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The Deep HuntersEdit


Planet: Tethys-5

Story: The Deep Hunters... That is a battle I would like to forget. We saw the Fortresses coming into orbit. They were difficult to miss. They sent down those pods, and we saw those ACU-eel-things start flipping around the ocean. All of the subs and other units sent in to take them out were shredded. Then those crabs, and those other-creepy crawlies they have started coming ashore. we kept picking them off, but more just kept coming. Then those bigger creatures came out when we had thinned out the first wave. all the while, those flying sharks were straffing us, and those big shore bombarders were attacking us. Thank god the commander got us out of here before any of those freaky experimentals came at us.

Sovereign Empire - Cardassiss-VIEdit

P.O.V. Feed: Order of the Illuminate commander Vealus


-Two hours after our invasion of this cursed rock began, our gods began gating away out of fear. They never said why, but the word "Monster" came up several times. A dark command unit that seemed to represent evil and blasphemy came in through some... portal. It began building an army, faster than I've ever seen, and attacked us with Tech 1 air units. They were more powerful than any units of that honor on record. Later on, this now-proclaimed "Monster" began sending Tech 3 units at our defensive lines. These abominations of machines destroyed everything we had, and that was only the beginning... Some kind of flying triangle that was decripted as "Stratofortress" came at us. It destroyed commander Doysu's Czars faster than a spirit wisps through the air. Dishonored by this attack, Doysu was forced to flee. However, the gateway she traveled through was destroyed before she could leave, and she slipped into the abyss. I fled as fast as I could, out of fear of the same fate. Shortly before I gated away from this cursed rock, two of the gods were sent and never returned. Fear these "Sovereigns" as they are described. They are silent killers from the farthest depths of the abyss.-


The Angardials - Wrey Alpha-IIEdit

P.O.V. Feed: UEF Commander Sarah Bulkhead


-During a reconnaissance mission on Wrey Alpha-II while I was alongside my now-wife Sostra, we picked up a quantum-communication signal that had no known origin... Gah, I really don't like speaking of this event... Sostra and I tracked the signal at bearing 08. The only things we saw were massive flying ships with far too many weapons to count. My command unit couldn't properly register what the units were, but Sostra's AAU scanned them as Tech 3 and experimental "War Saucers"... They fired first, tearing our armies apart. We could only hold our ground for so long... Ugh, we outnumbered them 207 to 1!! Luckily, no one was killed during the assault. However, these are formidable foes. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT hunt them. They always see you coming, unless you're underwater... Just something to note: Sostra's AAU recorded a short video of their army. It appears that their ACUs are like gunships. They hover, they're fly... Oh, hell, what do we do...-


The Void Hunters - Seraphim IIEdit

Journal of Crusader Hellen Mar: Year 3882. 

I don't know where to begin. I will be submitting this to the Archives, for future reference of these abominations, wherever they may be needed. All the Commanders who survived that fateful battle will be doing the same. 

The Seraphim... When our glorious Princess Rhianne closed the Quantum Rift, we thought that would be the end of the Seraphim War. We were wrong. So very very wrong. More reports of Seraphim attacks were coming in every week, until we realised that they were opening smaller Rifts and sending through their ACUs and Commanders individually, slowly forming a territory big enough to be a threat, to be considered a Faction, but not enough to start a Second Seraphim War. They remain a threat to this day, but we have been culling them where we can, as to preserve future generations. 

The Siege of Seraphim II was horrible. We had finally managed to capture a squad of rogue Seraphim, ACUs and all, and had them imprisoned securely on our Core World, Seraphim II. They were, even for a Seraphim cut off from The Way, so very corrupted. Even before interrogation began, one offered to tell us everything we wanted to know in exchange for freedom, an inter-stellar vessel, and a large amount of alcoholic beverages. 

The moment Choir relayed that back to the Council, I knew something terrible was about to happen. In our foolish sense of security, the transmission was unencrypted, as we believed no enemy of ours would be on-planet, much less attempting to listen in. Again, we were so very very wrong. 

