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Somewhere in the Universe of Supreme Commander there is a force so powerful that they make our modern army look like toys but when they encountered the UEF, the Cybrans and the Aeon forces, they failed miserably and you know why? Cause this force are from the very horrors of Supreme Comanders terrible sequel...Supreme Commander 2s UEF, Cybrans and Aeon force.

How The Heck Did This Happen?Edit

When the Seripham failed there attack against the combined might of the UEF, the Cybrans and the Aeon forces. The Seriphim thought of an another idea to defeat their foes, using the flawless logic that is "futuristic stuff always beats past stuff" they created a time machine to travel to the future, mind control the future UEF, Cybran and Aeon forces and send them to battle, what could go wrong?

The First Attack of Supreme Commander 2Edit

To be Continued