Strategic Conquest (abrev. SC) is a forum game on Supreme Commander Fanon wiki based around the dynamics of traditional turn-based strategy RPGs.


During a chat discussion, the idea was proposed by Pschycron and approved by Slug gunner fan. It consisted of a turn based strategy thread similar to a map game with elements of a role-playing game. There are, as of yet, no major games in play.




NPC refers to a "Non-Player-Controlled" faction. These factions are, in fact, technically controlled by and admin or mod, namely InfHistoriesBot1 or the player can control both factions in accordance with the "Single Player, No Mod" gamemode rules.

Depending on the difficulty level of the game and size of the map, the number can be anywhere from one (Deathmatch) to eleven. NPCs, their Code and GDOC Index are selected by the player, or by an admin in the case of multi-user games.

This tool will randomly select species and stats for NPC factions should the player not which to choose themselves.


Main article: General Defensive-Offensive Capability Index

The GDOC level dictates the defensive/offensive of a faction. It is ranked in a descending manner, with level five being the lowest and level one being the highest. Low level GDOC factions will generally be unable to afford advanced units and buildings and will struggle with acquiring resources and high tech levels. They are colloquially referred to as "Extreme Doormat Facs", given that sometimes admins and mods will give them no defensive or offensive capabilities and they do not respond to threats or even full blown attacks as a joke.


Main article: Faction Potential Index

The Code is a property that dictates the danger a faction poses. It has three ranks:

  • Green. Low-threat status. Common among peaceful Factions.
  • Orange. Medium-level, slightly more aggressive and expansive factions.
  • Red. High-level, will not engage in diplomacy and will inevitably engage the player in war.


Using the standard credit (cd) currency, you can buy upgrades, territory and cities or speed production on units and buildings.


Depending on the GDOC and Code of the NPC species in use, the game is ranked in the following:

Dumbass' Game/TutorialEdit

All NPC players have 5-4 GDOC and Code: Green and do not attack unless provoked. Resources are extremly abundant and technology is earned rapidly. Buildings and units are finished by the next turn.

Cakewalk/Child's PlayEdit

Enemies will begin to surface, but are still very low level. Resources and technology are not as abundant. Construction Time is introduced.


Enemies of higher (4-2) GDOC rating appear and resources will not last for as many turns as in previous games. Technology progresses at a normal rate, as does Construction Time. Currency is introduced.


Orange-Code Enemies with low GDFC levels start crawling out of the woodwork. Resources have a higher chance of running out and bankruptcy is a new threat. Technology starts slowing, albeit only by a small amount.


Higher (3-2) GDOC level Orange-Code enemies appear and some resources are not available on certain maps. Technology remains the same as in Normal, but building and Unit construction times are increased.


Maximum GDOC level Orange-Code Enemies become a nuisance and resource limitation is stricter, as is technology. Units and Buildings increase in cost exponentially.


Red-Code Enemies spawn at medium GDOC levels. Resource and tech limitations are the same as hard, but building and Unit construction times are greatly increased. Maintenance fees are increased.

Obscene/"Hell NO"Edit

Max GDOC Red-Code enemies spawn with greater frequency and resources hit a great low, as does tech. Spending and Construction Time become very problematic.

Suicide RunEdit

All Enemies that spawn are maximum GDOC level Red-Codes, resources become very scarce and you begin with very low level technology and very high Construction Time. You also have a limited budget to begin with.