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The Cloned Princess
Rhianne Burke
Species Human
Full name Rhianne Burke
Aliases The Aeon Bagby

The Enthusiastic One

Allignment Aeon


Rank High-Tourist
Gender Female
Age 18 Years
Status Alive and well
Body type Healthy
Height Average
Weight Average
Relationships Ivanna Dostya
Military Status Espionage
Born 3847
Died N/A
Record Four Factions in 24 Hours

Princess Rhianne Burke sacrificed herself twice, once with Black Sun and once to close the Quantum Rift, in order to save humanity. What she never realised was that in her first meeting with Dr. Gustaf Brackman, the old Cybran had taken a sample of her tissue and with it the ingredients to create a clone of the Aeon leader.

Around about 15 years later, the young Aeon orhpan named Rhianne in honour of the Princess got told that she was the Princess!  

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Rhianne's early life was fairly unremarkable for an Aeon orphan of a recognisably powerful lineage. She was raised in a rather large but loving family and became a priestess around the age of eight years old, before taking such an interest in the other factions that one Evaluator even joking said it was an "Unhealthy obsession with the outside world."

First of many major eventsEdit

At the tender age of 14, the young girl was included in a very small class group who were going on a field trip to meet the father of the Cybran Nation himself, Dr. Gustaf Brackman. At first the old man didn't recognise the bright inquisitive and overly-cheerful face he was greeted with, but arranged for a private meeting with her and the Evaluator in charge of the trip while the others were having lunch. It was then that Rhianne discovered she was in fact a clone of the late Princess Rhianne Burke, and in order to protect her new identity, she would have to say she was a cousin of the Princess named in her honour (if anybody asked).

The second major eventEdit

Rhianne took it upon herself to visit and indulge in the culture and civilisation of as many different peoples as she could. Essentially, she became an intergallactic tourist. She visited many Aeon worlds with different environments and climates, a flurry of Cybran Nodes, a large handful of UEF settlements, everything she could access without getting herself killed.

Current StatusEdit

Alive and currently spending a month or two in the Red Skull Node of the Cybran Nation. She'd heard the many myths and legends of the man known as Bagby and decided to pay a visit to the boisterous Node.


Rhianne has been described by those she's visited as a strong woman with an amazing amount of charisma, a near unparalleled understanding of The Way and psycology, and a tone of fearlessness and willingness to try new things that have earned her the title of "The Aeon Bagby". Rhianne goes by an innocent-until-proven-guitly mindest, and is friendly to everyone she meets, a wide smile almost never leaving her face. If a conflict could be solved with a drink and a game of cards rather than a fistfight or bar brawl, she'll take to the peaceful option with gusto.

Due to her hyperactive curiosity and seemingly infinite levels of energy and cheerfulness, and very short attention span, Rhianne was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. She has been making progress towards controlling herself, spending longer and longer in the meditation pools before growing restless.


"Home-Sweet-Home", the Modified UEF Civilian Truck that Rhianne uses as a mobile home for whenever she hasn't got a place to stay. A very comfortable and large living space, with tones of decor from every corner of the galaxy. Also has a large storage bay for all the things Rhianne collects in her adventures.

Plasma Sword: A gift from Red Fog when Rhianne visited the Assumta Node. It was meant for Ivanna, but Rhianne got a replica as a souvenir.

Aeon Robes: soft, silky, smooth, warm, comfortable, the robes Rhianne has had since her days as an orphan have served her well over the years. The material has the amazing quality of being more adaptive than a Cybran, seeming to change qualities based on the environment after some time exposed to the elements.

Cybran Trenchcoat: a badass, fashionable, and very hardy Cybran coat Rhianne bought from the Three Rivers Node after its reconstruction. It is an adapting peice of clothing, much like her Aeon Robes, although to a lesser degree and mostly through technological means.

Seraphim Thingamabob: Rhianne doesn't know what it is, or how it works, but it appears to be a model of a Seraphim Air Factory with all the little floaty bits. Experimentation with it has resulted in a lot of time being wasted.

Void Hunter Starship Model: Rhianne started a small collection of starship models after visiting the Void Hunters (in particular one of the few ships that actually allowed visitors), and buying a miniature "Oblivion's Angel" from the souvenir shop.

Aquarium: a large tank build into the wall containing several species of colourful tropical fish courtesy of the Deep Hunters. Rhianne traded a large amount of fish-food and Cybran Bio-Sustanance gel for them.

Awesome Helmet: a gift from Kleph Magnus himself, although the helmet in question was taken off an unaware Commando Squid at the time. It is suprisingly well-fitting, allowing Rhianne access to 98% of the oxygen she exhales, meaning she could swim underwater almost indefinitely using it.