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Talos Ezekiel
Dormant Talos
Species Human
Full name Talos Ezekiel
Aliases Protector


Allignment Void Hunters
Rank Elite Commander
Gender Male
Age 700+
Status Alive through Quantum Resonance Fields
Body type Mostly artificial
Height 2.5 Meters
Weight 200 Kg
Relationships Basilica Seraphine


Military Status Elite Strategist
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Record Most Xegnathi Queens killed in a solo OP

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Talos other than most of his body has been replaced over the many years to the point of transcendence. He has transferred his consciousness to AI form through unknown means. It is unknown if he was human or Symbiont before achieving this.

Early life Edit

Talos did not have an early life, according to the Quantum Network. He supposedly did not officially exist until he was past the age of 100. This is of course "Bullshit!" as Basilica kindly puts it, however there are speculations he's a corrupted D'Skarwen AI they picked up back in the First-Contact cookie exchanges.

Dr. Gustaf Brackman himself had a look at Talos's AI form code. "Oh yes, he's almost exactly like QAI, oh yes. But different. Very different." He then explained that Talos's AI form is mostly dormant and is not truly scentient yet.


Void Hunter VS Xegnathi

An exceedingly low-quality remake of the famous "Xeg-Stomp" committed by Commander Talos on an outdated breed of Xegnathi Queen

Commander Talos once famously finished a battle with a Xegnathi infestation by stomping on the Queen's head.
"Bug off. "
―Commander Talos, finishing off the Xegnathi Queen

Taking CommandEdit

Talos was an Elite Commander once. He is now in charge of Void Hunter Splinter-Fleet "Rogue Dragons" Mercenary Group. Their main contracts involve clearing sectors of Xegnathi, and are frequently in the employ of the outer UEF colonies.

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Thanks to the Quantum Resonance Fields employed by Seraphim ACUs and their integration in standard ACUs, Talos effectively stops aging the moment the field has saturated him. This effect is not permanent, however, and will wear off after some time out of the command center. Because of this, Talos spends much of his time piloting.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Talso appears to be a hulking great mech of a man. It is unknown how many internal organs are still organic, and despite his "muscle-bound" apearance, is actually quite flexible and agile.


Talos has a rather argumentative mindset, and most of the crew have agreed that he is not to be a part of any diplomatic missions unless absolutely necessary.

Faction relationsEdit

Void Hunters: Leader of the splinter-fleet mercenary group "Rogue Dragons". Most of his actions, such as glassing a Sovereign colony, don't earn him any favours from the rest of his Faction. He's rogue and they treat him as a high-end specialist Mercenary group.  

UEF: On good terms since they are often business partners. They keep the Rogue Dragons busy enough that issues don't pop up often.

Aeon: Volatile. The Rogue Dragons don't get hired so much anymore after Talos glassed an entire colony to make a point. Most of the crew agree it was as stupid thing to do; the Aeon should have known better than to provoke a Void Hunter. Although a lot of them agree that Talos did go slightly overboard with the glassing. 

Cybran Nation: Quite well. Talos visits there frequently for software and hardware upgrades. Doesn't get hired much as the Cybran Nation does not often have problems with the Xegnathi, but he regards the Symbionts to be like family.

Sovereign Empire: Same as the Aeon, Talos glassed an entire colony to make a point. The empire has promised to reward any commander with a full set of Nanolathes if they capture Talos alive and bring him to a Sovereign-controlled world.

Najiur Jara'shital: Talos views them as more bugs to be crushed underfoot and has actively attempted to contact Zasol'tar Karresh Queens to organise a contract. When asked why not go to the Najiur Jara'shital for contracts, he replied that the Najiur are bigger, and therefore will fall further. He also has some personal reasons which he refuses to share.

Deep Hunters: Talos has accidentally mistaken the Deep Hunters for Xegnathi and Angardials a few times. Fortunately contact was made before combat began on both occasions.

Personnel relationsEdit

Basilica Seraphine: Talos is trying to teach her how to use strategy a bit more, despite the fact she pilots an ACE rather than an ACU. Other than that, he despises her quite a bit.

Argus Yomoflach: The two of them regularly get into arguments whenever they meet on the Comms. Basilica likens it to "Showing of their augs like its a dick-slinging competition." They rarely meet and when they do the tension in the air shows they're holding back from brawling.

