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'Sparring Match' - Talos VS ArgusEdit

Talos Ezekiel and Argus Yomoflach spar, with devastating results.

~~ Talos Ezekiel vs Argus Yomoflach ~~
Fighting room 2

UEF Planet Matar
Secure UEF Military Headquarters

The following passage occurs a short time after the leader of the Void Hunter fleet named the "Rogue Dragons" finalised a contract with the UEF to clear several sectors of Xegnathi infestation.

Argus was coming. Everyone knew it. Not because of some clichéd sense of foreboding or atmosphere, but because when a man is made of 75% metal and silicon he weighs a lot, so they could hear him stomping around from a bloody long way away.

The other metal giant waited in the room, arms folded, helmet grim. He had no facial features to speak of but everyone could tell he was pissed off at something. That something was finally revealed with a bang as Argus Yomoflach strode in. “You’re late.” His voice was deep and menacing, appropriate for a brutish man like himself, but it came from under his armour, slightly altered as though it was spoken through a radio.

Argus shrugged. “Better late than never, you old Cylon.”

Talos snorted. “Hmph. For your sake, I hope your fighting skills are better than your ability to insult.”

Argus said nothing, as usual. The barest hint of a smile might have been apparent on his face to some, but most of those people knew nothing about facial expressions.

Talos nodded, stepping into the combat area and faced his opponent. He cracked his neck, or would have if his body would allow it. “I’ve been waiting too long for this.” he growled, standing relaxed, side on to Argus, a fairly standard fighting stance. Argus responded in much the same manner, though in his case turning sideways didn’t do much to reduce his target area.

Argus was the first to do anything, lunging with a right hook at Talos’s head, roughly where a human’s jaw would be. Talos stepped to his right and casually shoved his elbow into Argus’s gut, causing his punch to go wide. Argus slid back slightly as he regained his balance, unfazed by the weak strike but apparently seeking not be hit by anything more serious while Talos had the advantage of better footing.

“Did you learn nothing since we last fought?” Talos growled as he threw a quick left jab at Argus’s temple, shifting slightly to prepare for a follow-up kick to the ribs.

“Apparently you didn’t either.” Argus’s voice was totally impassive, the words themselves being snide enough, as he thrust one arm in to block the kick and the other down in a knife-hand to the top of Talos’ head.

Later, one of the bystanders would swear he heard Talos smile as he watched the man duck down and simply tackle Argus, knocking him over and continuing the roll, almost landing a quick stomp to Argus’s shoulder if he hadn’t moved in time.

Argus attempted a trip maneuver in response - apparently ineffectual, but enough to throw Talos off-balance and set Argus up for a kick to the base of Talos’ spine, or whatever passed for it.

Talos held his ground, whipping around surprisingly fast and gripping Argus by the ankle in and swinging him into the wall in a single sweeping motion. He stumbled back, crouching low for the inevitable counterattack.

It never came. Argus simply pulled himself out from the wall and maintained his distance.

The metal giant slowly got up, cautiously moving backwards, towards the crates. All the bystanders in that area hurriedly moved away; Talos had a reputation for throwing people through things and none of them wanted to be his next potential ammunition source.

Argus muttered a non-sequitur about something red and continued to slide away from Talos, trying to put himself on the opposite side of the sparring area.

Talos turned his back on Argus, just for a moment, just long enough to smash his fist into the large fridge-sized crate before he sent it flying at Argus, the wall of it coming away in Talos’s fist. “They need to make these things better.” he growled. Although, he now had a weaponized shield in his right hand.

Argus’s response was to slip out of the way, allowing the cube to shatter; he then picked up a roughly triangular fragment with crudely sharp edges and charged, silent and unflinching as ever, leaping and slicing his makeshift weapon at Talos’ head as if to split the metal monster in two. Nobody really knows what happened next due to the velocities involved, except that it ended with Talos punching Argus in the throat with his shield. He couldn’t impale the man’s throat on the edge due to how he was holding it, but he could still do some damage with what he had.

As Argus’s body jerked back, he managed to kick Talos in the chin without realising it. He quickly rolled back, landing on his feet, staring without sound, raising his head to show him that the blow to his neck hadn’t done any damage as he charged again, hoping to catch the stumbling giant by surprise.

Talos tripped over the wreckage of a crate, falling on his back. He grunted in annoyance, rolling to the side and ditching his shield on the way. Argus’s charge granted him sufficient momentum to knock Talos back off-balance with his next few punches, but that didn’t last long.Talos lashed out with a kick, catching Argus in the arm and sending him twisting away long enough so Talos could regain his footing.

Argus managed to turn his sudden twist into a spinning kick, landing a light blow on Talos’ head, then went for another piece of debris from the crate and wielding it like a sword.

Talos growled again, punching the floor and ripping out a large piece of steel, spinning around and sending it flying at Argus’s midsection. Said piece of floor continued travelling for several meters, taking Argus with it, before losing momentum and depositing its target face-up on the floor.

Pressing his advantage, Talos strode forward, sending a Spartan kick at Argus’s face as he tried to get up. Despite his prone position Argus was somehow able to avoid the metal boot flying at his right eye and have it impact lightly on his shoulder instead. Springing up into a crouch position he delivered a straight punch to Talos’ chin before rolling backward into another fighting stance, again attempting to keep his distance.

Talos reeled back, grunting at the hit. “You’re improving… slowly.” he commented, before standing open. “Got anything better?”

Argus said nothing, as expected. Again, that so-faint-anyone-would-miss-it smile appeared, before the metallic colossus launched himself of the ground and forward projecting a brutal scissor kick directly into his opponent’s chest.

The Void Hunter stepped back, stabilising himself and bringing his arm up in an attempt to at least disrupt the attack. The impact caused him to stumble, ending up with him losing ground to his opponent under this renewed relentless onslaught.

Argus, in a typical display of arrogance, completely dropped his guard, focusing on delivering a flurry of punches - each individual blow was effectively meaningless but through sheer volume and speed the consistent attack began to tell, Talos becoming more and more disoriented under the endless battering.

Talos raised his arms over his head, waiting for the moment when Argus began to slow and put more strength into each individual blow, believing Talos too disoriented to recover before the next blow landed. He was forced closer and closer to the ground, feigning a gap in his defences. Argus reared back for one final punch to end the match when Talos sprang up and smashed his forearm up under Argus’ jaw, sending the man reeling back. Talos’ hand shot out and found purchase around Argus’ wrist, almost crushing the robotic appendage when he clenched his fist. He pulled Argus off-balance, then threw a punch that sent the giant man flying, the damaged arm ripping away and hanging limply in his grip.

“Huh.” he said, holding up the disembodied limb, thinking about the fact that it was probably built to a shitty standard. Talos looked over at his opponent, who lay on the ground. “Someone with a sense of humour would probably ask if you need a hand.”

For once, Argus opted not to remain totally silent. Righting himself with his one remaining appendage of manipulation he grimaced at Talos. “You win again. I really should give up at this. That’s what, the fifth time?”

“Seventh. Take less blows to the head and you might become more accurate.” Talos said, throwing him the arm. “You’re getting better, but your arrogance is still your downfall.”

“I get that a lot.” Argus was already heading for the door, sparking occasionally on the not-entirely-trivial loss of machinery incurred during the fight.

“Then it is time you dealt with it.” Talos told him, heading down the other halls. He had a mission to get to and the preparations for the ships should be complete by now. “I expect a better challenge next time, Argus. Don’t dissapoint me.”