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Technosan Empire
Species Human.
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Government Empire.
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Population 8 billions.
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Allies Vinland Republic, FONE.
Enemies (former) Vinland Nation.
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Strategy Defensive, with offensive attacks.
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The recently founded Technosan Empire is a Empire based in the east of the galaxy, near the sector Alpha-X-4.

It has already achieved fame by selling newly created weapons.


The Technosan Empire is situated in the far east of the galaxy, near the Alpha-X-4 sector in an asteroid field.

The biggest asteroid (which is the size of Mercury), is where the capital of the Technosan Empire is situated.

The Asteroid is the largest remnant of the Earth-sized planet Omicron M-8U, and was destroyed after a Nuclear accident hundreds years ago, leading to the downfall of the Technosan Federation.

About half of the planet's population was obliterated, and only a quarter of this half stayed long enough to colonise the biggest remnant of the planet.

They built a city, wich they called "Blue Light", mainly because of the colour of the reverberation of the system's star near on the Asteroid rocks.

Asteroid city by AKIRAwrong

The capital of the Technosan Empire.



One of the Technosan Empire's unique features is that the higher an individual climbs on the hierarchy's ladder, the more bio-mechanical body parts they are given. These bio-mechanical parts will help them control their vehicles and thus, creating extremely efficient pilots. The Technosian empire is a technocratic, which means the people living with in it's realm bow only to the "Arch-mechanon", the ruler of the Empire.


War-gear, military power.Edit

Despite being recent, the Technosan Empire already wields a powerful arsenal and military fleet.

Their main tank is the AMX360, a heavy tank built in the purpose to destroy and to defend heavily fortified positions.

The Technosan Empire now rule over the (former Vinland Nation) Vinland Republic and the FONE  (Federation Of New Earth) after defeating them in a 40 year long bloody war, where about several billion people died, mainly civilians.

The victory over the Vinland Nation was the bloodiest of all and only ended when the Technosian Navy managed to push an Asteroid over the homeworld of the Vinlanders.

The defenses of the capital were sufficient enough to destroy enough parts of the Asteroid in order to protect the main part of the planet, but the capital of the Vinlanders was utterly destroyed, thus leading to their downfall.

Their closest ally is the Universal Federation who gets them most of much needed technology.


The fall of the Vinland Nation.



Tech 1Edit

Power Generator XPVG-87.

Basic Naval Base NB-44.

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Tech 1Edit

The AMX360 is the main tank of the Technosan Empire.

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Tech 1Edit

The core of the Federation Air Fleet is the WXMU-400, a fast but maneuvrable and solid airplane.

It's ugliness has been mocked by many of the Federation ennemies, but never for long.

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Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit

The Technosan Empire strongest Battleship is the Exterminator-class Dreadnought.


Interfaction RelationsEdit