Kleph Magnus: Kleph has learned about Omni-Sensors since meeting Talos. Kleph has also learned some shinys are not to be grabbed.

Harbinger: Talos first met him in as his charge in a bodyguard contract. The two became enemies from the moment Talos made a comment about Harbinger being scrawny (despite his physical apearance). However they worked together well, until the unfortunate event in which Talos glassed a Sovereign colony. Now if they get intel on each other's locations they will actively attempt to hunt each other down.

Tuethis: They have worked together one or two times, but try to avoid each other after the times when the Deep Hunters were mistaken for the Xegnathi. Few arguements, fights, or other things that bother humans have actually occured, and the few that have do not impact the Deep Hunters' trust.

Jacob Damocles: They hate each other, due to differing views on almost everything, and an incident in which Jacob "accidentally" lit Talos on fire. That's the story behind the burns on Jacob's face, and why the only interactions the two since then are strictly business.

Evangeline Phillips: After they first met, a casual remark from Talos sealed their relations to mutual dislike for the foreseeable future. Relations further degraded after Talos caught Eva attempting to access the ship's network and threw her through a window. Since then, Talos has put a restriction that she isn't allowed on any Rogue Dragon ship without an EMP collar.


Described as "Volatile, honest, and downright aggressive," by multiple Aeon (three of whom have become one with The Way), Talos is a direct brute with enough devious intelligence to be considered a sociopath, but also the sheer violence to be considered a psychopath.

A general consensus was made that he is generally an anti-social person who will speak his mind no matter the situation. He has, repeatedly, almost caused civil war among the Void Hunters. Another general assumtion is that one of his hobbies is throwing things and people through windows.


Augmentations: Talos has literally become more machine than man. He can actively transfer his center of consciousness to a computer. However once inside he cannot get out again without outside help.

Void Hunter ACU: Talos pilots an ACU that has seen more Xegnathi battles than any other. He has even used it in a solo OP to kill twelve Queens, a feat which has remained unmatched by any single Commander. Talos's ACU is a custom model: it has been upgraded with dual T3 Engineering Suites and has gotten enough Battle-Optimization upgrades over the years it is capable of supporting both the Resource Core and Armour upgrades.


Various quotes by and about Talos Ezekiel.


"Bug off."
―Talos preforming the famous Xeg-Stomp
"I don't really give a damn about your civilians."
―Talos responding to the Sovereign Empire's pleas to stop firing upon a defenceless colony
"Listen here, squid, you want to grab someone you go grab one of your own species."
―Talos, before throwing Kleph Magnus through a window into one of the ACU Hangers on his flagship. Kleph had just attempted to grab Talos's "Shiny" jaw
"I know you lot are angry for what I did. I know you want to destroy me and my fleet. I was angry at what you did. I wanted to destroy your entire colony."
―Talos sending a calm transmission to Harbinger after glassing the Sovereign colony
"If I have to go down there myself I will be bringing Helios."
―Talos reminding one of the Commanders under him that he doesn't care for collateral damage. Helios is the flagship of the Rogue Dragons, capable of storing two ACEs.


"Are you boys done comparing your overcompensators yet? I have a fight to get to in five minutes and I need the Comms panel."
Basilica Seraphine commenting on a transmission between Talos and Argus.
"... bad ... shiny ..."
Kleph Magnus, after falling over a hundred meters to the Hanger floor.
"No. Just no. The person who will sleep with giant insects says no. That should tell you all that you need to know about this guy."
Evangeline Phillips on Talos
"Hey, I remember him! I fixed his ACU after a battle once. I switched some relays around because he was a douche. I made it so instead of punching, his ACU would give hugs. He beat me up."
Jacob Damocles during an interview.
"(Must be nice, having a massive mech designed around your own anatomy, and to be able to link directly to it whenever. We tried that once...... May the Queens rest their souls.)"
Seh'Acosis, envious toward the ACU that Talos uses.
"Let's dance, bitchie. One on one, whatever planet of your choosing. No alternate units besides your command unit."
Harbinger accepting Talos' challenge.
Plaschia, enraging when asked about Talos.


His name comes from the Greek protector, Talos, and the Hebrew name Ezekiel, the Almighty.