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Species Human
Full name Ivanna Dostya
Aliases The Rebel


Allignment Cybran Nation


Rank Elite Tourist
Gender Female
Age 18
Status Alive
Body type Healthy

Wiry muscled

Height A little below average
Weight Average for her body type
Relationships Rhianne Burke
Military Status Espionage
Born 3847
Died N/A
Record 13 disasters avoided in 24 hours

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Ivanna was born after her mother died fighting the Seraphim, and was adopted into a good family. Unknown to her, she was watched over by Bagby almost every hour of the day.

The first of many major eventsEdit

After she found out she was a clone of the greatest Cybran Commander who ever lived, she recognised the need to keep her true identity a secret. Constant prodding by her classmates in school over the years had led to her developing a rebellious attitude, but also a slightly cautious one, reminiscent of her mother.

Second Major EventEdit

At the age of 15, Ivanna was summoned for a meeting with Dr. Brackman, where she discovered she wasn't the only clone of a hero. She was a little dissapointed to learn that the other hero was in fact Princess Rhianne Burke, but was more than surprised to discover how enthusiastic her daughter was.

On their 17th birthday, the girls decided to go on a big galactic tourist-trip.

Current StatusEdit

In the middle of a hangover in the Red Skull Node. Bagby had saved her a bottle of Vodka from one of his previous raids against the UEF when the Infinite War was still on.


Described as rebellious and almost aggresive to the point of attacking strangers who startle her, Ivanna still has nightmares about a memory that isn't hers; dying in a thermonuclear explosion. Of the pair, Ivanna is the one who will actually do a risk asessment before leaping into a situation. She is generally grumpy most of the time, or sarcastic to the point where people don't know if she's joking or not.


Full Cybran Wardrobe: actually a large suitcase containing most of Ivanna's clothes from home. She needs a few more outfits than Rhianne does, as while some of it is made for certain conditions, it isn't very adaptable clothing.

Plasma Sword: a gift from Red Fog, it is hers by right as her mother was once Chaislain of the Assumpta Node. And yes, it is an actual proper Chaislain Plasma Sword.

Ski-Goggles: a ski-mask shaped HUD device commonly used by un-augmented Commandos. Ivanna generally uses it whenever its raining, because she can see clearly now the rain has gone off the hydrophobic surface of the goggles.