I do not know if it was that same foolish sense of security or the Cybrans' tactic of misinformation, but in the end it didn't matter. We were unprepared for the assault, our bases minimal with the tactic of not painting a target, and the assumtion we would not be needing them on our home planet.

Five Quantum signatures appeared on my screen, the OP Choir telling us all that the Council was willing to accept the deal the Seraphim had offered, while each Commander's own Choir relayed to us the details of the Quantum signatures. ACUs of unknown origins had gated onto Seraphim II, barely fourty kilometers away from the prison facility. Messala and I were the only Crusaders on the battlefield, the other seven were barely Knights; none had even been through a single OP yet. 

We had no idea who or what we were facing. All we could do was prepare and fortify our meager defences. When the Cybrans attacked, throwing a scouting force at us, we realised that with their stealth capabilities, we would be forced to go on the offensive as to prevent us from being taken by surprise by a large force. I was the one who sent spy planes over them, a whole hundred aircraft flew over their bases. 

Two Cybrans, two UEF, and one Aeon ACU faced us in battle.


The Shrouded - Destruction of AswippeEdit

POV: Seraphim Commander Thel-Vodur, transcript of after-action report.

The Shrouded... what can be said? Abominations by anyone's standards, powerful and fiendishly clever warriors too. The only warning we had was a chorus of eldritchly high-pitched wails blotting out all our terrestrial and orbital communications. None of us should have been able to hear anything on that high a frequency but we could. We were deaf, our ACUs isolated, and then they struck...

The planet's one orbital Quantum Gate simply exploded as their Command Unit passed through. It might once have been recognisable as one of our older ACU models, but they'd stolen it away and warped it into an unholy hybrid of flesh and steel that should not have existed. Some kind of Experimental-tier machine came down after it, took down Shen-Vat'haar in seconds and kept on marching. Thank the Way it ignored me. Those buildings they put up, I realise, made our architecture look reasonable by human standards, even by Seraphim standards. The army looked laughable at first - abominations of both flesh and metal charging inordinately, a disorganised rabble with no formation. Then my front line of Othuum Siege Tanks were inside their weapon range... my forces were shredded like paper. The daemons - that's all I can describe them as - simply plowed through the wreckage and kept charging forward.

My base defenses lasted longer than the tanks, almost a minute in fact. All this time their flyers were everywhere, smashing my factories and Ythothas to pieces, ripping apart the civilian buildings before they even payed heed to my forces... The harvesters came last, as I was retreating to my back-up base, or as I later found, the ruins of my back-up base. Tripedal and hovering war machines which snatched up the last living civilians from their residences with clusters of tentacles.

I don't want to talk about what I saw when I shot one of the harvesters open. All I shall say is that by this time I was the only Seraphim left alive on Aswippe. The civilians were as good as dead and my fellow warriors had fallen one by one as the living blasphemies deployed more ACUs to the planetary surface. All through this, the whole time, that screaming kept up on our communications network, on every single channel...

I managed to get a satellite uplink running. had to abandon my ACU, but I got out in an orbital escape pod for which I'd recently recieved the Nanolathe. The two nuclear self-destructs from my ACU and the pod platform took down a good hundred of those monsters. Another Faction, I can't remember which, didn't hesitate to bombard the planet from orbit with thermonuclear warheads... at least not after I finally convinced them of the danger, and after they finally got a ship through the daemons' fleet.

Zasol'tar Karresh - Battle on RathorEdit

Beginning Log…..

A table, three chairs beside the table along with a device on the table as well as a glass of water on the side opposite of the two chairs, are in a white and green room.  Two seats are occupied by a male, Nathel, and a female, Kera, both dressed in similarly colored robes as the room they were in. They spoke in hushed whispers, seeming to be waiting on someone.

