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Thanos Alpha
Thanos Profile
Species Electrites
Full name Thanatos "Thanos" Alpha
Aliases Mimic
Allignment (unnamed faction)
Rank Commander


Gender N/A Assumed Male
Age Unknown

Presumed 400+

Status Alive
Body type Nanite Construct
Height 5+ Meters
Weight 1 Ton (assumed)
Relationships None currently.
Military Status Diplomatic
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Record First Non-Hostile Contact

Biography Edit

Thanatos "Thanos" Alpha is a former Elite Alpha Electrites Commander of the (unnamed faction). He does not have a gender, per say, but is referred to as male based on mannerisms and psychological gender. 

Being an Electrites form, Thanos is a techno-organic Nanite Construct capable of assimilating Neuro-patterns and DNA for information on a species.

Early life Edit

Thanos began life slowly, as all Alphas do. The Betas, the drones that make up around 90% of the (unnamed faction)'s military, are mostly repressed consciousness's. Thanos began to experience awareness after surviving several battles, and eventually refused an order.
Thanos Alpha

Thanos and a soldier having a ceasefire long enough to attempt communication.

This lead to being dragged back to the Swarmworlds in a cage, where eventually everything was explained to him and his consciousness expanded, causing him to become an Alpha and allowed him the right to a name. He chose Thanatos.

Engaging in HostilitiesEdit

The Swarmworlds had begun to dwindle in supplies, and the Hive needed more resources to survive. Thanos was tasked with invading a UEF-controlled world on the fringe of their territory. He managed to swiftly overwhelm the few defences the colony had, and personally lead the charge into each populated area. After killing a large portion of the citizens personally, he had assimilated enough DNA and neuropatterns to understand and anticipate their species better.

This also lead to him questioning why they must kill these creatures.

First ContactEdit

Thanos had been given another assignment: take down a Cybran-controlled world on the fringe once again. He was quite surprised at the level of resistance, being forced to slip out of his Combat Form and infiltrate the colony alone while his forces retreated and diverted the ACU's attention.

He eventually came upon a squadron of exosuited soldiers and tried to communicate with them. The process took a long time and Thanos suffered several damaging wounds throughout the encounter, but they eventually had a ceasefire.

Thanos wanted to learn more, as his thirst for knowlege felt unquenchable, and demanded a list of planets near the Swarmworlds rich in metal. At first his demands were taken as signs of aggression; then he finally explained that he needed to divert the Hive away from populated worlds if their ceasefire was to work.

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Thanos is on a mission of contact, and is doing his best to divert the Hive to uninhabited worlds.


Thanos is currently the only Electrites form attempting communication with other intelligent species. This makes him a bit of a scientific curiosity as most Electrites forms disintegrate upon death.

Faction relationsEdit

UEF: Unknown. Appears to be hostile, however Thanos has had little chance to communicate with the UEF since his first mission as an Alpha.

Cybran Nation: Good terms. Thanos is aquiring plentiful information from the various Nodes he visits.

Aeon Illuminate: Unknown. They do not seem to have made First Contact yet.

Order of the Illuminate: Unknown. They do not seem to have made First Contact yet.

Seraphim: Unknown. They appear to be hostile towards each other, although that may be attributed to Thanos's Factional allignment.

Personnel relationsEdit

Amalia Stone: Unknown.

Argus Yomoflach: Unknown.

Basilica Seraphine: Basilica has taken on the role of Tanos' "handler" occassionally. One such occasion was when she took Thanos on a trip to the Titan of Glory, a Sovereign Empire Battlestation. Their relationship is not one of friendship, but of mutual understanding.

Balsph: Unknown.

Harbinger: Harbinger and Thanos had never had actual contact until Basilica brought Thanos to Harbinger while she was on a visit to see Harbinger's partner, Plaschia.

Plaschia: Plaschia and Thanos have not met, although she observed him in a combat situation and finds him to be a bizarre and interesting, yet ballistic and unstable creature. She has voiced her interests in studying Thanos.

Talos Ezekiel: Unknown.

Kleph Magnus: The two have a mutual curiosity of each other, a mutual inability to recognise social boundaries, and currently have great respect for each other, surprising many people.

Evangeline Phillips: Unknown.

Jacob Damocles: They have met during combat, and both express intrest in each other on studying each other. Jacob has a single nanite, and is attempting to discover how to use it.

Seh'Acosis: Unknown.

Tal'Hithur: Unknown.


Thanos is very inquisitive and because of his great durability, he can survive most infantry-based onslaughts long enough for the attackers to realise he isn't fighting back.

Thanos can be very intimidating and is quite defensive of his people, and often asks questions that could be considered offensive or taboo by the locals due to his inexperience with other cultures.

He is said to speak in a semi-telepathic semi-sonic way, with a rasping razor-like "voice", along with machine-like growling, purring, and shrieking.


Nanites: Thanos is a Nanite Construct, and is capable of cycling through various forms quite quickly. Like most Electrites, when agitated his movements become more violent and energised. This tends to cause lots of damage very quickly to whatever environment Thanos is currently in.

Combat Form: Thanos must enter a Combat Form in order to wage ACU-scale warfare. The Combat Form is essentially his ACU, a much larger 120 Meters tall version of him. While it cannot shift forms, it is still just as agile as his natural form.




"My shiny!"
Kleph Magnus leaping on Thanos the moment he sees him.
"It moves!"
Kleph Magnus in surprise after Thanos shrugged him off.
"He is the Living Shiny. He is his own shiny."
Kleph Magnus, stating his deep respect for Thanos. The feeling was discovered to be quite mutual.
"This might not get very far through your thick skulls, but the combat initiative of this creature and his species is far more efficient than you think. Do not engage in ACU warfare if you have not had time to set up defences, and do not engage them in melee combat without shields and armour upgrades on your ACU."
Talos Ezekiel giving a lecture on fighting Electrites in the field.
"He seems very interesting... The fact that he can change so easily. If I can somehow meet him, I would love to do so."
Harbinger, when asked about Thanos.
"Most unusual. *giggle* I wonder if it can be stabbed."
Thel-Vodur upon hearing about Thanos for the first time.
"Go on then. I bet you can't get within ten feet without dying once he sees you as hostile."
Basilica Seraphine telling Vodur he has no chance.
"Incredible reflexes, shape-shifting and an above ACU-sized combat mechanism? We must study one of its species immediately for nanotech research purposes. If that requires killing this one, exterminating the rest of the species, or even glassing every planet we come across that has even one of these things' component nanites on it, then that is what shall be done."
―General Drell Catharsky of the Commonwealth of New Titan upon learning of Thanos' capabilities and the fact that he is a nanite construct.


  • Thanos is based on the Alpha Mimic seen in Edge of Tomorrow (a film based on All You Need Is Kill)
  • Thanatos was the Greek/Roman god of death. He was the "Grim Reaper" of their world.