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Tritonyan Consulate
Tritonyan symbol
Species Trion
Territory Unknown
Government Hyphyss Durron (Grand Union)
Current leader Toonis Kaloon
Population 56,012,127
Founded ~3,000 B.C.
Dissolved N/A
Allies Sovus Empire
Enemies Angardials, The Primordials (partial)
Available Air, Land, Naval, S-Naval

Air: Tech 1-4

Sea: Tech 1-4

Land: Tech 1-4

Exp: Tech 4

Military Population 35,092
Strategy Turtling, Nuke sniping
- Defensive: Turtling
- Offensive: Nuke sniping, artillery

The Tritonyan Consulate is a nomadic faction. Though unconfirmed, they are thought to originate from the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.


The Trion are a species from a world long destroyed by war.

Their appearance is described as "spider-like", though no official photos or videos have recorded their appearance.


The earliest information was the Dunham-Willkis Funale, or "Grand War of Home". This was the civil war that tore apart their world, forcing them to flee to the stars.

Sometime after that, they found Tempest and it's 3,000,000+ occupants. Friendly talks between the two factions sparked curiosity in the Sovereign Federation, requesting an allied agreement. The Trion couldn't turn down the offer.



The government of the Trion is a monarchy, the "Grand Union". Members are elected by the general population.


Very few military members exist. Those that serve are those that are more bitter than the typical Trion.

Interfaction RelationsEdit

Sovus Empire: Allied agreement in place. Communications occur oftern between the two factions.

Angardials: Highly opposed. The Angardials have enslaved and murdered thousands of Trion, to which they receive no forgiveness.

The Primordials: No official contact is made. It is presumed that a hostility would begin immediately if said contact occurred.



Tech 1Edit

Standard resource generators/factories/walls.

Pippy - Point defense/AA/Torpedo Launcher: Small defense tower. The tower's armament is a light, rapid-fire plasma cannon, with a small torpedo launcher mounted underneath.

Geometric: Radar/Sonar Tower

Tech 2Edit

Standard resource generators and factories.

Tech 3Edit

Standard resource generators and factories.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Scythe Class - Battlecruiser: Anti-naval warship; more firepower than most destroyers. Armed with four anti-naval pounder cannons, two light anti-naval plasma cannons and Force torpedoes.
Gunner Class - Heavy Cruiser: Commonly referred to as a 'Pocket Battleship', the Gunner class is designed as a land support ship. Armed with three heavy artillery batteries and a Piercer SAM launcher.
Founder Class - Support Carrier: Light aircraft carrier; able to construct/carry 20 warbirds. Armed with light plasma AA.
Monster Class - Submarine Hunter: Advanced anti-naval sub hunter. Armed with Force torpedoes.

Tech 3Edit

Storm Class - Battleship: Large, overpowered warship. Armed with three heavy long range artillery cannons, two anti-naval pounder cannons and six anti-air plasma cannons.
Vortex Class - Guided Missile Battlecruiser: Anti-naval warship; also serves as mobile anti-shield unit. Armed with two 3-missile silos, particle beam AA and four large anti-naval pounder cannons.
Ender Class - Aircraft Carrier: Standard aircraft carrier; able to carry/construct 50 warbirds. Submersible. Armed with light plasma AA and a strategic missile launcher.


Tsar - Experimental Aerial Super Fortress: A large doghnut-shaped aerial unit with a large energy core in the center. The core is heavily shielded, due to how volatile it is when destroyed, unleashing a nuclear blast 1.5x the size of a Yolona Oss warhead. Armanents include 24 heavy anti-air plasma cannons (12 on top, 12 on bottom), four heavy beam cores that appear to be in the energy core, four AA missile launchers, four tactical missile launchers, four depth-charge launchers, four SMD beam turrets, four gatling point defenses and four TMD missile launchers. Utilizes a personal shield and a heavy shield bubble to protect the core.
  • Note: The shield bubble only covers the core; it does not protect the Tsar itself.
  • Note: The SMD turrets, TMD turrets and point defenses  can only aim at 100° angles around the ship, covering all sides. The SMD turrets also take about 5 seconds to destroy a nuke.
  • Note: The AA guns can only aim at 150° angles, ensuring that they can't all fire on one side.