“Crusader Talia watched both her fellow sACU pilot go down, and had to watch as several settlements burned to the ground by this invading force. Hasn’t she had to go through enough?” Her counterpart shakes his head, and says “They asked for a full account of the battle, and that means we have to talk with her. I don’t like this either, but –“

Nathel’s words are cut as the door opens, and Crusader Talia walks in, closing the door behind her. She wore a haunted look, like someone who had seen people be executed in front of her. And from the battle she came from, the look was quite fitting; in contrast to the bright white and green suit she wore. She takes a few steps, and says “Crusader Talia, reporting.” Kera gestures to the seat, and Talia sits quietly.

“Crusader,” Kera begins. “As I understand, you returned a while ago from a battle on Rathor. Is this correct?” Talia nods and Kera continues. “The operation was recorded as a victory by operation standards, although some call it pyrrhic at best. Many things were recorded, and from what we have seen from your ACU, something strange happened.”

Talia cuts in: “You have the recording, and my report. Why else do you need me?”

Nathel raises a hand to stall Kera before she could reply. “We are here merely to get your side of the story. The same will be done for the Knight piloting the sACU. As Kera said, something mysterious happened. Why don’t you tell us what happened, starting at the beginning.”

Talia nods, and says “I was called to gate over to Rathor around 13:00, given thirty minutes to do whatever before reporting to the Gate Room. I was told that strange readings were being broadcasted over the planet’s surface and up in orbit. Since the planet had an asteroid field orbiting it, I voiced the thought that it could have been some asteroids with strange properties. Although he agreed, the Commander still requested that I go planet-side to investigate a set of tracks delivered by Knight Jeckson, who was on the surface. After the gate was ready for the jump, I boarded my ACU, and ….”

Crusader Talia shudders and coughs as she appears at the target area. No trees were around her, and as she looked, she chuckled at the environmentalist side of her Commander. Although it is possible this site honestly didn’t have trees, those who were assigned under him always joked that he tried to keep trees intact when he fought. It was one of his many strange quirks which made him well-known among the Aeon’s Officers and ACU pilots.

“This is Crusader Talia. I’ve successfully gated to the surface of Rathor, and moving toward Knight Jeckson’s position. Will report in when more evidence comes to light….or if a battle starts. Out.” Her ACU stomps as it turns and advances toward the base. It was a short distance, the time made even shorter when Jeckson contacted her.

A helmeted head appeared in front of her, along with several pictures of tracks. “Crusader! My name is Knight Jeckson. Thank you for coming.” His hand gestures to the screen, and adds “These are the images I had taken by Spy planes and hover scouts. Also, there should be some readings of power signatures that aren’t like anything we have in the database.” He disappears while Talia reads, but she notes his excitement at the chance of coming in contact with something new, even if it might be an enemy.

An hour later, Jeckson reappears on screen, interrupting her reading. “Crusader. One of the outlying cities just reported several strange drones moving along the outside of the radar range. None of the defenses could fire on it due to it being out of range. It appeared to be going north, toward the mountains. I sent a Spy Plane after it, but it was shot down not far up the mountain.” He glances at something off-screen, and says “I’m getting a signal from another settlement. Patching it through.”

Another face appears on-screen, a well-dressed woman with panic written all over her face. Weapons are heard going off in the background as she speaks. “Knight, Crusader, we’re under attack by hostile drones. There is a great deal of them, and some of the defenses have already been destroyed.”

The Crusader frowns, and brings up an overview of the planet. Selecting the settlement, she zooms in and links to one of the bots firing on the hostile drones. She zooms in, and frowns at the first look of the drone. It was pitch-black with a swirling pattern of dark grey, boxy like UEF bots but with an extremely simplistic look. There were several drones like it attacking, and behind the trees, artillery rounds rained on the defenses. She blinks as the feed cuts, and realizes that the rest of the defenses have fallen, along with the bots dying quickly.

