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Red Fog's ACU
Faction Cybran
Domain Land (Amphibious)
Type Armoured Command Unit
Role Multi-Role
Tech EX Blackops
Weight Heavy
Nickname Assassin
Height 100 Meters
Weight Unknown
Weaponry Heavy Microwave Laser

Molecular Ripper


Defense Anti-Air Lasers

Nano-Repair Systems

Additional Equipment. Red Fog's Personal Armoury
Capacity 1 - Commander

Red Fog's ACU, nicknamed the Assassin, is a Cybran Armoured Command Unit. This is a Command unit capable of extrordinary feats, in both combat and engineering.


With a custom paintjob (not seen in the photo) made to look as though the ACU is dripping blood, the Assassin inspires fear in the hearts and souls of everyone who sees it.










Featuring the latest in Cybran hardware and software, the Assassin is one of the most adaptable units in the field.


Jury-Rigged Molecular Ripper: Twice the speed of the standard model, five times the energy output, and even a blast radius at the point of impact.

Heavy Microwave Laser: Upgraded for maximum possible energy output, even beyond safely tested ranges, the new laser has a much larger range and an even greater damage output.

Torpedo Launcher: Firing quick-reload volleys of eight Krill Assault Torpedoes, the Assassin is a match for even an Atlantis or three. The Assault warheads on the torpedoes are designed for compact explosive power, dealing much more damage to critical areas beneath the armour at the point of impact.


Stealth and Cloaking: The Assassin is barely detectable even to Omni-Radar, sometimes even being forced to kick over an Omni-Sensor before it will register it's there.

Anti-Air Laser Cannons: Six AA Laser Spikes provide air cover strong enough to ward off all but the most over-prepared assaults. It may take a bit of time to destroy a full platoon of Gunships, but with the armour on the Assassin, that isn't a problem.

Armour Alloys and Nano-Repair Systems:  


Squad dynamicsEdit


Red Fog's ACU has seen many battles, including the Battle for Black Sun in Hawaii. It has seen the destruction of QAI and the rout of the Seraphim, and over the years it has been upgraded from a farily standard ACU to an experimental Blackops Class unit, customised and even more powerful than the standard fully upgraded and veteranised Blackops ACUs.

Tactical notesEdit

Very deadly. Avoid at all costs.