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Species Sovereign
Full name Tyth-Sostra-Undul
Aliases 435
Allignment Sovereign Empire
Rank Grand Commander
Gender Hermaphrodite
Age 2180 Earth Years (in 3844)
Status Alive and well
Body type Small, Slender
Height 165 cm/5.4 ft
Weight 52.6 kg/116 lbs
Relationships Sarah Bulkhead
Military Status Retired
Born 1664 a.d.
Died N/A
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Sostra is an AAU pilot of the Sovereign Empire and a Sovereign herself. She is noted with assisting AAU-01 during a defense attempt at Ghanna-GIV.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Sostra was born in Earth-year 1664 on Tempest. Most of her life is unrecorded, though she did fall in love with a female human named Sarah Bulkhead somewhere in the 3800s.

Major EventEdit

The only major event Sostra participated in was the third defense of Ghanna-GIV, where she and AAU-01 failed to protect a key city. However, the city was evacuated before the invasion began, so there were minimum casualties. She was later sent alone to reclaim the lost city, and won by orbital bombardment.

Current StatusEdit

She is retired, though willing to return to active service if needed. She currently lives on Tempest with her lover.


Sostra is a very calm Sovereign, though hard to take seriously at certain times. She is most known for her comedy (not sarcasm, though...), as it's what she primarily does. She has no known hostilities towards anyone else of the empire or of any other species (with obvious exceptions).

She is regarded as sexually dominant by her lover, though takes such situations at a slow approach.


Being a Sovereign, Sostra is hermaphroditic, having both male and female reproductive organs that resemble a human's. She bears a direct resemblance to a slender human female (as most Sovereigns do) and has dark grey/black skin, as well as the inside of her mouth is violet. Sostra has bright green eyes that seem very welcoming and friendly to others. She is 165 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches) tall.

Because of biological immortality, she appears to be very young (though fully grown), despite being over 1000 Earth-years old.


Sostra packs a modified AAU armed with plasma casters and super-sonic fists, similar to AAU-01 and AAU-47. Typically, it's stats to other walking mechs (ie: Cybran ACUs) are off-charts. This is due to AAUs bearing dynamic movement (every limb moves in accordance to its pilot).



"I have a feeling we're not the first."
―Sostra whispering to her friends about Phillips' question.


"Interested? I don't charge anything, 'specially not to you, babe."
Evangeline Phillips offering to dance sexily for Sostra and a group of her friends.
"Her partner's name is Bulkhead? You're obviously going to need a thick skull to deal with this sort of crazy on a daily basis."
Talos Ezekiel casually insulting the pair. It was soon discovered he was not intentionally being rude and was simply voicing his thoughts loudly even where they weren't wanted.
"(What is with this race and the desire to punch things? Back in my day....)"
Seh'Acosis commenting on the Sovereign AAU, and halted before a rant began.


  • Sostra is rather famous to the Sovereign military for her lack of understanding sarcasm.
  • Her mate, Sarah Bulkhead, was born on Seton, where they met during a siege against Order forces.
  • Sostra defended Seton and Tempest against Angardial forces many times.