The Crusader glances at the screen with the leader of the city, and notes the smoke in the background, along with the increased look of panic and horror. “Help. You have to help us, Crusader!” She begs, and as Talia opens her mouth, the line cuts as an explosion is heard in the background. “We just lost contact with them….. Scratch that, we just lost complete contact with most of the cities. What are your orders, ma’am?” Jeckson asks, and Talia nods, taking a breath. “Go reinforce the capital. I’ll send as many bots as I can spare. We’ll have to treat this as a siege.” Jeckson nods and his sACU strides off for the capital city.

Before dawn, the enemy bots struck again. Alarms went off from the Omni-radar as it picks up several hundred bots of various sizes approaching the base. “Knight Jeckson, this Crusader Talia. I’ve got a large group approaching my base.” Jeckson appears, and adds “They’re attacking here as well. They’ve got some kind of massive bot, an Experimental, if I had to guess. It is causing backlash in the power systems, and some of the shields are powering down. I’ll hold as long as I can, but this situation looks dire.” Talia nods, and sets up a ferry system using available transports. “I’ll send any spare Harbingers I make to assist your defense.” Jeckson nods, and disappears from the screen. Talia turns her attention to around the base, and orders the defenses to engage. Oh, how I wish I had a Colossus right now. She thinks to herself, bringing her ACU to the front. While it moves, she looks through the mobile shield generators and notes that, along with the boxy combat drones, there was trend of increasingly elegant and more angular drones, which seemed fragile but were taking each hit in their stride as the Harbingers fire on them, along with artillery raining down on them. Planes flew overhead, both of the Aeon and the Invaders as they contested the skies.

The battle drew to a close when the sun came back up. The defenses had been broken open several times, and were barely restored before the next wave arrived, but this time, they were permanently shattered. Talia prepared for her last stand, surrounded by every drone she managed to squeeze out of the factories before they blew. Standing at the last shield generator, she waited for the hammer to fall on her island of temporary stability. With faint confusion, she heard explosions in the distance, and assumed it was the capital being destroyed. However, her confusion became more profound as the drones attacking her base suddenly began blowing themselves up. One bot, a six-legged machine, rose from the ground beneath a transport. Crusader Talia watched the machine disappear into the sky, her mouth open. She sends the bots out to investigate the area, and confirmed that all of the invading machines had blown up.

She exhaled a deep breath, and remembered the capital. With urgency, she sped towards the city, looking at the remains of several more machines, but nothing the size of an Experimental that Jeckson said was invading the city. She moved down a ramp, and noticed the remains of a sACU. She scanned it quickly, and gave a sigh of relief as she realized that it was still intact, although Knight Jeckson was injured. “Command, this is Crusader Talia. I need an immediate recall on Knight Jeckson’s sACU for medical attention. We were attacked by invading forces before they self-destructed. The capital city is still intact and surprisingly undamaged, but we’ll need to rebuild, well, everything outside of it.”

“This is Command; we’re beginning recall on Jeckson’s sACU. Do you need one as well?” Talia shakes her head, and says “No, I’ll remain here and rebuild the bases, along with making sure there are no more enemies on the planet.” Talia cuts the link, and heads back to the ruined base, beginning to rebuild…..

“…. After a while, I went out to the other cities to find survivors. All I saw was bodies of the dead, charred, broken and scattered, left where they were when they died.” Talia wipes a tear off of her face, and Kera says softly “Thank you. That is all.” Talia nods, and gets up, asking “Have you heard anything about Knight Jeckson’s condition?”

Kera and Nathel glance at one another, with Kera nodding. Nathel turns his attention to the Crusader, and says “He will live. It was a good thing you had him recalled when you did.” Talia nods, and walks out, closing the door behind her gently. Kera sighs, and clicks the device on. “Happy?” She says, and Nathel nods. “Good, because we still have one more mystery.” Kera adds.

“The message left on the sACU?” He asks, and Kera nods, bringing the device up. On it was a simple sentence, and perhaps the biggest mystery of the battle. It was written originally in binary, but the translators had turned it into legible letters.

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