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"Religion is non-existent within their race"

The Sovereigns are a race of humanoid, hermaphroditic beings that originate from Tempest, a moon of a gas giant world known as Tarus.

Female silhouette

The only existing image of a Sovereign. It is thought to be Plaschia, but is unconfirmed.

General InformationEdit

Most Sovereigns are not naturally aggressive. They often think optimstically of others, while some think pessimistically. Religion is non-existent within their race. They look to science and the universe for information. A noteworthy thing of their race is that they tend to be very literal, not always understanding sarcasm or common jokes at most times (Sostra is a great example).

Most Sovereigns are very sexual, often with more that one individual.


Sovereigns have mostly human features, the only exceptions being their lower legs. Instead of having tibia and fibula bones, they have "spikes", or "horns" that protrude down.

Their bodies are naturally slender, some "curvy", bearing a female appearance. They also generally have female voices and female personalities. There are times when mutations occur, like with Balsph, whom appears and sounds male. Balsph also has no female reproductive organs. Another example is Kittyyoung, whom has no male reprodutive organs.


False depiction of a Sovereign from Seraphim archives.

Sovereigns have dark grey/black skin. Some have lines of lighter shades of grey on them, but they are hardly noticable.

Many factions, such as the Order of the Illuminate, have made "propaganda" or misguided drawings of Sovereigns due to either fear or lack of a good appearance to base off of.

Relations To Other RacesEdit

Relations that Sovereigns have vary. Most are neutral about other species, while some prefer to be away from them. About 32% of Sovereigns feel sexual attractions to other species, humans being the most common.