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The Dawn War occurs at the dawn of the year 4000, in which the forces involved in the Infinite War simply... vanished.

With so many newly defenceless colonies lying around, the entire galaxy is up for the taking. All military presence of the United Earth Federation, Cybran Nation, Aeon Illuminate, Order of the Illuminate, and the Seraphim are gone.

It is the dawn of a new era, and a new war.


Version 2.0 as thought up by Basilisk Centauri

THIS IS AN AU COMMUNITY TIMELINE: Nothing that happens here is expected to be taken into account when writing articles unless a "Dawn War" tag is used. This will prevent confusion when reading other articles and keeping continuity in check.

Players With Multiple Factions: Keep them in character and no abusing them for personal advantage. Yes, they might be allies but to be honest it is simply bad sportsmanship and Galactic Anomalies may occur if things get too bad. Please keep this in mind when co-ordinating multiple Factions in this war.

Turns: Time dilation among other things (general procrastination) leaves each Faction roughly ONE move/OP per year. Respect each others moves and if you disagree with them say so on the talk page. A notification will be put at the contested command until the issue is resolved. Otherwise please refrain from making moves until every Faction in the war has made that year's move or stated no move will be made. Exceptions can occur.

Turns (Part II): As some moves will be dependant on other Factions responses, the next turn must contain the response as well as whatever their move was. For example, if the Void Hunters in the year 4000 sent a contact to the Deep Hunters to request confirmation of Alliance despite the new state of the galaxy, the Deep Hunters need to respond in the year 4001 with whatever their response is.

Turns (Part III): Conflicts will be discussed, executed, and the results displayed in the following year. For example; the Zasol'tar Karresh and Najiur Jara'shital make contact and get into a battle in the year 4006, the results of the conflict and the following actions will be shown in the year 4007.

Details: A "Dawn War: The Forgotten Files" page will be made where if you so choose to, you can put in as much detail as you like in a short story. Remember to put a header detailing the Faction, Action, and Year the story is at.

Conflict: As conflict is inevitable, it is up to the players to discuss, roleplay, argue, WHATEVER, to mutually decide the outcome of the conflict. Otherwise we'll use a few dice rolls with some key factors to decide the victor.

Have Fun. If any other examples are needed of how this could work check out this little gem made by Slug gunner fan. That article was the inspiration for the Dawn War. (At some level).


The Dawn War begins on the 2nd of January, 4000. No biological or technological records exist of the 1st of January, 4000, and as such nobody knows why the players of the Infinite War are gone.


The Dawn War begins.


Archivers: Begin documenting a new era...

Void Hunters: Immediately notice the disturbing lack of Cybran, Aeon, UEF, and Seraphim military. Sends scouting/contact fleets to the Deep Hunters, Sovereign Empire, and Tritonyan Consulate. Main fleet begins to head towards Earth. Two scouting fleets sent ahead of the fleet to the Sol system to see if the UEF is completely gone.

Sephaloazoids: Half of the fleet wakes up on Orionis, no Aeon civilians in sight. Begins scouting all the settlements on the planet, finding nothing. They assume the Aeon simply left and contact the rest of the fleet at Kryos Alpha.

Power-Play Magazine: Don't realise anything is wrong until UEF Command John Smith doesn't turn up for an interview. Attempting to call all of their listed contacts from every Faction. No response from UEF, Cybran, Aeon, or Seraphim contacts.

Deep Hunters: Atlantis colony awakens.

Zasol'tar Karresh: Slow expansion into Cybran space begins, and any Quantum Gates are disabled and locked down.

Najuir Jara'shital: Aggresive expansion into Aeon space. Hunt begins in earnest for the Zasol'tar Hives.

Sovereign Empire: Attempting communication to secondary territory and Lusanki Federation. Beginning defensive strategy, awakening military assets, and starting fortifications.

Trionulant Consulate: Communications lost, they begin to fortify their homeworld against a supermassive ship of unknown origin that appears to be heading their way.

D'Skarwen Hegemony: Remain unaware of events. (No actions)

Xegnathi: (Awaiting Ork's or Slug's command)


D'Skarwen Hegemony: start pushing into where the UEF used to be and setting up massive factory-fortress worlds everywhere, as usual.

Deep Hunters: accept void hunter alliance, and continue fortification of earth.

Xegnathi: keep pushing into Aeon space from below the galaxy a little at a time.

The Hive: Pop up on Earth and attack the Deep Hunter's newly-awakened Atlantis colony. Try to actually capture and fortify it rather than just raiding, which is odd.


Make a paragraph for the CURRENT statuses of your Fanon Factions. That's why this section is at the bottom; because it's current.

Archivers: Sitting around and simply observing.

Void Hunters: En-route to Earth. Fleet at full strength. Alliances: Deep Hunters (awaiting confirmation from contact fleet). Attempting to contact the Sovereign Empire, Deep Hunters, and the Tritonyan Consulate.

Sephaloazoids: Sitting around on Kryos Alpha and Orionis. No alliances currently.

Power-Play Magazine: Attempting to contact everyone in their phonebook. No alliances currently.

D'Skarwen Hegemony: Von-neumanning the hell out of former UEF space.

Zasol'tar Karresh: Expanding into Cybran space in order to delay enemies.

Xegnathi: ONOMNOM

Najiur Jara'shital: Expanding into Aeon space aggressively. Hunting the Karresh and Zasol'tar Hives.

Sovereign Empire: Attempting communication to secondary territory and Lusanki Federation. Holding ground at Tempest until contact can be reestablished. Military at maximum strength (AAU-01 cryo-frozen). Communications to Cybran Nation and UEF officially lost.

Lusanki Federation: No trace of existence. Strange anomaly detected at Ghanna-GIV.

Trionulant Consulate: Communications to Sovereign Empire lost, super-massive ship of unknown origin approaching homeworld.

Primordials: Successful eradication of all life on Ghanna-GIV, awakened for the first time in over a billion years. Moving to Trion.

Deep Hunters: allied with void hunters, currently fortifying earth.

The Hive: Attacking ancient ruin sites all over the galaxy.