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This is a wiki for all to contribute to. Here you can make the Supreme Commander stuff you have only dreamed about, whatever it may be and interact with those that share your passion for this wonderful game! We allow anything that fits in the Supreme Commander canon. This wiki is completely free to use, so don't be afraid to edit.

The Galaxy is a huge place, and there's a lotta bad stuff out there. That's why we need a new force, to create and command new units across the massive battlefields of space. We need YOU. We salute you, Private.

The Dock

This panel will allow you to begin building your army. Check out The Command Center for tips, tricks and regulations.
To create a new unit, type it's name into this box.

To create a character unit, type their name into this box.

To create a new faction, type it's name into this box.

To create a new battlefield, type it's name into this box.

To create a new species, type it's name into this box.

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