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Controlling Faction(s) Sovus Empire
Distance From Planet 1,552,090 kilometres (periapsis)

1,596,902 kilometres (apoapsis)

Moon Class Terrestrial
Discovered 3848 (human discovery)
Population 2,000,000,000
Destroyed? No.
Major Orbital Stations Titan of Vengeance

VX-06 Relay

Diameter 13,914 kilometres
Surface Gravity 1.1 g
Atmospheric Density 1.235 atm
Atmospheric Composition

59% Nitrogen

37% Oxygen

3% Sulfur Hexaflouride

0.8% Carbon Dioxide

0.09% Iodine

0.08% Various Noble Gasses

0.03% Hydroxyl Acid Vapor

Terrain Dense Forest, Dark Forest, Ocean
Notable Locations Sov-O' Command

Seal of Infinity

Notable Species Sovereigns, Gundarians, Durrpos, Halos
Homeworld of Sovus Empire

Tempest, a world of ocean storms and darkness, is one of the farthest moons of the gas giant Tarus. It is home to the Sovereigns and another sentient native species called Gundarians.



Most of Tempest is covered in ocean, rather similar to Earth. However, its land is dominated by large green and tan forests, consisting of over 1000 different tree species. The native life is also recorded at over 14 million different species recorded, with more being found all the time.

Sovereigns took the northern continent as their home and flattened out the forests. The entire continent is now the largest city of the Sovus system, known as Sov'O.


Tempest follows a base set of laws that the entire empire must abide by. The rules set up an economic system entirely reliant on the people to work in various situations to contribute to others, while receiving benefits from doing so. The system is quite similar to a democratic socialist government, but currency is seen as a bonus to have, not a necessity.

The election system is a basic democratic election system that forbids fundraising, advertising lies and insults. There is no descrimination in who can run for government. As well, anyone from any world can run without needing to ever leaving the world they are currently on.

Planetary DefensesEdit

The moon utilizes many unmanned orbital battlestations and orbital fleets to guard it. About 2000 Hive-class battleships are known to orbit the moon at various inclinations.

Sov'O has many concealed turrets and units for defending it against incoming attacks. The city is also always protected by a supermassive shield generator, which the shield has no appearance until struck. Relays are set up all over the planet to detect incoming threats before they arrive.


Only one city exists on Tempest, the largest single city in the empire; Sov'O. It hosts all of its 2+ billion occupants, who are actually not cramped together. The city itself resembles that of Cybran cities with floating pylons and screens displaying various programs, ranging from advertisements to news.

Oceanic DefensesEdit

Torpedo systems and T3 submarine hunters line the coastlines of the northern continent, defending against submerged attacks. Strategic missile battleships lay submerged in shallower waters to defend against large enemy units such as an Ethylsdwon.

Due to the Act of Wildlife Protection, no oceanic defenses line any other continent or anywhere else on the moon.

Tempest map

A geological map of Tempest, created in 3855 a.d.


  • The northern continent does not actually have a name, nor do any others.
  • Most of the time, Tempest is covered in clouds. Hurricane-like weather occurrs often along the equator.
  • Tempest has no axis.
  • It also rotates retrograde to its orbit.