dead soldiers.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

The only known relation The Primordials has with any other faction is the Sovus Empire, to which they have been trying to eradicate for countless time.

Th Commonwealth of New Titan has expressed hostility towards them but has not opnely engaged on the offensive, though a damaged Primordial warship which drifted into their territory was destroyed seemingly without provocation around 4090.

Other factions will have hostile relations to them, but they are kept to a minimum.


All Primordial units are manned, though most have only one pilot. Those that don't are the experimental units, which have many.


No known Primordial structures exist. All units are created at The Invincible or smaller ships like it.


Tech 1Edit

  • Yhin (Search) - Land Scout: Light scout, armed with light matter phase gun.

Tech 2Edit

  • Thano (Hunter) - Assault Bot: Heavy assault bot, armed with gatling matter phase guns.
  • Athia (Guard) - Mobile Shield: Mid-grade mobile shield generator, small radius. Armed with light phase laser.

Tech 3Edit

  • Falhama (Vampire) - Siege Assault Bot: Heavy siege bot, armed with heavy gatling matter phase guns.
  • Miluth (Monster) - Quadrupod: Quadrupedal assault bot. Amphibious. Armed with phase lasers.


Tech 1Edit

  • Nigeir (Seek) - Air scout: Small scout; minor purpose. Can also function as an anti-air/anti-land interceptor, as it is armed with light mater phase cannons.

Tech 3Edit

  • Recke (Wrecker) - Air Superiority Fighter: Advanced air-to-air combat fighter, armed with heavy matter phase guns. Can attack land targets.
  • Sturm (Storm) - Heavy Gunship: Siege-type gunship, armed with heavy gatling phase guns and phase lasers. Can transport one land unit.


Tech 2Edit

  • Undel Drym (Under Ship) - Submarine Hunter: Anti-submarine unit. Armed with Wyvil torpedoes.
  • Renka Drym (Naval Ship) - Heavy Destroyer: Anti-naval destroyer. Submersible. Armed with matter phase cannons and Wyv torpedoes.
  • Fenka Drym (Sky Ship) - Heavy Cruiser: Anti-air/Anti-naval cruiser. Armed with matter phase cannons and phase laser AA.

Tech 3Edit

  • Sovol Drym (Super Ship) - Battlecruiser: Anti-naval warship, armed with heavy gatling matter phase cannons and light gatling matter phase AA turrets.
  • Fenvol Drym (Factory Ship) - Aircraft Carrier: Naval staging yard/factory. Armed with phase laser AA.


Tech 1Edit

  • Wanlist (Support) - Frigate: Orbital frigate. Armed with concealable matter phase turrets and heavy phase lasers.
  • Reckenoth (Good Wrecker) - Orbital Fighter: A larger variant of the Recke with twice as many matter phase guns and better orbital capabilities.

Tech 2Edit

  • Gilitua (Guardian) - Destroyer: Orbital destroyer, designed as an anti-ship unit. Armed with heavy, concealable matter phase turrets and light phase laser racks.
  • Fothru (Swatter) - Cruiser: Orbital cruiser, mainly used to clean areas of orbital fighters, but also used for orbital bombardment. Armed with large matter phase turrets and shockwave launchers. Utilizes shield bubble.

Tech 3Edit

  • Terrus (Titan) - Battleship: Orbital behemoth, almost has a universal purpose orbital-wise. Armed with the largest observed matter phase guns, experimental quantum-expellation artillery batteries, heavy phase laser racks, shockwave launchers and an unknown death-ray-like weapon. Utilizes stealth and a large shield bubble.
  • Tenathuu (Warlord) - Battlecruiser: Dedicated anti-orbital-ship unit, mostly against larger ships. Armed with large matter phase turrets and a quantum expellation cannon. Utilizes large shield bubble.


  • Synthosia (Terror) - Megabot: Hexapedal walker. Armed with experimental matter phase cannons and armored legs for crushing smaller units.
  • Fensotha (Horror) - Bomber: Heavy carpet bomber. Armed with quantum-expellation bombs.
  • Drauns (Quake) - Battleship/Aircraft Carrier: Submersible aircraft carrier, can carry 100 aircraft. Armed with quantum-expellation artillery cannons.
  • Hunsthi (Remorse) - Tactical Missile Ship: Heavy missile ship, armed with 5 10-missile silos. Missiles track moving targets.
  • Costra (Constructor) - Engineer: Experimental engineer. Constructs at a similar rate to an sACU.

Quotes about the factionEdit

"Fucking space elves now? Life just gets weirder and weirder these days."
Evangeline Phillips, oddly not expressing a desire to sleep with any members of the faction.
"Yeah, Argus ain't gonna like this. *giggle* Ought to be a fun show when he finds out."
Thel-Vodur in response to Phillips' comment.
"At least they stay dead. I'd still prefer diplomacy, though..."
Harbinger, when asked how he felt about destroying Primordial units.


  • The "circle" in the middle of their symbol is actually a 17-gon. Along with the septagon; this is lead to believe that there are seven military commanders with 17 field commanders. However, these are just rumors.