Thunder God
Faction Sovereign Empire
Domain Land (Amphibious)
Type AAU (combat-equivalent of an ACU)
Role Offensive, Engineer
Tech Experimental
Weight Heavy
Nickname Thor
Height 132 meters
Weight >30,000 tons
Weaponry x4 light anti-shield plasma cannons

x6 light coilguns

x1 heavy railgun

x2 deployable, rotating swords

x2 flame casters

x2 lightning cannons

x2 magnetized grip forces

Defense Heavy Armor, evasive movement
Additional Equipment. Nanolathe construction suite
Capacity 1 (pilot)

The Thunder God is a ridiculously overpowered experimental Armored Assault Unit created by many Sovereign commanders and scientists. This is a direct fire, indirect fire, construction and command unit.



The design of the Thunder God is based off of the Mk 2 Armored Assault Unit, with increases of the overall height, engineering, resource generation and weaponry. It was designed to move as its pilot does, just like the Mk 2 AAUs.




No ranged defensive weaponry exist on the Thunder God.


The Thunder God has no direct defensive weapons, but can easily dodge most projectiles and slow missiles by jumping or rolling out of the way.



The Thunder God possesses four gatling anti-shield plasma cannons, two mounted on each wrist. They do some damage against lower-tier units, but little to nothing once higher-tier units appear. They can angle to face towards eachother to form flamethrowers.

The plasma cannons can exchange places with six gatling coilguns, three on each wrist. These coilguns are heavier than the plasma cannons, but are not as effective nor accurate as the plasma cannons.

The unit also has two Thunder Guns, one in each palm. It is actually a lightning cannon that was generously donated by the Lusanki Federation. These have a high rate of fire and do high damage, but overheat very quickly.

The chest of the Thunder God contains a hidden railgun that exposes itself by moving apart several thick plates. This railgun has very high range, damage and accuracy, but has a horrendous reload time.


The Thunder God is armed with two folding, deployable swords for combating larger enemies. Harbinger (the pilot of the Thunder God) requested this weapon to combat Talos in a one-versus-one fight. However, the swords have had no anti-ACU use at all; they have been used against The Primordials , though.

There are also magnetic palms. These do NOT function like a Galactic Colossus', though. These function as close-range grips for climbing and rarely combat.





Squad dynamicsEdit


Tactical notesEdit

  • The plasma cannons and coilguns cannot fire together on the same arm; either one fires or the other.
  • The magnetic grips are rarely used as weapons; the most common use is to climb tall mountains rich in iron.